Evolution Hoax

Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 8 October 2011

A9 TV; 8 October 2011

The great majority of Muslims are now able to argue with the Leftists now that we have crushed Darwinism. The majority of them used to be terrified and unable to argue in any way. Everyone knows that. Anyone who disagrees can write in. They were afraid of losing. They were afraid of talking and trying to convince communists. They were unable to answer them, as they could not defend religion. They could not talk about the invalidity of Darwinism. They used to say, “There are all those fossils,” in talking about Darwinism. They pointed to those pictures. That paralyzed them so they could not speak. They said protein formed from slime. They had no answer to that. They had no answer to anything. But after I sort of gave them a mantle of knowledge, after I intellectually demolished Darwinism and materialism, the world has acquired courage and there is a vast counter-offensive going on. Everyone is now at ease. Even Christians are taking my books and having them translated and printed. Christians are using my books in their churches, on a wide basis.

Let them think of the 1970s, when they were unable to argue about anything. Many people were solely disposed to demagoguery. They would inevitably be defeated. They had no self-confidence. It reached the point where in the face of that defeatism Muslims began adopting the same communist methods. They also wore parka jackets, dressed in military gear and began talking about dialectics. They grew moustaches, just like the communists. Their language, actions, ways of organizing and much else were the same as those of the communists. And that is still going on in many countries. They were Muslims by name, but were known as “green communists” in those days. They used the same communist methods. They gave the impression that “we are more communist than you are” and thus failed to establish any intellectual superiority. They always used to talk about political and social matters. The espoused a socialist economy. And never therefore touched on religion. They always tried to keep the subject of discussion to the economy. They never embarked on the subjects on the existence and oneness of Allah, or Darwinism and materialism. They even used to say: “Yes, Darwinism does exist. Evolution exists, but it is Allah Who makes it happen.” That prevailed in the majority of the Islamic world. But I have lifted that Turkey veil from Muslims. I have eradicated that scourge. They are now easily able to oppose evolution. They cite my references sources. They tell the other side to “read this and then we can talk.” But once the other side has read these works they are totally silenced and it is all over. Darwinism is not now being discussed in the world. Nobody can argue about or even discuss it.

Allah always describes what is good. The Qur’an is also highly rational and consistent. It is logical from start to finish. Allah speaks of a second life. We never knew about that. We never knew we had a second life. We imagined we would die normally. We may have felt its existence instinctively, but we never knew it. Allah says the second life does exist. And it is not transitory, but eternal. It is a glorious thing. I looked indoors today and it is clear that Allah has created all the technical equipment and everything. I am amazed. How can people fail to believe in Allah? This pen is now being created in my mind. So Allah exists. There can be no other explanation. I can see that just from this pen. The existence of Allah is crystal clear. But He does not provide detailed information. The environment for the test is so perfect that any honest person will rise to the highest level, even if he does not possess that much knowledge. This is a huge opportunity, a great beauty. The world is a place of competition, competing to be the best. It is the opportunity to be the best. This is delightful. Because one wishes to be the best. And the path ahead of us is clear. How wonderful! Masha’Allah. If one had a lot of information, enough to eliminate the need for the use of free will, then there would be no test. I look and He has created all this technical equipment, these computers and televisions. But people fail to realize. One must embrace this opportunity with all fervor and never let go.

Allah also provides contrary evidence. He provides evidence that disbelief can also make use of. But the evidence that disbelief can take advantage of is weak, as required by the test. A child dies, for instance. Disbelief might take advantage of that. But against that Allah creates computers and the miracle of the atom and the soul and the wondrous structure within the soul. But when the child dies, Allah says, “That secret of this resides with Me.” “Trust in me,” He says. “I gave you compassion and sympathy,” He says. “My intelligence is greater than all of yours,” He says. “It is incomparably greater. You can only think as much as I wish you to. When you can do nothing, think of how I shall act with wisdom. Trust in me,” He says. Allah says that if He takes a child’s soul, He has a good reason for doing so. What is a child? Allah creates him as an image in our brains. We cannot know the original of that child on the outside. How is his soul taken? When? At what moment did he enter paradise? We cannot know. “You must trust Me and think the best,” says Allah. That is the secret of the test. For example, Allah has made you very attractive, but He also creates ugly people. He creates people with disfigurements. That is where intelligent people must still support Allah. We must cling tightly to faith and never abandon it. The way ahead is clear for those who do not relinquish their faith. They are mysteriously, yet hugely successful. Look, notice how they rule the world. That also appears in the Torah. Allah says that He will bestow global dominion on even just 12 people. “Twelve people.” Believers. He says He will not destroy the world so long as it contains just 12 believers. For example, Allah makes life short. That is perfect for this test. I look at that Fashion TV, it is on all the time, day and night. Those girls walk around on the streets and everywhere.

They give them all the same ready-made clothes, the same shoes. Morning until night. They take them to a restaurant all in a group, then escort them all out again. Some of them, I mean, not all of them. Some have nothing creative about them at all. But should they not be reflecting on life?“ What is life?”? For example, they go down to the shore – they should be asking who created that. They eat fish there – they should be asking who created that fish. They get in a car and they should be asking who created that car. Some of them are totally vapid. They have no general culture or powers of deep thought. But what they should be doing is thinking. Deep reflection is most becoming of a woman. Allah creates that so well. If she thinks superficially she just remains a very ordinary person. Such a person is pretty meaningless. But I looked at all those devices at home and saw just how much proof Allah has created so that we should believe. But Allah also creates evidence for people who will lose their faith. In other words, so they will stray from the true path. As I say, a child may die or someone may be ugly, or we may have diseases and trouble sand afflictions, like headaches. One may have a headache or trip over, or a close relative may die or something else. Most people cannot bear that actually quite easy test. That is why Allah inflicts greater troubles on those with stronger faith, so they can measure themselves against them. For example, our Prophet (pbuh) suffered a great many troubles. Hundreds or thousands of times more than a regular person. Incomparably wore troubles, in other words. But our Prophet (pbuh) was never negatively affected. He could have been martyred at any moment. But he placed his trust in Allah, knowing that he was a prophet and did the most wonderful work until the very end, and nobody was able to take our Prophet’s (pbuh) soul from him. That is a miracle all by itself. People around him were martyred. We say that, “Hazrat Ali (pbuh) was martyred.” But there are those who lost faith because of that martyrdom. Many people lost their faith when the Prophet Aaron (pbuh) and the Prophet Zechariah (pbuh) were martyred. Many people who imagined that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) had been crucified lost their faith. That is also a secret of the test. For example, the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) resurrected a dead man. That is a huge instrument of faith, but they still look at the cross and say that “The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) has been killed.” They believe it and at once lose their faith. Yet the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) was raised into the Presence of Allah.

Allah produces very fine detail within the test. This world is paradise for truly sincere people, and they are totally at ease in it. It is easy for them to rise as high as possible. Take Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), for instance. He is not someone full of learning and scholarship who studied in the madrassas [Islamic schools]. He is not someone who graduated from universities, is learned in Arabic and was taught by scholars and wise men. He is a regular, poor servant of Allah. But Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is totally honest, that is all. He uses his head. Since Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is always on the side of Allah, Allah makes everything easy for him. That is why he will eventually rule the world. Allah places such a great prophet as Jesus (pbuh) at His command. But look, he is patient, determined and persistent right up to the end. He never falls into doubt. He never loses his determination. But Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is also tested. People may imagine that he is not, but he is. Prophets are also tested. They are all tested. Do you know what the distinguishing feature of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is? His main trait is his honesty. He is always on the Side of Allah, and that is why he is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Allah refers to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) as the “peacock of paradise.” “We are the sayyids of the dwellers in paradise,” he says. “I, Hazrat Hamza (pbuh), Hazrat Hasan (pbuh), Hazrat Hussein (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) are the sayyids of the dwellers in paradise,” he says. Do you know what the main trait of Hazrat Ali (pbuh) is? He is totally honest. He is warm and fond of jokes, he is lovable and thinks the best of people. Hazrat Ali (pbuh) had lots of problems with his eyes, but he always loved Allah. He was wounded in 17 places. But he still loved Allah with an intense passion.

When that cur struck at him to martyr him, he did not concede one millimeter in his love of Allah. Indeed, his faith grew still more. But someone else, with weak faith, might at once have said, “I have given my love for Allah and done everything, and then some traitor came and struck me while I was praying.” But he did not say that. It was also Allah Who struck him there. And it was Allah Who took Hazrat Ali’s (pbuh) soul. It was He Who martyred him, in other words. He just used him as His instrument. That is why the Companions never weakened in their faith. Yet every day there were those who lost eyes, or mouths or noses. Their hands and faces were always being sliced up. But their faith still grew enormously. It even turned into a joyous fervor. What was their distinguishing trait? Their sincerity.

One must always be positive.We must not see that some people are aggressive and then say, “We had best be aggressive, too.” That is no good. Their souls are under the influence of satan and are dark and sinister and filthy. But a normal person’s soul is full of love. It delights in loving and being loved. In a friendly atmosphere. It delights in sincerity. Allah has created that kind of environment. But He has made it murky for the heedless. So then they fall over. But there is a perfectly clear sea of faith for those who look through the eyes of faith. They move through it joyously and encounter no obstacles. They enjoy great success. But Allah uses time. People cannot be patient over time. But one must have patience and use time well. Apart from that, life is most excellent for those who look at it rationally. Allah constantly makes life beautiful. The test is very detailed. For example, one must be kind everywhere. One must always be good to and for people. There are some people I have seen since childhood who are always rude to people or answer them back. But I cannot bear to be rude. I cannot bear to embarrass anyone. It is dreadful to embarrass another person. Because when they feel bad or embarrassed, I feel very much worse. It is terrible to offend anyone else.

One must always be good for people. One must strive for their good and happiness. One must not be selfish and egotistical. One must think of others’ interests, rather than one’s own. And that Allah will multiply one’s own interests many, many times over. That is not why one does it, of course, but the more an unselfish person flees from this world, the more Allah will bring it to him. He will offer him the blessings of this world, insha’Allah. I have avoided the blessings of this world all my life. I have always striven for Allah’s approval. But Allah has always smothered me in blessings, masha’Allah. I look and see the finest house, the best care, the best food, the finest people and the best of everything. Because I always seek the best. And Allah always responds with it. For example, I avoid worldly interests. But wherever there is beauty and wealth and goodness, Allah brings them to me. Allah offers the best of everything, masha’Allah, alhamdulillah. But He does so silently, under His law. For example, the global dominion of Islamic values is something I desire very much. I began around 1979, and I now see that Islam is prevailing. I see that the way of the Mahdi is true. The return of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is true. Everything has come true. Freemasons have begun converting to Islam in huge numbers. They also desire Islamic Union en masse. How was that possible? I always thought masons strove to eliminate Islam. But they are striving with all their might to cause Islamic moral values to prevail. Allah has turned everything around.

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