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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 30 August 2012


A9 TV,  August 30th, 2012

(Speaking at an inter-governmental summit in Iran, Egyptian President Muhammed Mursi said, “The peoples of Palestine and Syria are fighting for liberty and honor. The Syrian revolution is against a despotic regime. The whole world is responsible for the bloodshed in Syria. Our humanity and faith require us to stand alongside the Syrian people against the despotic Syrian regime.” The Syrian delegation left the hall when Mursi began speaking. President Mursi also stated that they support Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear energy.)

“Peaceful nuclear energy.” They imagine that communists will stand up like they used to in the past and openly say, “I am a communist.” Not so. Communists think they have been very clever indeed, at least in their own eyes. Since the entire world reacts against, and is repelled by the word communist, they have tried to abstain from using the word communist, which is now regarded as an insult. Russia said, “We have destroyed communism.” How? Russia is still communist. Communism is still in power in the Turkic states. Communism is still in power in Azerbaijan, but only because it has been imposed on them, not out of choice. Communism is in power in China. Communism is in power in Iran, and Syria is communist. There was a communist regime in Iraq too, but that collapsed. The present regime in Iraq is uncertain; but there was a very powerful communist structure in Iraq. Ba'athists were everywhere. This mistake therefore stems from people thinking that communism has collapsed.

Communism has simply changed its name and mask. Iran calls itself the Islamic Republic of Iran, but communism is in power there. The state is communist in Iran, and Darwinism is the official ideology. Darwinism is taught by the state. They talk about religion and the way of Islam and the Mahdi, but it is as if they are laughing at them. They say, “We are awaiting the Mahdi (pbuh).” If you ask, “Where is the Mahdi (pbuh)?” they reply, “In people’s houses. In the form of light, can you not see?” They are laughing at people. The president, the prime minister says, “I have heard his voice. He came in the form of light.” “I saw him at the United Nations assembly, he came as light,” he says. They are laughing at people. What light? There is just normal lighting there. When the lights are turned on, of course the place is lit up. “Look, I have seen light, the Mahdi (pbuh) is here,” he says. They foolishly think they are being very cunning for the sake of getting rid of the way of the Mahdi. What is taken seriously in Iran is communism. People are seriously communist. They make no concessions on that. Look, for example,  there were the countries of the Warsaw Pact. They changed the name to the Shanghai Group. The Shanghai Group has replaced the Warsaw Pact. They just changed the name because NATO used to follow a ruthless policy of “War against the communist bloc, the countries of the Warsaw Pact.” Secret states within states were even set up. Mafia-type organizations were set up. Nuclear arms production was stepped up. Nuclear subs were built and aircraft careers constructed; in other words, their idea was to do whatever it took to eradicate communism. But they then saw that the communist countries could not stand up to that. So they said, “We have defeated communism. We have done away with the Warsaw Pact.” And what happened? “We have changed the name,” they say. Same restaurant, different table. Iran is also part of the Shanghai Group, a Warsaw Pact country. The Warsaw Pact has not been eliminated. Syria is also part of the Warsaw Pact. Nobody can bring it down because it is a communist country. NATO cannot intervene. They are afraid that  the result would be a world war. They are crushing Muslims underfoot there.

(Daily Yeni Asya carried a report titled “The World Sits back and Watches the Slaughter.” It described witness statements of how Syrian army units in Daraya loyal to Damascus martyred 320 people.) 

There is a Syria that has been given over to the communists. They are crushing poor Muslims under foot. They are raping young girls. Their advisors and specialists are all Russian communists and Chinese communists; there are Chinese and Russian communists and former guerilla fighters teaching them.  Putin would have no power on his own. There has to be a group supporting Putin. Muslim countries must all get involved. A sudden assault there could be successful under those conditions. Putin needs to be proposing a highly intelligent plan, and he needs to shake those horrible people off. But he cannot, because there are people on his back. Highly intelligent maneuvers are required. They managed such intelligent and popular maneuvers in Poland at one time, but Poland has still failed to shake the communists off. Hungary also failed to shake the communists off.

(In a statement, Syrian President Bashar Assad said, “The Turkish government is directly responsible for the bloodshed in Syria. Are we expected to go backward because of the ignorance of some Turkish officials? The Turkish people have been on our side throughout the crisis.”)

What does that mean? There is a communist regime in power. The communist regime has been running the state as a dictatorship for many years. There is no democracy. From father to son, from grandfather to grandson; that is no god. A democratic government must be installed through fair elections. The government the people want in power must assume power. Theirs is a dictatorial and communist regime. The country is part of the communist bloc. The Warsaw Pact changed its name and became the Shanghai Group. Communists reject democracy and elections. They are dictatorial. He says, “The Turkish people support us.” How do you think we support you? Nobody supports you. What we want is for you to espouse Turkish-Islamic Union and Islamic Unity. Let us unite. Let a legitimate government be set up. There must be elections and democracy. The matter must be resolved.


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