Evolution Hoax

Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 05 April 2011


A9 TV; harunyahya.tv, 5 April 2011


  • He (Hazrat Mahdi (as)) will eliminate enmity and hatred... He will fill the earth with peace like a bowl is filled with water. There will be unity of religion and none other than Allah will be worshipped any more. War will also relinquish its burdens. (Sunan Ibn Majah, 10/334)
  • Quadrillions of lira spent on armaments will instead return as food and clothing for the poor, as hospital requirements, as care requirements and as educational requirements; therefore, there will be no more poverty in the world. The real problems is halting the arms race and stopping spending on weapons. That will be one of the main reasons underlying recovery in the economy. Increased generosity, greater love for the poor and of course, above all, living by the moral values of the Qur’an, and no more expenditure on arms.
  • The only solution to the events described in the papers all the time, to all the suffering, is for people to love one another, for Muslims to love and watch over one another, for them all to seek refuge in Allah, to be honest and well-intentioned, to approach one another with love, to surrender to Allah and to fully live by the Qur’an.
  • It is a privilege to be among those of the End Times. One could have been people at some other time. But we are followers in the End Times. That is a glorious thing. We are seeing and will see things unseen by anyone else. We will earn merit that nobody else ever has, insha’Allah. Because the End Times are difficult. Our prophet (saas) told a companion. “They did not see me. They will earn more merit than you.” Because our Prophet (saas) said that the excess and violence of the way of the dajjal (antichrist) in that time would be very great. Therefore, he says, the merit that Muslims earn will be very great. We are in that time. Allah is showing us what the dominion of Islam will be like. We read in history books how the Prophet Abraham (as), and the prophets Jacob and Izaac, and how they strove. We know from the Qur’an. But now we are really going through another of those times. The moral values of Islam are gradually coming to prevail.
  • Greeks, Armenians and Jews are all very precious to us, insha’Allah. Our Muslim brothers, Alawites, Bektashis, Jaferis, Sunnis and Shiites, must all embrace one another. Then the world will be very lovely. We will protect and watch over them all. We will permit no harm to come to people holding different beliefs and philosophies, and there can be no compulsion or suffering in religion. The important thing is for them to be happy if people are to love Islam more. They must love and trust Muslims more. By Allah’s leave, we will totally get rid of bigotry. Bigotry will never come back, it is impossible for it to show its face again. It will be so intellectually eliminated that it will become history. It will be intellectually annihilated. There will be no bigotry, insha’Allah. It will be like in the Age of Felicity. The love of Allah, the idea of love, will be everywhere.
  • If someone supports Turkish-Islamic Union, but does not support Islamic Union, then it is finished, unacceptable. Allah regards takwa (faithfulness) as what is important. Race is not important for Him. How can you have Turkish Union without religion? What good are you to Turks then? What use is a godless Turk? What love can he show? What affection? What fervor? They can forget about Turkishness without religion. Turkishness cannot exist without religion. Islam and Turkishness go hand in hand. Because what we mean by Turkishness is Islamic moral values. We love Turkishness because of its moral values. Because of its character. Not because of any genetic inheritance. Not because of flesh and blood.
  • (Response to the claim that Turkish-Islamic Union is a U.S. project)

An American project, they say. Allah uses America and He uses Russia. Is Turkish-Islamic Union the important thing, or not? Allah can even use an idolater or a pagan as His servant. Allah can use Pharaoh or Nimrod as His servant, or even satan. Was not satan at the Prophet Solomon’s (as) command? America will also serve. Russia will serve Turkish-Islamic Union. But we look at them with affection. The CIA and the FBI will help. The Russian secret service will help. They are all under Allah’s control and will be obliged to. And they will all submit to Allah. They will serve, willingly or unwillingly. Look, the Qur’an indicates that. Satan serves the Prophet Solomon (as), he serves Muslims. The Prophet Solomon (as) brought about Islamic Union at that time. There were thousands or millions of satans in his army. He explicitly made use of satan. He imposed Islamic moral values on them. Excellent. And so will I. We will make irreligious people religious and made them serve. We will attract devout Jews and Christians. We will establish Turkish-Islamic Union. Then when Jesus the Messiah comes they will all say ‘La Ilaha Ill’Allah Muhammadan Rasul’Allah’ (I testify that there is no god but Allah, and Mohammad is His Messenger). In the first stage, Hazrat Mahdi (as) will govern them with the genuine Torah and Gospel. That is a hadith. Our Prophet (saas) says so. Islam cannot come about through hatred, only with love.


A9 TV, harunyahya.tv, 2nd broadcast, 5 April 2011


  • Our brothers must set libraries up everywhere. Can a person not be powerful enough to found a library in his lifetime? He can easily found a library if he sets aside a little money every day. In a big city, a town center, he can use his own home or a shop or anywhere as a library. Then if he recommends books to people, shows books to them, then if they just read them for 20 or 25 minutes that will be enough. Even if they just look at the pictures. For example, let them get a copy of the Atlas of Creation and show people. When he says that this book refutes evolution, even if the other person does not read it, the idea will still enter his head. Do you know what the answer for him will be? He will read that book from cover to cover. There is no other way. That was also done to Muslims once. In the time of Sultan Abdulhamid, they said, “There is something called the theory of evolution. Allah did not create living things (may He forbid). Living things came into being by chance.” "Where did you get that from?” they were asked. And they replied, “Someone called Darwin wrote a book. Called On the Origin of Species. He proves it scientifically.” And that was all it took. They could not maintain their faith having read that book but with nobody providing a rebuttal.
  • When told there is a rebuttal of evolution here, a person has to read it. Because the Atlas of Creation is a really serious and devastating rebuttal. For example, if our brother takes the book to a few places, shows it round the nearest town, people just have to look at it for 10 or 15 minutes and that will be that. Do you know what such a person will say then? “This (the theory of evolution) is total nonsense from start to finish. Don’t believe a word of that book.” Do you know what that really means? It means it (evolution) has been crushed and the matter is over and done with. Such a response means it (evolution) issue has been flattened. That is why the book is the most effective method. It is hard to tell people to log onto the internet and read it from there. But everything will be resolved if you take the book round to someone’s house and dump it there. The book is the most intellectually effective means.
  • A reserved manner is not really fitting, especially for a politician. For example, our prime minister is very lively and relaxed. He went to a Shiite mosque, and well done to him for that. He went and prayed. For the first time in the history of the Republic (Turkish Republic). Well done. Very reserved, tense types could never do that. That has to be avoided. Boldness is great. Allah makes things easy for bold people, insha’Allah. But fear and reservation is not fitting at all.
  • Some Christians are not generally devout in the sense we are familiar with, they are more like hooligans in their beliefs. “You have to go to church from time to time. There is a priest there, go to him and your sins are forgiven,” they say. “Do you need to do anything else?” they ask. “It is a good thing to go to church from time to time and drop some money in the collection box,” they say. That is all. They say they are Christians, but they believe in Darwinism. For people who think like that, all roads lead to Rome. And they are supposedly Christians. May Allah forbid, they talk about the son of Allah and other things. There can be no true faith in such a mindset. It becomes something totally different, not what people imagine. True faith is different. Say, “Give up your life for Allah” and see if they will. They won’t. Christianity does not impose that responsibility. It is very. There are many rules in Judaism. There are some 70 rules, like prayer and fasting. But Jews now only abide by a few of them. Those who look at the Torah can see. It is impossible to apply the Torah to society. They cannot apply it at all now. For instance, in Judaism, someone who insults his mother is to be killed. Death is the penalty for many things. That is not practicable. No Jew would do that. They have many forms of worship. It is impossible for any Jew to manage them all. One cannot live by it in practice. But there is no falsification of documents in Islam.
  • Muslims should dress well. Their women should be pretty and well-groomed. It is unacceptable for a shabby person to say he has takwa (faithfulness). They have inflicted terrible oppression on Muslims. Muslims are the best quality people in the world. Muslim women are the best quality women, and Muslim men are the best quality men. That is how they should be. Their speech, gait, the way they stand up and sit down, their tables, the way they address people and their homes must all be top class. And they must be full of joy. They are travelers of paradise and learning the manners of paradise. A Muslim is someone who is studying for Paradise. And when they go to paradise they live extremely well. They fit in right away, as they have already learned. They look for quality, for beauty. They go to paradise and everywhere is spotless. Their speech is perfect. Have they been trained in this world? Yes, they have. They go there to put what they have learned into practice, insha’Allah.
  • Not everyone will be a Muslim. Some people will be under the influence of satan, some people will be under the influence of disbelief and madness. That is how religion is. You cannot have religion without unbeliever and hypocrites. There is day, so there has to be night. That is the law of Allah. There will be unbelievers and there will be Muslims. And I will preach and tell people things.
2011-04-30 10:55:41

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