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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 19 August 2011


A9 TV; 19 August 2011


  • (About articles suggesting Muslims should not stage large Ramadan evening meals)

People are free to hire dancing girls in five-star hotels and hold gatherings at which alcohol is served and that kind of thing. But it is unacceptable for Muslims to hold Ramadan evening meals. Where are they meant to have them? In tents, or in mud huts? No, my brother, we will hold them in five-star hotels. Allah says, “On the Day of Rising such things will be exclusively for those who believed during their life in this world.” We, Muslims, will wear the finest clothes. Muslims will drive the best cars. Believers will eat the finest meals in the best hotels. They will lead the finest lives. And they will lead them in paradise in the hereafter, insha’Allah.

They expect Muslims to wear robes and cover themselves up. They expect them to look very odd. They expect to see a single light bulb hanging down in a dark, gloomy house. They expect their breath to smell during Ramadan. They say that is acceptable. “It smells like the finest perfume,” they say. Is it really hard to keep one’s breath smelling fresh? Whatever is filthy and foul, that is what they expect from Muslims. Muslims must break their Ramadan fast in fine hotels, eating the finest foods and wearing the very best clothes.

Islamic Union means the salvation of the Muslim world. I want Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union. All scourges and afflictions will then come to an end. There will be no more famine then, no anarchy, no more PKK terror, no more terrorism, no more terror organizations such as the alleged Ergenekon. None of that will remain. Corruption will be uprooted. Everyone knows it will come to an end. It is the complete solution. It will cut through it like a knife and throw it away, and no corruption will ever come to the earth again, and people will never again experience it. That will be an end to it. But of course there will be degeneration after the Prophet Jesus (as).

Muslims must not sign up to such things. They must not be won round in such matters. Such as wearing the worst clothes and living in the most horrible manner. That is out of the question. Muslims must be the most cultured, the best quality, the most elegant, the kindest, the most loving, the finest thinking, the most helpful and the best natured people of all. They deserve the best of everything. The best people deserve the best. Darwinists and materialists want everything for themselves. No, we want it for Muslims. I do not say that Darwinists and materialists should not be wealthy. They can be, too. But why are you so worried by Muslims being wealthy and living well?

  • “Muslims cannot live with non-Muslims.” Or, “We cannot live with people who do not live by Islam.” That way of thinking is very wrong. It has never been seen before. Did not the Messenger of Allah (saas) live among the pagans in Mecca? Did not the Companions live cheek by jowl with Christians and Jews? Did not our Prophet (saas) spread his robe out for Christians to sit on when they came? Why should we not live together? Hayrettin Karaman is a man at the level of a mujaddid and restorer of the faith. He is someone we love and respect greatly, but he is wrong in this. Our teacher should therefore correct his words as a matter of urgency.
2011-09-08 23:25:45

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