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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 26 September 2011


A9 TV; 26 September 2011


Now primary and middle schools have gone back. I have looked at the official textbooks. They are packed full of Darwinism and materialism. As much as you could ask for. Wherever you open one you see Darwinist and materialist predilections and account. Then people put Marxist and Leninist thinking on top of that. Marxism is built once someone is a Darwinist and materialist. Because Marxism already talks about dialectic materialism. But the state cannot espouse dialectic philosophy, or Darwinism. The state has to set out both views. The state does not allow the teaching of creationism. Have you ever  seen it say, “There are 350 million fossils that prove Creation”? No. Have you ever seen textbooks that say: “A protein cannot form by chance. This is the structure of the protein molecule. Protein needs protein to come into existence”? You cannot. Yet the state’s own books say it came into being by chance. Then they complain about terrorism. Abdullah Öcalan says: “I used to pray and be religious. Then I was politicized. The people around me taught me communism. I learned about Darwinism and materialism from books, and I learned about atheism.” He says he did not recognize Allah nor the Book. Then he says he is a communist, Abdullah Öcalan. In his own words: “Initially, I was religious. I did not know about materialist thinking. Then I learned about communism and became a communist.” That is what happens if we do not answer back.

Hazrat Muhammed Mahdi (pbuh) is descended from our Prophet (pbuh), the Ahl al-Bayt. His appearance and everything have been described. His time has come. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is a rational, loving, affectionate and reasonable person. The whole Muslim world will follow him. But what would happen if they followed a phantom? Every lunatic will develop his own ideas, that is what. Every crazy, psycho and schizophrenic would have his own idea of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). One crazy will say, “I saw Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) on a wall.” So what? “And he commanded me to kill and slaughter,” he will say. Then the next crazy will say, “A mysterious voice came to me.” And the next will say, “I saw an image in corporeal form. As real as anything.” What can we say to people like that? Who are mad as hatters. Would we have to waste time on them? We do not need any of that craziness. From whoever it may be. I respect everyone’s beliefs and am full of love. But I will not permit bloodshed because of a schizophrenic or paranoiac logic. From anyone. We will not allow our neighbors to do it, and will not allow ourselves. We will not let anyone do that We have a responsibility to the whole Middle East and the whole world, insha’Allah.

 (A live interview with Samuel Sokol, Jerusalem representative of the magazines Ami and Zman and the Jewish Times)

There is no such thing as inter-faith dialogue. Everyone, be they Christian, Jew or Muslim, must be in contact with everyone else. That is what the faith and what the Qur’an commands. It is not something discovered subsequently. The Qur’an commands us to “speak with them in the kindest way.” Of course we must be in communication. We will go and dine with you, and you will come and eat with us. That is what the Qur’an commands. Our Prophet (pbuh) was always with the People of the Book. So such interaction is already commanded by Allah in the Torah and in the Qur’an. For example, in the next few days, several well-known rabbis will come to visit us here. And we will welcome them in the finest manner. They have come here before, and we welcomed them and spoke together. The chief rabbi. I invited the Minister of Interior Affairs. Insha’Allah they will attend. They are thinking of visiting. I would be honored, insha’Allah.

Some extremists loathe me for supporting Israel. But I am proud of it. I am not afraid, and such things do not affect me. I espouse the truth. I do what I know to be right. I am not worried about what other people will think or whether I am upsetting any balances. I do what is right and true, no matter what the cost. Wherever there is injustice, I oppose it for Allah’s sake, with love, knowledge and science.

Turkish people are all loving, warm, good-natured, hospitable and compassionate. We showed that in Ottoman days, too. We brought our Jewish brothers over from Spain and settled them in the best places in the finest city. There was no trouble between us. We are all descended from the Ottomans. That same nature and character of ours still persists. So relax! Look, let me give an example. This is very clear. You know they are working on the missile shield in Malatya. It is being installed in the Malatya district of Kürecik. The aim is to protect Turkey, but also the region as a whole. And therefore also to protect Israel. Protecting Israel is a major, major priority. Because Turkey is where missiles can be intercepted in the event of a nuclear war. The region with Syria and Iran. I mean, this is where the missiles can be intercepted. This is an unbelievable act of self-sacrifice and valor. It is altruistic behavior aimed at protecting others, protecting Israel. Turkey is building the system that will intercept missiles in mid-air in its own territory. And let me say that the priority objective here is to protect Israel. And a response to any potential attack by Iran. Let me make that clear. I am not beating about the bush here. I speak the crystal clear truth. It is not aimed against an attack from anywhere else. It is particularly against Iran. Because North Korea is a long way away. The main objective cannot be North Korea. Iran is the objective, and Israel the objective to be protected. Because no other country apart from Iran can be regarded as a threat now. But on the off-chance that such a thing does happen, then it is Turkish and Iranian territory where a missile will be intercepted in the event of a rocket attack. It is Iraqi and Syrian territory, and a system designed to prevent a rocket falling on Israel. What more proof is needed? What more can I say?

Things that look aggressive are not things that can actually be put into practice. But Turkey has a right to defend itself against the PKK. Because the PKK is a psychopathic, atheist, godless, Bookless, terrorist and bloodthirsty terrorist organization. Of course the state must protect the weak. The state protects in physical terms. But outside that, not every word and action can be put into practice. In practical terms, Turkey will neither go to war nor shed blood nor do anything else. Neither the nation, nor the military nor the government would allow it. No such thing will happen.

Let us step up our visits. Those high-ranking rabbis are going to be coming now. We will hold a press conference with them. I am expecting the interior minister. And the chief rabbi. Friendly conversation and dialogue like that will help resolve matters. In fact, if you notice, we have already begun to see their effects. You have quickly seen the results. I mean, we have started to get results in these days. That will be quite clear if you follow events. You have seen the prime minister’s latest statement. He issued a really loving and peaceful message against war and bloodshed. That means we are indeed seeing excellent results.

It is true that Israel has killed Palestinians. No question about it. Palestine has also fired rockets at them and killed people there. Suicide bombers have killed women and children there. Both these are true. I am striving to put an end to both. To eliminate bloodshed and build peace and love. Because one side are the children of the Prophet Ishmael (pbuh) and the others the children of the Prophet Israel (pbuh). We are striving to get them to embrace one another, to live happily in a festive environment in that vast region. It is Shiloh who will do that, the King Messiah or Muhammed Mahdi (pbuh), in other words. Nobody else can do it. We are Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh) pioneers. I am a follower of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), a follower of the King Messiah. That is why I am doing all this, for Allah’s approval.

The truth is that genuine, pure, devout Jews are in Israel. My apologies to the Jews in Turkey, but some of them do not seem all that devout to me. They are not at all religious. The chief rabbi said as much himself. The chief rabbi in Turkey said: “Some of them have nothing to do with religion. A really large number of them.” I have dealings with devout Jews. My true contacts are with them. What can I talk about with someone who is not devout? Because if I talk about the King Messiah, they will wonder who I am talking about. If I talk about the Qur’an or the Torah, they will again wonder what I am talking about. We will have nothing in common. We can have human contact, of course and chat and talk like friends. And I can strive for their well-being and preach. But it is devout Jews I have real contacts with. I love the chief rabbi, for instance. I love the devout rabbis there. I have a wide, devout circle of people in Israel. And a wide circle of Muslim brothers, and one of Christians. I love them all.

Allah governs the world. There are irreligious Jews and freemasons, godless ones. There are irreligious, atheist freemasons. They are the committee of the dajjal [antichrist]. There are also irreligious Christians among them, and irreligious Muslims. They are the committee of the dajjal. The ones opposed to the Messiah, the antichrists. The way of the Mahdi is currently striving against them. True and devout Jews, Christians and Muslims have formed an alliance and are striving against this godless, Bookless, horde of the dajjal with love, knowledge, science and reason. Atheist, godless Jews are making life horribly difficult for devout Jews in Israel. We are aware of this.

The views of the Turkish people are important. All of the Turkish people are warm, loving, compassionate, affectionate and good-natured. Members of the [ruling] AKP are also highly sincere and loving. The people in the government are good-natured. Mr. Tayyip [Erdoğan] sometimes uses harsh language. But his heart is gentle. He is a compassionate and affectionate person. He loves children, the elderly and people in general. He loathes bloodshed. You did not notice today’s statement. Through that statement he emphasized what I have been saying about the way of the Mahdi.

(Turkish-Islamic Union) resembles the Ottoman Empire in some ways. But it has nothing to do with the Ottoman Empire. Because the states in it are independent. Republics. All we have is a union around love, peace and brotherhood, a union against terror and anarchy, a union of economic solidarity. It is a union in which they watch over and protect one another and remain at an equal distance from everyone; Christian, Muslim or Jew. That is the basic model of the Turkish-Islamic Union. This is the model of the way of the Mahdi. The model of the King Messiah. That is what is described in the Torah and the hadiths. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will rule the world like King Solomon. Peace and brotherhood will reign everywhere. The wolf will live alongside the lam, and weapons will be eliminated.

I love you all. My greetings to the prime minister. I say that everything will turn out well. You are in the time of the King Messiah. Those troubles of the last 3000 years are coming to an end. Love, peace and beauty will prevail everywhere, insha’Allah. You can rejoice in that. We are entering a time when we will live well, as brothers, with Palestine and all Arab countries, insha’Allah. Victory will go to those who espouse and live in peace and brotherhood, those who love brotherhood, goodness and beauty. The armies of satan will be vanquished. There will be no more fighting or tumult. You can start rejoicing in that now. There is no need for tension. We will join hands and eliminate this climate of conflict and tension. You can see that we are already doing that. You can see the results. The more satan seeks to maneuver, the more we hobble him, with love, knowledge and science. I therefore send my love to all the people of Israel, to the Israeli government and its prime minister. I wish for peace and good for all Palestinians and my Muslim brothers and Christians. May Allah protect you all.

The way of the dajjal is banned, insha’Allah. The followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) and the Messiah are traveling freely around, insha’Allah. The way of the Mahdi is imposing itself on the world before the eyes of the world, insha’Allah. We are living in the End Times, though many people are unaware of it. This is also a miracle. Though many people are of course unaware of it. Great events will be happening. We will see wondrous things. At the end of which, peace and brotherhood will rule the world, insha’Allah.

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