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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 31 August 2011

A9 TV, 31 August 2011

There is a huge awakening going on in Islam everywhere in the world. May Allah further increase that, insha’Allah. It is going well. Progress is good, alhamdulillah, masha’Allah. People have become well able to recognize the fanatic and the true Muslim. They used to portray Islam as a bloody, repressive system. But they saw that they could not achieve. Because we staged a powerful intellectual counter-offensive. We have intellectually eliminated that idea. We told the truth in a very gentle way. We explained that Islam is a religion of affection, compassion and love. Why should Allah want to see people’s blood being spilled? Why should He desire suffering? Why should He want freedoms to be eradicated? Why should He say that loving one another is an evil system? That is what bigotry used to say. But we have neutralized the bigots within their own system. The main thing is to break both the arms of the way of the dajjal [antichrist] during the intellectual struggle against it. Atheism and fanaticism. We have broken both. Almighty Allah says in one verse, “May both of Ahu Lahab’s arms be broken.” I have used knowledge to break both the hands of the way of the dajjal, insha’Allah. Both arms are now paralyzed, insha’Allah.

The last Suras are generally to do with the End Times. The final Suras of the Qur’an always refer to the Day of Reckoning and the End Times. Allah left them till the end. And so they are especially significant.

Surat al-Alaq, consists of 19 verses. It is about both the way of the dajjal and the way of the Mahdi. In other words, it tells us about the End Times, it particularly hints about them. Of course, the verse essentially describes events from the time of our Prophet (saas), but Allah does not tell us about past events just so we can know about them. The Qur’an does not usually relate events as stories. I mean, there are always events we will encounter in our own lives. It talks about them.

 “Recite: In the Name of your Lord Who created,”

What is to be done against the way of the dajjal in the End Times? What must Muslims do? They must read and improve their learning and culture. They must have a wide general culture.

“[He] created man from clots of blood.”

Allah immediately refers to the creation of man. We can see the importance of the intellectual struggle between Creationists and Darwinists here. Allah always speaks first of Creation in the Qur’an. He describes the importance of Creation.

Recite: And your Lord is the Most Generous,”

Allah again stresses the importance of study.

He Who taught [how to write] by the pen,”

When you write, you can write using a computer or a pen. Allah is referring to all kinds of writing. What did I do? I wrote more than 300 books. I have opened hundreds of web sites and a television channel, radio stations and newspapers. I preach Islam and the Qur’an everywhere, insha’Allah. He Who taught [how to write] by the pen,” Who taught it? Allah taught it. Did I write them? No. It was Allah Who wrote them. What was I? Just His instrument. Who created all things? Allah.

“[He] taught man what he did not know.” So ignorance is a great problem. I now tell people things. Who tells them? I do. But Who causes me to talk? Allah. What am I? An instrument. Who is it Who teaches? Allah. “He taught man what he did not know.” Who teaches? Allah teaches. That is why nobody is a true teacher or scholar. It is Allah Who teaches everything to everyone.

No indeed! Truly man is unbridled”

This is a verse to which Bediüzzaman attached particular importance. Abjad [numerological] calculation gives the date of Darwin’s death. The verse reading, “Truly man is unbridled.” Verse 6.

seeing himself as self-sufficient.”

He regards himself as a scholar, as very great. People must not regard themselves as self-sufficient. They must criticize and see and admit their faults. They must not regard themselves as very mighty. They must know that all might lies with Allah. They must know that Allah has created all things. They must surrender themselves to Allah.

Truly it is to your Lord that you will return.”

Allah says we will be resurrected after death. “You will return to Allah,” He is saying.

Have you seen him who prevents?”

Who prevents what? Islamic Union. Who prevents it? The bigots, the way of the dajjal, the PKK terror organization, the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. They are preventing Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union, the spread of Islamic moral values and the collapse of Darwinism. The way of the dajjal wants to prevent all that is good.

a servant when he goes to pray?”

It will not allow people to read the Qur’an or to pray; it will oppose Islamic Union and hinder Turkish-Islamic Union. It will hinder everything.

Do you think he is rightly guided?”

This verse refers to the way of the Mahdi. It means the way of the Mahdi will be hindered. They will try to prevent Islamic Union and to have Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) imprisoned and his followers stopped. That is the implicit meaning of the verse.

“Or commands heedfulness?”

What will Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) command? He will lay down heedfulness and reveal Allah’s commandments and describe proper moral values and transmit Allah’s commandments.

Some people who read the Qur’an somehow manage to twist it in a bigoted manner. Yet when we open the Qur’an we find a perfect structure that eases the heart, opens up the soul and reveals all the beauties of reason. But I see no such language, no such way of looking at the Qur’an in some people.

Surat al-A’raf, 196, 198, 199, 200, 204, 205, 188

My Protector is Allah Who sent down the Book. He takes care of the righteous.”

Now what do we see from the aspect regarding the End Times? Allah will protect Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and their followers. Allah protects the Turkish nation, and it is He who prevents communism from reaching Turkey. It is Allah who prevents Turkey collapsing or being divided or falling apart. Turkey could have sunk or fallen apart thousands of times. But Allah protects the devout. We see that.

“If you call them to guidance, they do not hear.”

I also call fanatics to the true path and the Qur’an, but they refuse to hear or understand.

You see them looking at you, yet they do not see.”

For example, people look at the television but they do not see, they cannot understand.

Make allowances for people, command what is right, and turn away from the ignorant.”

And what am I doing? I adopt the easy path and avoid making religion difficult. I follow the plain explication of the Qur’an.

command what is right, and turn away from the ignorant.”

If someone does not understand, we turn away from him.

If an evil impulse from satan provokes you, seek refuge in Allah. He is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.”

May Allah protect us from satan and his evil. Because satan has his influence. Allah says He will protect us from satan’s influence when we pray. We seek shelter in Allah.

When the Qur’an is recited listen to it and be quiet,”

Look, this is a terrible scourge; people not listening when the Qur’an is being read.

“so that hopefully you will gain mercy.”

I go to mosques and the imam is there reading from the Qur’an. But they all talk over him. They gossip on their feet, buzzing like bees. But we should be silent when the Qur’an is being read.

Look, listen to it” He says. Listen to it and be quiet. But people do neither.

Remember your Lord in yourself humbly and fearfully, without loudness of voice, morning and evening.”With a profound fervor. Remember your Lord in yourself humbly, that is how we should pray and remember Allah. Look, let me read it again, morning and evening, what does that mean? At every time of day, from morning to evening, all the time. …without loudness of voice, morning and evening,” not shouting and screaming. In yourself,” alone, fearfully…”  Almighty Allah says your hair should stand on end. You must be totally concentrated, you must pray with such fervor and depth, and the fervor of that will make your hair stand on end, Allah says. And humbly, with a beseeching kind of language, and in yourself, you must pray to Allah from your heart, it must come from within you. Do not be one of the unaware.”

“Say: ‘I possess no power to help or harm myself, except as Allah wills.”Because Allah creates all things.

Fanatics are a huge threat. They have ruined Muslims. But I have neutralized them one by one. Alhamdulillah, Muslims have now become able to stand up and proudly say, “alhamdulillah, we are Muslims.” Masha’Allah.

We are doing things the fanatics can never do, alhamdulillah. Can the fanatics do them? No. Can they go and preach to the American military? No. Can they go and preach in masonic lodges? No. Look, let me impart this good news. We have begun preaching in masonic lodges, alhamdulillah. We have reached places they can never reach. We are doing things they can never even talk about. The fanatic wants nothing to do with opposing Darwinism and materialism. Because Darwinism and materialism suit the fanatic. Its satanic aspect suits them. But we have comprehensively crushed Darwinism and materialism. The fanatic also lacks the intelligence. The fanatic lacks the intelligence, strength, foresight and reason with which to crush Darwinism and materialism. But the believer has a sharp intelligence, like a sword. By the will of Allah, he has the strength and means to thwart even the most cunning snares of unbelievers, insha’Allah.

Allah bestows a huge blessing on me by causing me to do things that fanatics never can. I use words that fanatics can never use; love, affection, peace. Do you ever hear a fanatic talk of peace? Or of eliminating armaments? Fanatics like bloodshed, stenches, shamefulness, corruption, backbiting, troubling the nation, putting people down, making them uneasy and inflicting pain and everything that spoils things for others. They make the religion difficult and confusing by spreading nonsense. But the way of the Mahdi does the exact opposite. And since I am an arm of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), his follower, I do very successful things. Allah smoothes my way, alhamdulillah, masha’Allah.


Surah Sad, 50-54, 56-57, 32

 “Gardens of Eden, whose gates will be open to them,”Allah opens the gates of paradise for us, too.

where they will recline,look. Sitting back and resting is a blessing for us. But why should it be a blessing in paradise? Because we have tasted pain in this world, we have always known fatigue, so we enjoy sitting back and feel uncomfortable if we have nothing to recline against. But reclining is a blessing. We will never forget that blessing for all time. So that desire will always be with us. We will always seek to recline and talk in paradise. Of course there are no needs in paradise, no fatigue. We can stand on our feet all day there with no trouble. You could stand on your feet for millions of years and never feel tired. But there is also the feeling of sitting back. We will know that sitting back is a blessing when we are in paradise. We learn that in this world.

calling for plentiful fruit and drink;” We will drink the wine of paradise from lovely goblets, insha’Allah, clinking our glasses together. There will be no methyl alcohol or anything nasty like that in it. It tastes delightful, looks lovely and the goblets are exceedingly fine. The goblets of paradise are magnificent, insha’Allah. A sip of that, a little fruit, a little of the food of paradise… but there will be no feeling full right away, insha’Allah. Here, for instance, we set the table and start eating and feel full right away. But there, you can eat for hours or days or years and still not feel full. You can eat all the time, fruit, lovely lamb, chops, insha’Allah. There are all kinds of delicious food there, and rich tables laid out, but you never feel full. Allah creates the feeling of fullness deliberately, as a weakness, in this world, and so you feel replete. But we will see the originals of the blessings in this world when we are in paradise, insha’Allah. This place is like a small model or sample, intended to help us recognize the real thing. Fruit is intended for us to recognize real fruit. Real fruit is in paradise. When you eat a piece of fruit here you thing, “I wish these cherries were a bit sweeter. O can you find the grapes of your dreams down here? We never find the peaches we really would like to eat. But the real versions are in paradise, insha’Allah. Now look, we have eaten and drunk wine, the wine of paradise;

and there will be dark-eyed maidens with them with eyes reserved for them alone.”

As a great blessing, the greatest blessing in paradise. And look, “with eyes reserved for them alone.” He says this as the main proof. It is a huge blessing, really effective, for a woman believer to look at her beloved, her husband, with passion. That has a huge impact on the heart and soul. It enfolds one’s whole self. If she looks and loves truly, surrendering herself truly with great joy, if she looks at her lover with passion, then that has a tremendous impact. We will enjoy that blessing, in its full form, in paradise. Insha’Allah, our hearts will melt when our spouses look at us. We will literally melt with delight, our souls will melt. Let me put it that way, insha’Allah. Will we be jealous? Look, Allah has made it easy for us, with eyes reserved for them alone, He says. That woman will not be stirred by anyone else. The woman will have eyes for her husband alone, her beloved alone. Allah creates her in that way. She can only know delight from him alone. No other person can move her in that way. She has eyes for her beloved alone. Allah has raised her in that way. Women learn that in this world. Even if she looks at someone she will remain unaffected. She will only be stirred by her husband. Maidens”; that means that they are all young. It does not give an exact age, 33, but they are young. That is an ineffable youth. Whatever concept of youth we have in our minds, it is that. A completely lovely youthfulness. They are all young, the woman and her husband.

Old age is bestowed specially. It is a miracle. Allah creates line and wrinkles, first one, then another. He first creates 10 white hairs. Then 30. Then 60. Each hair follicle is given its own instruction.  “Turn white,” says Allah, and it turns white. “You turn white, too,” He says. They turn snow white in increasing number. When Allah says, “All turn white,” they all turn white. Every hair is under Allah’s command. Which hair will fall out when? It is all under Allah’s command. We talk about hairs, but think of the world in just one hair. For those in that world, hairs are like vast pillars. Or huge skyscrapers. The loss of one hair is like a skyscraper collapsing. It is relative.

This is what you are promised on the Day of Reckoning. This is Our provision which will never run out,”Allah says.

There is no feeling of fullness, not when you eat things. You pluck some fruit from a branch, and then you look and it is still on the branch. You pick it and it grows back at once. That is an amazing state of affairs. But that is the normal way of things there. The original forms of apples, pears and oranges are all there. And Allah says, “there will be those you have never seen.” “I will surprise you with things you have never tasted,” says Almighty Allah. He does not say it in those words exactly, of course, but there are verses along those lines.

Allah says this of hell; Hell, where they will roast.What an evil resting-place! This! So let them taste it – boiling water and scalding pus,”

People naturally avoid drinking boiling eater. It is a most painful thing to do. But Allah says He will create the most distressing things. For example, pus is one of the most disgusting things possible. It is something we find disgusting. We are unwilling even to see it. But Allah is saying, “I will create the things you dislike, that disgust you most, in hell.” That is what this verse means.

“and other such torments.”

There are also torments you are unaware of and do not know. Allah threatens us with hell so we will behave well. But no sincere, rational believer will go to hell. Allah even says in one verse that we could not even bear the sound of it. Not even the sound. But he says of believers that he will not allow them to feel the slightest fear or pain. They are far from hell, but there is still unease in their hearts. Allah says He will bestow only joy and happiness on believers. This is how they will live forever after death. But unbelievers will live eternal lives of constant suffering. Believers are happy for all eternity after death.

Almighty Allah speaks of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). Fanatics should pay close heed.

 “he [Solomon] said, ‘I have put the love of good things above the remembrance of my Lord"

He says he loves good things. He loves wealth, gold, beautiful women and fine horses. He does not refer to people as things, of course, but I am giving the general sense of the sentence. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) says he loves fine thrones and columns, lovely carpets and glorious palaces. “I love these,” he says. “Do you know why I love them? Because of my love of Allah, I love them as manifestations of Allah, because I remember Allah.”


Surah Sad, 32-34, 37

The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) says When swift horses, champing at the bit,were displayed before him in the afternoon,”

There is a sign here, of course."Return them to me!’And he set about slashing through their shanks and necks.”

This is a sign of love. Allah shows what a lovely thing love is there. And He cites an example in order to express love. Look, the words are very explicit.

And he set about slashing through their shanks and necks.

We tested Solomon and placed a lifeless body on his throne.”

There is also a secret here, which I shall explain later, insha’Allah.

Allah places satans at his command. At the Prophet Solomon’s (pbuh) command.

And the satans, every builder and diver,”

He commands them.

The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) is given a power. Allah provides an instrument for him in the carving of stone and the cutting of hard objects. We will examine this later, insha’Allah. For example, there is a worm eating at the Prophet Solomon’s (pbuh) staff. We will also be seeing what that means, insha’Allah. It is like a laser. It is very sharp, like a laser – cutting through with light. And it cuts through stone like a razor. One can see this stone in Israel. It cannot be explained. Nobody can explain how it was cut. It is carved so finely you cannot even get a razor blade between the joins of the two stones. That is how accurately it is cut. Because it was not cut using hands and chisels. We will also be looking at these things, insha’Allah. Maybe it was something used by Hazrat Khidr (pbuh), we shall see. As you know, Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) was a master stonemason and made excellent buildings. What did he cut those stones with? With what the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) gave his builders? Nobody knows. We shall look at that, insha’Allah. But that is enough for now. There is even reference to an object hidden in a lead bowl. A body placed inside ears of wheat to preserve it, but hidden inside a bowl of lead. There is mention of a green stone. We will look at these, insha’Allah.

“Every builder”

In other words, Almighty Allah places stonemasons and architects at the Prophet Solomon’s (pbuh) command. He will also place these stonemasons and master builders at Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh) command. I wonder if that refers to freemasons? Because freemasons all regard themselves as stonemasons, as you know. Insha’Allah.

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