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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview dated 25 February 2011


Kocaeli TV, 25 February 2011

  • As you know, 19 years ago, on 25-26 February, 1992, Armenian fascists martyred 613 people, mainly women and children, in the Karabagh region of Azerbaijan. Why did they do that? So that fascist thinking would grow stronger, so people would become enemies and so that Azeris and Armenians would hate one another until the Day of Reckoning and so they would never love, watch over or protect one another. So they took precautionary measures to prevent Islamic Union and Turkish-Islamic Union 19 years ago. They foolishly imagined that it would be impossible for Azerbaijan to unite with Turkey. And that it would be impossible for it to unite with Iran. This is what they thought; if we can create a breach between them, it will be enormously difficult for Azerbaijan and Turkey to unite. It would be enormously difficult for Armenia to join the Turkish-Islamic Union. This was one of the most ruthless measures they adopted. The people who did it must all be sentenced to punishments appropriate to their crimes. The killers must all be identified and punished accordingly. But apart from that, we must not fall into the trap. It would be stupid to sit down and declare that Armenian children, women and old people and all those who had nothing to do with it are our enemies. That would mean falling for the traps set by communists and fascists. But we are going to foil those traps. We will do that by including both Azerbaijan and Armenia in the Turkish-Islamic Union. 
  • It is a mistake to regard America as being behind everything. The events in the Islamic world are not things brought about by America. America is hugely surprised by them. America is not powerful enough to do that. It has its own problems. Some people there cannot find enough to eat and are sleeping in the streets. America has collapsed economically. The events going on are directly related to the way of the Mahdi. Do you think America waited and waited until exactly the time of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as)? Why did it not do these things 10 years ago? These are things gradually brought about by the way of the Mahdi. These events are set out in detail in the hadiths of our Prophet (saas). They are in complete agreement with the dates given.
  • The movements going on are phenomena of the way of the Mahdi. They are movements behind which lie Islamic belief. Are people in Egypt uprising for democracy? Is it a Muslim’s aim to achieve democracy? A Muslim’s aim is Islam. Democracy is also rooted in the true faiths. Social justice is also an idea that draws on Islam. It is therefore Islam that lies behind the events going on. It is not due to intervention by America. It is metaphysical entities that some people do not know, do not want to know or else that they know but wish they did not, that are directing these events. First and foremost Hazrat Khidr (as). He has hundreds and thousands of his own people and they are managing events, that is what is happening. They say the Arab light has begun shining. It is not the Arab Sun that is rising, but the Sun of Islam. Islam has a Sun that will shine on all mankind. It is the Sun that Bediuzzaman spoke of at the al-Amawi Mosque in Damascus many years before. Martial law is being lifted and democracy is coming. He says that the more democracy comes, the wider the gate to the way of the Mahdi will be opened and Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear. He says this will start in 30 or 40 years or after half a century. And things are happening just as he said and at the time he said.
  • I do not like the style of architecture in modern mosques. Old mosques in the Ottoman style are lovely, especially the Salah ad-Din [Ayyubi] mosques.  A mosque is a delightful environment where the human soul finds peace. Praying there is a very different delight and blessing. But there is still a way to go to a climate in which we can pray freely in mosques and walk freely in the streets. Many Muslims are faced by great numbers of plots and trickery. There are all kinds of assassinations, plots and slanders flying about. We are in a difficult time. It may be a good idea not to be seen too much in such a climate.
  • Atheist masons believe in satan. But there are also religious masons who love and fear Allah. There is a struggle between them and atheist masons. I support the religious masons. I support those masons who believe in the existence and oneness of Allah and who love Islam. We have a due to strive against atheist masons, insha’Allah.
  • There will also be a rise in earthquakes. That is a feature of the time of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Earthquakes will suddenly cease when Hazrat Mahdi (as) appears, and people will see that. This is a great miracle. From a huge rise they will suddenly come calm with the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Tsunamis and floods and earthquakes will all stop. This is by the blessing of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Allah will make him His instrument, insha’Allah.
  • Our Prophet (saas) set out the qualities of Hazrat Mahdi (as) who will assume the leadership. People will know everything about Hazrat Mahdi (as); what he will do, his character, his moral values and the comfort he will bestow on people’s hearts. They will know Hazrat Mahdi (as) as they do their own children.
  • Religion and science go hand in hand. The religion commands science. Allah commands us to examine the artistry He has created in the skies. He says we will know the signs He created in the sky and the outside world and in our own bodies. There are many verses about that. I say that science and religion go hand in hand and are not distinct entities. There is no need for religion to be compatible with anything. Allah creates science and scientific findings. Allah created the laws of physics. Scientists discover the laws created by Allah. That is a feature of scientists. A scientist is like a man who finds a gold coin on the street. Allah puts the coin there. He puts gold coins here, there and everywhere. And people find them as they walk around. They discover the laws of Allah. People do not make or invent laws. All physical laws are concealed by Allah. People discover them where they are hidden when the time comes, by Allah’s command. Science serves religion. Allah causes science to serve it as He causes people to serve it. He causes technical equipment to serve it.
  • The Prophet Solomon (as) was a prophet who loved beauty. “O Lord, Your approval is the reason for delight in these objects, in the entities You create” he says. There were all kinds of animals in his palace. There were wild animals and birds and pheasants in his palace. He liked them very much. He even loved ants. He was very affectionate towards them and careful never to tread on them. He was full of love. There were birds and horses he fed. When the horses came he would stroke their necks and legs, Allah tells us. Almighty Allah provides details. Allah shows us how to love. He bestows this love in our souls. The soul is structured to love. Allah creates necks, and the stroking of necks and the delight taken in stroking necks. Why should Allah create it if it is not pleasurable? Allah says he [the Prophet Solomon (as)] strokes their legs. Allah creates that in such a way as to be pleasurable. This is in human nature, the human soul. Allah speaks of the strolling of necks in human nature, in the soul, in the Qur’an. The Prophet Solomon (as) says,  "My Lord, forgive me and give me a kingdom the like of which will never be granted to anyone after me”. And Allah bestows a magnificent beauty on the Prophet Solomon (as). The Prophet Solomon’s (as) palace was plated with fine gold. Gold was everywhere. And there were fine tones created by semi-precious stones such as agate and amethyst. These were used in great quantities. The whole palace was decorated with them. Then there were adornments of cloth, curtains of fine fabric. He made a wondrous palace. He was a very tasteful and lovely person. Allah told him what the palace should be like through revelation, how he should make his palace. He built a wide-ranging and lovely palace. He made it into a place of worship, praying there five times a day. All Muslims and he himself used to pray there. He built enormous kitchens for poor there. The spread of cooking meat would radiate for many kilometers around every day. There were barbecues all along the front of his palace. The lovely smell of cooking meat went on all day, and it was handed out to the poor. They slaughtered animals in a lawful manner, pronouncing the name of Allah. His servants had special clothing. All the servants were very elegant. The Prophet Solomon (as) was also very elegant. Everywhere was very clean and sparkling. Allah says there were djinn who obeyed his commands. Millions of djinn were at his command. If he wanted to learn something, he would tell the djinn to find out and come and tell him, and they would tell him what was happening. There were djinn who took pearls out of oysters for him. They produced coral from under the sea. They brought them to the Prophet Solomon (as). There was much detailed work. Allah says he [the Prophet Solomon (as)] built cauldrons that could not be moved. He decorated places with pools and towers, and wonderful works of art and statues. The Prophet Solomon’s (as) palace was wonderfully decorated. He constantly gave thanks to Allah. He had 300 wives and 700 concubines. He had a thousand women in total. They dressed very beautifully and were immaculate, and the Prophet Solomon (as) delighted in them. They were by his side in the palace. He looked from one to the other and constantly gave thanks to Allah. He had birds and horses he loved and all kinds of animals. There were trees and flowers, it was a kind of paradise. The whole city of Jerusalem smelt of flowers. Our Prophet (saas) says that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will resemble the Prophet Solomon (as) since their times will resemble one another. He will resemble the Prophet in terms of character and a tendency to wealth. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will ask for wealth for Allah. We are talking of a glorious wealth. Our prophet (saas) says he also resembles the Prophet Dhu’lQarnayn (as). The Prophets Solomon (as) and Dhu’lQarnayn (as) are described in the Qur’an in order to describe Hazrat Mahdi (as). I am a great admirer of the Prophet Solomon (as). Of course, Rasulullah (saas) is above them all. He is the greatest Prophet there has ever been. But Allah did not give our Prophet (saas) global dominion. His dominion is in the Hereafter. But Allah gives that sovereignty to his son, to his grandson, to one from his line. What He gives Hazrat Mahdi (as) is much greater than what gave to the Prophet Solomon (as). Therefore, Allah has given the Prophet (saas) more possessions, by bestowing them on his descendant.
  • But things were gradually distorted, despite there being a true prophet and the true faith. We can see this when we look. He speaks of the coming of a Mahdi (as). He speaks of a single faith ruling the world, of love and affection. There is fasting and giving alms and prayer. One can see when one looks that there is a true faith and that there will be severe distortion in his time. What they must of course do is turn to Islam. Islam is the clearest and purest religion. The others have been corrupted. Changed. I am writing a book that shows where this corruption and change has happened. I show the parts of Christianity and Judaism that have been distorted, insha’Allah. They also contain true parts, and I accept those. I read the Torah and the Gospels every day, with great love and passion, but those parts in agreement with the Qur’an. Allah says it is a light and that it is instrumental in leading people to happiness. It opens up the heart. It is unacceptable for a person to change it and write something entirely different. That is superstition.

Kaçkar TV, 25 February 2011

  • If Muslims loom rationally and honestly, I think they will see the truth very clearly. There is nothing complex here. The Muslim world are brothers. Sectarian divisions must first be eliminated. There can be no divisions between Nurcus, Nakshibendis, Qadiria, Alawites and Sunnis. They must love one another. Every Muslim must investigate Hazrat Mahdi (as). That is what our Prophet (saas) commands. Our Prophet (saas) describes his activities and the relevant time and place. Activities are described in order to pin down a time and place. Our Prophet (saas) tells us to find Hazrat Mahdi (as) and join him. Even if we have to crawl over snow. We must not ask what good will come from our service. What does that mean? It means we must tell people of the signs leading to faith, of the invalidity of Darwinism and materialism, it means treating all sects with love and telling people of the miracles of the Qur’an. The followers of the Nur are also followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as). The existing system is not to be eliminated. But the way of the Mahdi must take preference over it. You give preference to one form of beauty over another. The way of the Mahdi must be built on that system.
  • People are not flawless. They have defects. I regard it is as irrational to work against Muslims. No rational person would do that. It is cheap heroism to target Muslims when there are so many irreligious people, materialists and hypocrites around. All those who say ‘La ilaha illalAllah Muhammadan Rasulullah’ are brothers. Errors can be corrected once we have Islamic Union. From what I can tell, Haydar Baş and his colleagues also know about Hazrat Mahdi (as). They love him. But everyone has defects, of course. If they oppose Darwinism and materialism, that is good. But it would be incompatible with the spirit of the way of the Mahdi for me to stop what I am doing and worry about a few minor errors. I am one of the vanguards of Hazrat Mahdi (as), insha’Allah. Our (intellectual) enemies are Darwinism, materialism and atheism. Bediuzzaman says we have three foes; ignorance, poverty and division. He says we must oppose these with three things: art, knowledge and alliance. By making everyone united as brothers, in other words. In short, Bediuzzaman describes the style of Hazrat Mahdi (as).
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