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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview dated 22 March 2011


A9 TV; Gaziantep Olay TV, 22 March 2011

  • Making jihad means to exert oneself. You tell people about love and brotherhood and peace, on the television, over the radio and the internet and through books, and that is jihad, or exerting oneself.
  • The character of the Risale-i Nur concerns the preservation of the state, the established order and justice, being against corruption, it concerns love and compassion. Bediuzzaman even says, “we have no weapons, only the light.” That is the nature of the Risale-i Nur.
  • We are Muslims. Of course we will watch over other Muslims and treat them with love. All the Turkic states are unguided. They have been ignored for the last hundred years. They have been abandoned in a leaderless system. For one thing, it is essential for all the Turkic states to join together. Allah says, “I have created you as tribes.” By Allah’s leave, we will unite the Turanian states. That is the first thing. The second is that it is essential for Islamic nations to unite, like NATO or the EU. And it is again Turkey that will teach Europe affection, compassion, enlightenment, civilization and beauty. Would it not be lovely for all of Europe to be our friend, for the whole Islamic world to be our friend, for us to bring the two sides together, for us to eliminate this division, and for Turkey to act as a catalyst? Let us make Islamic countries like Europe and make the Turkic states like Europe. Europe was not born out of a European Constitution. They became Europeans only later. Becoming Europe is a matter of logic, love and faith. We will do that. We want the whole world to be a lovely place. Why should the east be sick and weak, why should Europe have a rich foundation, and why should we yearn to be like them or be condemned to yearning? That is unacceptable.
  • It is a shame for Morocco and Tunisia and Libya. They are very fine countries, Mediterranean countries. Let them build lovely, whitewashed Mediterranean houses. Let their streets be spotless. Let very high quality, classy people walk around on them. There must be love everywhere. Let us go to Egypt and drive round in carriages. Let everywhere be lovely. Why should only Europe be lovely? And Europe is now old and sickly. Europe has grown old.


A9 TV, Kaçkar TV, 22 March 2011

  • Events that will make people reflect and that will enhance their fervor will take place in the years ahead. Because people are asleep. Like the Companions of the Cave, they are sleeping as if in the cave. But they will awaken. What do you do to someone who is asleep? You tell him to wake up. If he does not, you shake him by the shoulder, and if he does not wake up then, you shake him a bit harder. Allah will wake people up. You will see this in the years ahead. People will wake up to many issues, through many events, insha’Allah. They will learn to trust Allah. Turkey is a pioneer and very perfect and lovely. Turkey is devout. Its religious devotion is most excellent. There is a problem in the Islamic world, in the Turkic world, but we will put that right and put them right, insha’Allah.
  • Our Prophet (saas) was very affectionate and warm toward the Jews. He strove for them to attain happiness and see the truth and love Islam. And he ruled them through their own faith in those times. Our Prophet (saas) ruled them according to their own beliefs. When they came to him for a ruling they acted on that ruling.
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