Evolution Hoax

Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 18 July 2012


A9 TV, July 18th, 2012


Communism is cold and scary. It is not a system compliant with  human nature . Of course it might carry some sincere, candid, humane goals but generally, it is as if one  man says; "My head is aching" and another man says; "Well, let me cut your head so that I can save you from your headache; I feel pity for you." This is the method they use. You are thus destroying the man. You ruin his religion, his faith, his spirituality, his joy and his happiness. "I have brought you bread," take that bread and use it  however you like. What are we going to do with the bread you bring to this expense? There is no friendship behind the gesture, no companionship, no religion. no faith. The depth of life would thus be destroyed. You would thus wither all sources of compassion and mercy. You are thus turning a man into a wild animal. And then you say, "I will give you food, I will give you a job." There is no need for that food, no need for that job. No one has that happiness no one has excitement, no one has that spiritual depth. They have stripped off their humanity. They have turned into a part of a machine. They don't know the first things about compassion, mercy, humaneness, friendship or brotherhood, they know no such feelings. They have no family ties.


Chastity, modesty has a special light. It has a special radiance. Without chastity a darkness and an undefinable dirtiness, a special stamp appears on one's face. Through the wisdom of Allah, such people cannot get rid of that even if they wanted to. Chastity, modesty has a special sign specific to itself. If you ask for a description, we cannot describe it but that is how it is. That is a miracle; for instance, such "dark" people are instantly recognized from their faces. A proper, decent person can be distinguished by his/her face as well.


Our Prophet (saas) did not open schools, he did not enter politics either. He ruled with his sincere faith and miracles. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) did not open schools, he did not enter politics either. He did not feel the need to put forth a thousand and one logical statements. He submitted himself to Allah and became very sincere. The masses, thousands, tens of thousands of people witnessing his candid love, his faith came to believe. One should act with the spirit of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) with the spirit of the Prophet Mohammad (saas), with the spirit of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) and attain results. As a matter of facet you all see that tremendous miracles are taking place. Tremendous steps are taken.

How beautiful is the system of the Mahdi, it is a great blessing that it is happening during our time. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be the one who will find the Ark of Covenant. Allah has given that task to him, no one else can find it. There are many intelligence organizations and  nations that are looking for it with all their might. The Israeli state is looking for the Ark of Covenant officially. But they cannot find it. Who knows its place? Only Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) does. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will find the Ark right on time.


(Mr. Adnan Oktar's explanations regarding fasting)

Those who are ill should not attempt to fast. It is forbidden by religion. It is a religious observance for an ill person not to fast. He/she would be abiding by the command of Allah. That is because Allah says "...those should not fast" and you do not. So you are complying by the command. You would be earning the same merits as you would if you fasted. Fasting would be like committing murder for an elderly person, it would be very, very wrong. One should be physically very healthy. With such a healthy body, the fasting person wouldn't feel any kind of hardship, he would feel really nice. It would be very pleasant for him/her. He/she feels it in all his/her body, a pleasantness comes upon him/her.

Fasting has a special electricity in it. It is felt in all his/her veins, all over his/her body. It causes a deep rooted change in the body. It has many many spiritual and bodily benefits. First of all, it melts the cholesterol deposits in the veins. That is because the body cannot find materials to use. And it compulsorily starts to eat the cholesterol in the veins. Thus the unnecessary cholesterol would be spent, used within the body. The accumulated fats start to be used. The body learns to use water economically. Thus the body is tamed. It is a sort of gymnastics for the body. The body would thus learn how to use the water. It causes the inner organs to refresh. And there are many other benefits that we do not know about. But a healthy strong body is a must. The body should be sound and sharp, only then one can fast.

What are we going to do? First, lukewarm water, a huge glass of lukewarm water should be drunk. The body will first take in that water instantly from the start. The body  urgently needs water in that first moment. Let ten minutes or six or seven minutes pass by so that water can pass through the body. Afterwards soup, start with a light soup and then eat as a second meal something heavier. The body specifically needs salt and minerals. So cheese would be fine, since the body  specifically needs calcium, magnesium and sodium, when one consumes that type of food, body regains freshness.

(Mr. Adnan Oktar interprets verses from Surat Al-Waqi'ah)

Almighty Allah says in the Surat Al-Waqi'ah;

 [I seek refuge with Allah from the satan] " We created you so why do you not confirm the truth?" says Allah. Look; Allah lays stress on creation. So we thus understand the necessity of the method we follow from the Qur'an. All Prophets first lay stress on proving creation. Our Prophet (saas) constantly lay stress on proving creation as well. He talks about creationism. That is the most crucial matter, insha'Allah. Facts leading to faith and the proofs of creation are the most crucial matters.

The evolutionists of the time didn't believe either. They believed that there was an evolution.

"Have you thought about the sperm that you ejaculate?" People cannot see the sperm in the womb. What is that? It is the examination of sperm under an electron microscope. It is the examination of its movement, its structure, its tail and other aspects. When examined, it would drag a person to his wits' end. They feel surprised and believe. That verse here is an explicit encouragement to science.

"Is it you who create it or are We the Creator?" says Allah. Allah says that these cannot be formed through coincidences. That is because there is an amazing artistry, magnificent details.

"We have decreed death for you and We will not be forestalled" So Allah reminds us of the weakness, the helplessness of people. The man puts on airs but Allah says, "You are going to die." "We have decreed death.." Allah says, so stop death if you dare.

" .. in replacing you with others the same as you and re-forming you in a way you know nothing about. " When re-created, Allah creates it only similar to the first one but He creates perfectly this time, not in weakness like the previous one. But look how Allah explains that lack of being weakness;

".. in a way you know nothing about." We know the creation before, we can understand it through scientific methods. We understand the art of creation but in the re-forming Allah says that "...we know nothing about" it. So Allah says that He will create with brand new laws of physics with all new methods. So that will be a completely different structure. For instance, there will be no blood in the human body there. He survives without the need of blood. Can a person now live without blood? There will be no blood. That will be a new form of creation. Normally a person would get dirty, he/she needs sleep. But there in the Hereafter, there will be no need for sleep. Here a person can feel hungry, but there in the Hereafter there will be no need for that. The new creation will be as such. In the Hereafter they will not know the feeling hunger. Thus the laws of physics will be changed entirely.

 "You have known the first formation.." You have researched it, through scientific methods you have learned how I created, says Allah. ".. so will you not pay heed?" He says. You have seen all the details. Now you should pay heed and think. You should believe in Allah, He says.

 " Have you ever considered the seed you sow (in the ground)?" To examine the seed, an electron microscope is required as well in order to determine the structure of the seed.

" Is it you who make it germinate or are We the Germinator?"

" If We wished We could have made it broken stubble. You would then be left devoid of crops, distraught." So Allah draws attention to the death of plants as well. He first draws attention to the death of humans, and then to the plants. They do not live endlessly either.

 " (And say:) "We have fallen into debt.. "

".. Indeed, we have been deprived of the fruits of our labor." You know how people come up with excuses saying, " We have fallen into debt, we were suffering, we were deprived, we were not educated, they didn't teach us these things. "

" Have you thought about the water that you drink? " Allah makes us think about water as well. Allah tells us to reflect on everything.  

" Is it you who sent it down from the clouds or are We the Sender? " The way rain falls down is a miracle. The explanation of it takes a very long time. There are amazing details, amazing superior features.

" If We wished We could have made it bitter, so will you not give thanks?" Water could have been salty or bitter, it could have been bitter as poison, but we would still have to drink it. But it has a nice taste, and it is easy to drink. It has a very nice taste.

" Have you thought about the fire that you light?" Look, Allah draws our attention to every single detail He created.

Is it you who make the trees that fuel it grow or are We the Grower?" All the cells in the tree are wonderful. For instance, there is a 30 meter tall tree, and the water climbs up to the top of that tree. And all the leaves are thus nourished.

" We have made it to be a reminder and a comfort for travelers in the wild." Allah says that there is an aspect to it that you should reflect upon and it is also a comfort. Wood is used everywhere in the world.

" So glorify the name of your Lord, the Magnificent! "

" And I swear by the falling of the stars.. " Here Almighty Allah draws attention to astronomy.

" ..and that is a mighty oath if you only knew —" We cannot see the stars with the naked eye, and there is the need for a telescope here. We need a telescope to see all the details of the stars. In order to see the artistry of Allah, there is the need for science in every single of the verses here. Consequently science is both directly and indirectly encouraged in the Qur'an.


A part of the staff (The Prophet Moses' (pbuh) staff) one of the tablets and the original of Manna and all other such relics are all under protection inside the Ark of Covenant. They are being hidden specifically in a special place. Allah says, "Angels are protecting it, angels are carrying it." I mean it is in such a way that no one else can see it. The whole world is looking for it, but they cannot find. But Allah gives a very special means to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will go and easily uncover it from the place it was hidden. He will show it to the public. And because it is going to be a blessing bestowed upon Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), it will also be a portent of his appearance. Many Christians and Jews will become Muslims at this point.

There are holy relics in the Kaaba as well. Holy relics from the time of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) will be found. These are mentioned explicitly in the hadiths as well. At that time, there is an attempt to excavate them. Our Prophet (saas) prevents such attempts saying, "Mahdi will excavate them." Ever since that time no one has ever conducted any excavation work underneath the Kaaba. At the time of the Mahdi, many relics belonging to the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), all kinds of goods and clothes used at that time, many materials belonging to him will thus be found, insha'Allah. And also some valuable goods, some very valuable goods will be found as a treasure. That is a specialty of the Kaaba, they are protected underneath it, insha'Allah. But there is time for that, there is still a little more time.

(Mr. Adnan Oktar interprets verses from the Surah Ibrahim)

I seek refuge with Allah from the satan. "Those who were unbelievers said to their Messengers," meaning from the prophets to the Mahdi, "… 'We will drive you from our land unless you return to our religion'." What does this mean? They say that we will oppress you. How does that happen in the End Times? They are constantly pressuring him by gossiping about him on the internet, radios, televisions and press. ".. unless you return to our religion." Meaning to return to bigotry or to Darwinism, materialism. Here, in the Qur'an, Allah lays stress on the wrongness of applying pressure upon ideas. Allah emphasizes the atrociousness of applying pressure upon faith. "Their Lord revealed to them, 'We will destroy those who do wrong'." Now what do we see from this verse here? What does Allah say? "We will destroy those who do wrong." What do we see in our time? Do we or don't we see all those who do wrong destroyed? Allah either rips their hearts apart or their brains. Or He inflicts something else upon them. But one way or another Allah destroys them. Allah informs us through revelation that all movements against the system of the Mahdi would be devastated. That is  destiny. First Allah makes them attack the system of the Mahdi, and then He destroys them.

"We will leave you the land to live in after them." Almighty Allah says that He will destroy them and then leave the land to the believers to live after them. So where is the land they will live in? It is the World. What does leaving the land, the World for them, mean? It means that they will reign over the World. "That is the reward of those who fear My Station.." those who fear Allah, "..and fear My threat'." So Allah says that I will make all those who do this the rulers of the world. Even if there is only one person who believes as is due, Allah says that He will make him rule the world. Allah makes Islam rule over the world, even if there is only one person who believes as is due.

"They (the Prophets)" the Mahdi, ".. asked for Allah´s victory," Allah says that they asked for sovereignty "(in the end).. and every obdurate tyrant failed." All the dajjals (antichrists) who use violence, who spread terror, all obdurate tyrants says Allah, those who persistently refuses to leave their rulership, ".. and every obdurate tyrant failed." Pharaoh was defeated in Egypt. Pharaoh was defeated in Libya. Allah did all these. And the Pharaoh in Syria is about to be defeated. The Pharaohs all around the world are being defeated. Almighty Allah is making good His promise at the moment. Allah makes everything happen as a miracle. Islam will rule over the world as a miracle.

"And why indeed should we not put our trust in Allah.." Not putting trust in Allah is a very abnormal act. It is idiocy, it is burning all the bridges in front of one's self, it is devastating one's self. Those who put their trust in Allah experience the greatest comfort. Putting one's trust in Allah is the greatest comfort on Earth. So there is nothing else that would put a greater relief, a greater happiness upon one person other than putting his trust in Allah. Having faith and putting trust in Allah, but putting trust in the way that it should be. "..when He has guided us to our ways?" What are our ways? That is the Qur'an. "We will be steadfast however much you harm us." At the time the idolaters, atheists, Darwinists and materialists will apply pressure upon Muslims. They will try to unsettle them. They will attempt to hurt them with their sharp tongues. Maybe there will be assassination attempt, they will try to put them in prison, they will slander him, conspire against them. And the Muslims will be steadfast. Who is the One creating that persecution and that perseverance? Allah is the One that creates all. Allah makes them instrumental. That is the necessity of the test. If we do not undergo such  training, we cannot become the people of  Paradise. "Those who trust should put their trust in Allah." Now a man can trust something, but he puts his trust in his money, in his friends, in his bodily strength, in his gun, in his own tribe. That is not acceptable. Allah is the only Power. Allah is the Only One to place one's trust in, to rely on, to resign oneself to. That means submitting to Allah, leaving everything to Allah. 

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