Evolution Hoax

Hightlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview dated 02 March 2011

TV Kayseri; Samsun AKS TV, 2 March 2011

  • Religion on the decline in the world, a lack of the spirit of Islam, decreased love of Allah; Allah shows us how the Darwinist, materialist spirit has ruined people in music, art and beauty. It gives rise to an entirely different spirit. The materialist spirit. There used to be wonderful art in Russia, and excellent artists and musicians. But then the communist system arrived and a totally different structure emerged; frozen paintings, frozen statues, frozen buildings – they ruined everything. They annihilated Russia’s artistic legacy dating back thousands of years.
  • Since Allah has created us in the End Times, we will see the beauties of the End Times. We will experience a golden age in art, science and beauty in the End Times. We will see very happy days. Turkey will be a leading country. The whole world will see that. Arab countries have attacked one another because they have not been under Turkish control. The world is literally begging Turkey to act as an elder brother. What business does NATO have in Libya? It is a Muslim country, so Turkey should go there. There is such a need for Turkey to act as elder brother that the whole world is crying out for it. When Turkey agrees to this, when Turkey becomes the leader, this nation will teach the world the meaning of science, art, beauty, compassion, affection, modesty and sincerity.

 “There are five portents of the Mahdi. These are the Sufyan, Yamani, a clamor from the sky, the disappearance of an army in Beyda and the killing of innocent people.” (Nuaim ibn Hammad)

Beyda is a town in Libya. Beyda passed into the hands of the people, meaning that the army pulled out. So an army disappeared in Beyda, just as in the hadith. The hadith refers to the killing of the innocent. Innocent people have been killed in Libya. The sufyan is already known. A clamor from the sky, and that is television, radio and the internet. I will speak about Yamani later, insha’Allah.

  • Abu Ayyub al Ansari was old. Hazrat Uthman (as) was old. Our Prophet (saas) was old, but they all served as prophets. The Prophet Moses (as) was 130 years old, but he served as a prophet. Hazrat Abraham (as) served as a prophet in his old age. The struggle has nothing to do with age or weight. Fatih Erbakan is also fit and strong, masha’Allah. He is an excellent person. Everyone must love him. He is kind and well-mannered, and loves the nation and the motherland. The Aksemseddin people around him will carry him to the highest point, insha’Allah. I will support Fatih right to the bitter end, insha’Allah.
  • Things written with a love of Allah are most excellent. There may be errors of style or penmanship in them. I am not looking for polished journalism. But anything written with honesty, sincerity and love of Allah is excellent. I also speak from a love of Allah. I say whatever Allah inspires in me, insha’Allah.

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