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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 25 July 2011

A9 TV; 25 July 2011

  • When the Knights Templar began feeling sympathetic toward Islam, when they began realizing that Islam is the true faith and when they felt and began saying that Islam is not a religion of savagery, as has been depicted, but one of love, the way of the dajjal (antichrist) immediately began outing its people to work. They foolishly imagined they could halt such developments by telling some miniature dajjal to start slaughtering people and to show people what the Knights Templar and freemasonry are like. In other words, they embarked on a counter-offensive, imagining they could stop freemasons becoming Muslims, that they could stop the Knights Templar becoming Muslims, that they could prevent the global dominion of Islamic moral values. But this is a hollow offensive. You saw how the Knights Templar came here and are full of love toward Muslims, going to mosques, worshiping, reading the Qur’an and trying to learn about Islam. They support peace and brotherhood. It is therefore improper for Muslims to say that all Knights Templar are bloodthirsty, cruel and your enemies. In that event, what will the other side do? They will say Muslims are bloodthirsty and cruel. They also make such propaganda. In the same way that Muslims cannot adopt someone who spreads terror and anarchy and claims to be a Muslim as a role model, so a Knight Templar or a freemason who sheds blood and spreads terror cannot be a role model for the Templars or freemasons. That is no reason for us to spurn them all. Of course some Knights Templar and freemasons are irreligious or atheists. Of course some are hostile toward Muslims. There are those who want to set Muslims against one another. But there are also good ones. In the same way there are good and bad Muslims, so there are good and bad among them. One has to distinguish. The important thing is thus a policy that unites, reconciles, makes people love Islam, eliminates enmity and brings peace. It is wrong to stir things up. If a Muslim declares that a whole community, a whole masonic or Templar community is our enemy, then that just suits the dajjal. We must not fall for that. We must make them love Islam and the Qur’an, and ensure they draw closer to Muslims. So they can understand the Qur’an and see how it brings peace, how that is the essence of Islam.
  • While bigots here are trying to prevent Turkish-Islamic Union. So are the bigots there. Therefore, I apologize to sincere Templars  and freemasons. I appreciate their love for Islam and encourage it. I hope Allah will send them happiness. But I also hope they will clean out the impure ones who have infiltrated them. And they are doing that. This is not something that involves all masons and Knights Templar. Masons and Knight Templar will all follow the Prophet Jesus (as). They will be followers of the Mahdi. Islamic moral values will rule the world through smiling faces, peace, love and brotherhood. Not a drop of blood will be spilled, all arms will be abolished, the armaments industry will be eliminated and peace, security and beauty will rule the world. Islam means peace. The world will be a land of peace, and there will be peace, plenty and abundance everywhere.
  • The dajjal has sparked the economic crisis off again. They gave seen that regeneration is very rapid in Turkey, that the abundance of the way of the Mahdi is everywhere, and that the growth rate is one of the best in the world. The dajjal is calling out from the north. They suddenly sent the dollar rocketing to confuse matters. The euro suddenly rocketed in value and they said the economic crisis is coming. They stirred it up, the terror movement behind it. They saw that Turkey was heading for Turkish-Islamic Union and the way of the dajjal went on a counter-offensive with all its means and people. They foolishly imagined they could halt it. But if they have a plan, so does Allah. If they have a trap prepared, so does Allah. And Allah’s trap is more certain, insha’Allah. 

(about a program concerning Hazrat Khidr (as) on Habertürk tv)

  • My blessed brother is of course sincere, but he is mistaken. For one thing, it is very hard to find enough oil and hot iron to cover the atmosphere in that way.  Imagine you have stored 1 square km of iron in a region. Imagine tankers have brought oil in. Still nothing will happen to the Earth’s atmosphere. Even if you pour oil over the burning iron. Because it is referring to fire here. Burning in huge flames. That method being described is the most primitive for evaporating petrol, it is out of the question. It is illogical in all ways. And someone who lacks the technology to get through the gas cloud will also lack the technology to turn up in a flying globe. Since the flying global will be part of a more advanced technology it is not a gas cloud, and it must be an aspect that can pass through everything. And if there is a gas cloud, people will know how to burn it. At the least, he will burn and oxidize it and then pass through it. One cannot imagine his being unable to respond to such a primitive technology with such an advanced technology. What our brother says is mistaken. The Mahdi is being discussed in symbolic terms here. He says that himself at the beginning of the story of Dhu’lQarnayn. The person who will rule the world in the last times, he says. Just explicitly say the Mahdi. The person who will rule in the End Times. Someone everyone knows. That is the Mahdi. That part of the verse that reads “We gave him power and authority on the earth” gives an abjad (numerological calculation) date of 2017. The Mahdi will rule the world intellectually. The verse of the Qur’an is referring to the Mahdi melting iron, meaning tanks, guns, antiaircraft missiles and all weapons and to his doing away with the assaults of Gog and Magog. Because there can be no war without weaponry. How can a man with no weapons fight? Those wars stem from arms, and arms stem from wars. It will all end if you eliminate one aspect. People will live at ease when they are unarmed. Why should weapons be banned? So that people not kill one another. If they are left free, there will be more killings. Since all weapons will be eliminated in the time of the Mahdi, and moral values will be perfected and there will be no bloodshed, anarchy and God and Magog will all come to an end. Imagine a world in which all guns and shells are melted down, and used for industry instead. That would meet the world’s iron needs for 100 years and anarchy will therefore come to an immediate end. That is what it means. It is entirely a reference to Hazrat Mahdi (as). Because Allah does not talk about figments of the imagination. Almighty Allah speaks of things that exist and that people can see. For example, if we have the story of the Prophet Joseph (as), then something like that will happen. If we have the story of Solomon (as), then something like that will happen.  If we have Dhu’lQarnayn, then something almost identical will happen, in a symbolic sense. Something that resembles it either symbolically or directly. “until he reached the setting of the sun”  86 – It appears there would be an attack on the way of the Mahdi in 1986. That is my understanding. “and found it setting in a muddy spring”; black mud. That means somewhere in which evil people are punished, where they are tortured, a place where Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be put. The Sun refers to the way of the Mahdi. He eventually reached a place where the Sun set. Hazrat Mahdi (as) becomes lost among them. A small, muddy cell, meaning an evil place of some kind, insha’Allah. That is what the verse means. "and found a people by it. We said, ‘Dhu’l-Qarnayn! You can either punish them or else you can treat them with gentleness." So you can either preach to those people or else treat them badly. That means Hazrat Mahdi (as) will again preach wherever he is. This is a verse referring to the time when Hazrat Mahdi (as) enters seclusion. His time of seclusion is most important, and our Prophet (saas) himself says that the story of Dhu’lQarnayn refers to the Mahdi. I am not just making this up. I am not assuming or guessing anything. Our Prophet (saas) says that five people have ruled the world. Two were unbelievers, Nimrod and Nebuchadnezzar, and two were Muslims, the Prophet Solomon (as) and Dhu’lQarnayn (as). The fifth, he says, will be Hazrat Mahdi (as). My descendant, the Mahdi... Why does our Prophet (saas) say these things? He says he will rule like the Prophet Solomon  (as) and Dhu’lQarnayn (as). In the hadiths our Prophet (saas) says that the Mahdi is like the essence of all the prophets. He lists all his similarities to all the prophets, which aspect resembles the Prophet Solomon (as), in which way he resembles the Prophet Joseph (as). And he also resembles Dhu’lQarnayn. It is actually questionable whether Dhu’lQarnayn is a prophet or not. But the story is in any case related directly. Our Prophet (saas) tells us to read Surat al-Kahf in the time of the dajjal, in other words, he says the details of all the answers are there. Surat al-Kahf is all about the way of the Mahdi, from start to finish. About there being young people, how they first disappear from sight and then appear again, how people are initially hostile to these young people, how Hazrat Khidr appears among them. It speaks of two groups, one referring to the followers of the Prophet Jesus (as) and the other to those of the Mahdi. Ashab al-Raqim and Ashab al-Kahf, in other words, the Companions of the Cave, the Seven Sleepers insha’Allah. These are of course the figurative aspects of the verse, there is also its essential meaning, in layers. I am describing one of these figurative meanings. 
  • Systems that gave much better results than today’s technology were established in the past. For example, television was used, but employing a much simpler technique, not so complex as today’s. The atom bomb was made, but again with a much simpler technique. For example, Hazrat Khidr (as) used the atom bomb. Allah caused the angels to use it. It had a simple system. We can see that when one substance enters into a reaction with another it has the same effect as that of an atom bomb. For example, when messengers came to the people of Lot they told them not to look back. Allah used a simple system there as His instrument. There was an explosion that has exactly the same impact as an atom bomb. I mean, people make scientific discoveries. But they discover complex systems. There are also very simple systems. For instance, there was television in the time of the Prophet Solomon (as), but installed with a simple system. The atom bomb was used very much; we can see that from the Qur’an. We can see that from the state of the cities, but again with a very simple system. Airplanes were produced, but with very easy and simple systems. The weight of matter can be reduced, for example. Using a very basic system. But these things have not been discovered yet. Some are predicted and others are being researched, while we can already see others. 
  • There is nothing to say that Freemasons and Knights Templar cannot be Muslims. Communists can also be Muslims, as can Jews and Christians. A Jew can be a Muslim. There is not a barricade or curtain in front of becoming a Muslim. I am lifting those curtains. But the important thing is to use no force or compulsion. There is no compulsion in Islam. We believe that Islamic moral values will rule the world. For instance, if a Jew says he believes that Judaism will rule the world, that is his belief and we respect that. A Christian also that Christianity will rule, and we respect that, too. Masons say that freemasonry will rule. But we believe that Islam will rule, and you can see that the moral values of Islam are indeed ruling the world. Is there any compulsion there? No. Does anyone want to use force? No. The army of the dajjal wants to use force. It wants to force people to become Muslims. But the army of the Mahdi, the community of the Mahdi, the followers of the Mahdi, and Turkey is a country of the Mahdi, never favor the use of compulsion. Always with love, affection, knowledge, science, reason, conviction and suggestion. Those who choose will accept, and those who do not, will not. But we do believe that all masons, all Jews, all Christians and all Knights of the Temple will become Muslims. But, I reiterate, without the use of compulsion.
  • You cannot exclude a whole society, saying they are immoral and irreligious and can never be Muslims and that we must have nothing to do with them. Everyone has the possibility of becoming a Muslim. They have the opportunity to repent. The doors and paths will open up for them. The way to salvation is clear, they must pray to Allah. Without compulsion. We will bring about the rule of Islamic moral values through love, affection, learning, science and art. The world cannot survive apart from through Islam. Allah wants the world to be Muslim. Otherwise, the result is suffering, as you see. What is the sole reason? The absence of Islamic Union and Turkish-Islamic Union. A policy of hatred puts people in this state. That dajjal, that man [perpetrator of Norwegian attacks] has a policy of hatred. See, he kills 90 young people. He says he is right in his own eyes. Fascists also think they are right, and communists, too. Bigots think they are in the right, and they all have a desire for bloodshed, if you notice. They all want blood and pus. Bigots are bloodthirsty, the dajjal’s team are bloodthirsty. But the way of the Mahdi will put an end to bloodshed. It is stopping the bloodshed now. We are a team that are putting a stop to bloodshed, insha’Allah.
  • One day soon, when all Muslims and the whole Islamic world unites, if they say such and such a person is Muslims’ leader, that he is the Mahdi, insha’Allah, if they say they have concluded he is the Mahdi, then I will kiss his hands and feet out of respect. I have no pride or arrogance in me. Neither do I expect any great position. Make ma a janitor and that is fine by me. If not, if they want to be the janitor, then that is different. If I can earn Allah’s approval in the hereafter that is enough for me, that is all I ask. All I want is Allah’s love and approval, insha’Allah. And if He bestows paradise upon me, that is a blessing from Almighty Allah. 
  • The dajjal will go crazy before his death. We can hear the savage cries of the dajjal everywhere in the world. That is his reaction to the way of the Mahdi, his savage reaction to the way of the Mahdi. But no matter what he does or how crazy he becomes, the way of the Mahdi will rule the world. Islamic Union will rule the world, insha’Allah.

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