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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 17 July 2012


A9 TV, July 17th, 2012 

Marxism and Leninism might be verbal but they are practiced through acts. I mean propaganda activities are carried out mostly through resounding acts, by spreading terror, by creating panic, by bombing banks, by martyring police officers and soldiers, by all sorts of sabotage and thus they create a feeling of power over the public.  I mean the feeling of a powerful organization is thus created. This is one of the basic methods of Marxist-Leninist philosophy. This is how they describe their way of attaining great results with a small group. Communists have held sway over China with a very small group. They have held sway over Russia with a small group as well. That is because capitalists are in general egoistical and selfish, a good many of them are. They do not want to believe it, until troubles knock on their door. That is what Lenin says. He says, "They plead ignorance until the last moment," because they are egoistical and selfish. He says, "They cannot do that even if they wanted to, their will power would not be enough for that. They would still be after winning more. " So he says that they would still be after getting some more things, they would still be after adding capital to their own capital, they would still be wanting to increase their money. He says, "The pressing danger would not concern them. That is why you can go on with your activities without any difficulty. There will not be any reaction from them. They will not stand up to you. That is because they are in a race of seizing shares, they lose themselves in that brutal aggression." I am not saying this about all of them of course, but for a good many of them this is the case. So there is a lesson to be taken here for those concerned. 

In the past the environment did not seem to be conformable for the global reign of Islam. For instance at the time of the Messenger of Allah (saas), it was not at all conformable. Neither in respect of the fewness of the number of people around the Messenger of Allah (saas) nor in respect of their lack of their financial capacity, or the lack of a legal system, or the lack of security forces like the police or the soldiers, or the lack of law and order.   In a sense it was as if it would have been strangled from the very beginning.  There had been miracles in every war. The battle of Uhud, the battle of the Trench, they all are miracles. The system of the Mahdi will also work through miracles. Under ordinary conditions it is impossible for the system of the Mahdi, for Islam to rule  over the world. I mean under normal, commonly known conditions it seems to be impossible. Yet see that everything, even incidents that are known to be natural events take place in a way to help the Mahdi at the moment. I mean natural events, as they call it, take place specifically. What they call  natural events takes place through the command of Allah.  Expecting the system of the Mahdi to take root through commonly known methods; through opening schools, through bureaucracy, etc.: That is not the case. Those who attempt to do that have instantly fallen into pieces.  That is because their minds are not in alliance with their hearts. They suppose that everything will be solved through logic and reason. Yet they are solved through miracles. 

(Regarding the fossil exhibitions held in Stuttgart Germany) 

Service in Germany will not be like the religious service in Saudi Arabia. The reward of that would be much more. The Turkish world should be very much protected. First the Turkish world should stick together instantly and then the Islamic world should be united after them; it is very important to make these movements quickly. In the meantime Russia should be approached with compassion, with love. Harboring hatred and rage towards Russia would be a very abnormal act. Russia should definitely be in the Turkish Union. Russia would most definitely take place in the Unity of Islam. We do not think of it without Russia, and we do not plan to make any kind of interference in neither the internal affairs nor the foreign affairs of any country.

There is a river of love in the Unity of Islam. Love, compassion, mercy, friendship, brotherhood and cooperation runs like a river, this is what the system of the Mahdi consists of.  Oppression, violence and intimidation cannot even come close to the system of the Mahdi. 

(In response to a viewer's message saying; "Master, there is a girl. I am madly in love with her. If it doesn't work for us, I will give up hope for life.")

So you regard a manifestation of Allah higher that Allah, is that so? So you say that you have come to such a point in ascribing partners to Allah that you do not have anything to do with Allah, religion and faith? Just like any one of Allah's manifestations; she will be decomposed in the grave someday. She is an image Allah shows you of a being made up of flesh and bones. Allah is the One Who shows you that image. And you are adopting an attitude against Allah because of an image Allah shows you, is that it?  Adorn yourself with the morality of the Qur'an and do not forget that she is just a human being. She also eats and drinks and sleeps; she simply is a being made up of flesh and bones. She is a being formed in nine months and ten days. She too is being tested. And she will grow old and pass away someday. You will grow old as well. You must have lost yourself under the influence of some Turkish films and developed a very mundane point of view. That does not befit a Muslim. Your turn of phrase does not befit a Muslim. And it is obvious that what you feel is a sort of ambition. You act on your instincts. That is something for animals. That is what animalistic behavior demands. Such animals cool down as the season passes. You are ascribing partners to Allah. Pull yourself together, and be a normal Muslim. Devote yourself to Allah and live for Allah. Allah will then show you His manifestation. You are siding against Allah with a manifestation of Allah. 

(In regard to a viewer's message saying; "Master, I have fallen into the hands of pawnbrokers and my livelihood goes completely to them. I am at the end of my tether. I have even thought about committing suicide.")

Why are you contemplating committing suicide? You are saying "I am ready to kill a human being. I am homicidal, I am ready to murder." Is this something a Muslim could ever say? Look at the morality here, look at the mindset, look at the attitude. A person who attempts to commit suicide might also kill another; that person can kill for money, that person can commit burglary as well, such a person can adopt all kinds of immoral behaviors. Committing suicide because of money is such a despicable attitude, it is such a humiliating behavior. You will pay them when you have the money.  Committing suicide is an immoral act, it is a form of murder, it is thuggery, it is felonious, it is such a spineless thought. A Muslim would never say such a thing. Such a person would be even more debased than a prostitute. 

(In response to the message of a viewer asking "Master how does the general attire and make-up of the ladies around you comply with our religion?")

Their attire is very beautiful, they are all very stylish and spotlessly clean. Their make-up is most perfect as well. Our Prophet (saas) told ladies to wear beautiful clothes and be well groomed. In the hadith, the companions ask our Prophet (saas) about black hair, red hair and blonde hair. And our Prophet (saas) says that he likes blonde hair the most. He says, "The most beautiful one is yellow." And there is kohl. Our Prophet, the Messenger of Allah (saas) uses kohl as well. Even little children did, Hazrat Hasan, Hazrat Husain they all had kohl on their eyes. All the women used kohl. Blusher; they were using blushers made of henna at the time. Ladies of that time used lipstick as well. But some of our sisters wear clothes according to their own beliefs. Some of our sisters say that it is hijab that should be worn. Some say, "A headscarf is enough for us." And some of our sisters say, "Since the word headscarf is not mentioned in the Qur'an I do not use a headscarf." We respect that as well. They are all the same, radiant Muslims. It would be wrong to make discrimination. 

Allah says; "...do not fast if you are ill." There is the command to fast but there is also another command there. And some people do not accept that as a command. They only focus on the command to fast. Allah says; "...do not fast if you are ill." That is a command as well. That is how Allah commands. So it is not acceptable if you are ill. The body should be as strong as concrete. Especially in elders their blood pressure sometimes drops and sometimes rises. If you let such a person fast for 17 hours in  hot weather while his body is constantly dehydrated under the sun, may Allah forbid it would be something like a murder, it would be a grave mistake. It would not be okay without consulting a doctor. Yet it only can be done with a strong built body  insha'Allah.

It is much more better for a person to be a Marxist instead of being some vain personality. At least he would be reading and searching a bit. He has an ideal, a goal. But even though they come forward with good intentions the path they follow, the method they employ and the result they come to attain are horrible. That is a system which forces them in pain and unhappiness. In the system of the Mahdi mentioned in the Torah and also in the Qur'an, the system of the Mahdi our Prophet (saas) related Allah has most perfectly explained the beautiful outcome they all find beautiful in their souls but can never attain any other way. Allah tells us to stop wars, to stop bloodshed, to remove borders and to become brothers. That is it. "Protect those who are in need, distribute the wealth with equality and ensure justice," says Allah. That is the main characteristic of the system of the Mahdi. Distributing the wealth with equality and ensuring justice in the world.  That is an ideal the whole world would embrace, an ideal both Muslims and Christians would accept. Otherwise neither Christians nor Muslims would ever accept your claim, neither science nor reason would embrace it. And you do not accept it either. You know that what I am talking about are the truths. How can happiness come in these conditions?  How could beauty come? And Marxism is  demanding a horrible system. It says, "You can attain results through violence and terror." Isn't this a shame, a sin? They have murdered one billion people until now. This is a horrible atrocity carried out ever since the First World War. 

Those who drink alcohol would drink anywhere they like to drink, you cannot intervene anyway. You cannot force them and say that you will not let them drink, that is not acceptable. That would be a bigoted mindset. How could something like that be acceptable? What is it to you, if one is drinking alcohol; he would continue to do so. You can only tell him, let him know that it is harmful for him, that it is the wrong thing to do. It is not forbidden in Christianity, so the man would drink. Or one might not believe in Islam, he might not be a Muslim. He would then say, “I want to drink” and he would. What is it to you? How can you prevent him from doing so by force? You can only say that it is religiously unlawful. There is no compulsion in religion. 

(In response to a viewer's message saying "...ladies should only adorn themselves for their lawfully wedded ones.")

Women would see their spouses anyway. What would become of young girls if they are not married? So they are to wander around with unwanted facial hair on their faces; is that it? That is not acceptable. There is no such thing to claim that every lady should have a spouse. The majority of the ladies are young girls and they are single. Or they might be divorced. What would become of them then? Are they not allowed to be clean and well-kept? Our Prophet (saas) used to tinge his eyes with kohl. Women at that time used to tinge their eyes with kohl as well. They are not told to use kohl only when they are with their husbands, they are using kohl twenty four hours a day anyway. Their eyes are with kohl night and day, at the streets and everywhere. Does Our Prophet (saas) tell them to clean that kohl off their eyes when they go out? How do you come up with such things? First of all, kohl is very long-lasting. Kohl was in his eyes even while our Prophet (saas) performed his ablution. That is because water passes by kohl. It is made up of chrome oxide and since it lets water pass by it, kohl remains on one's eyes. And it is constantly being renewed as well. Ladies, children and men should use kohl. A Muslim woman would be spotlessly clean, immaculate and she would smell like soap. But those people's mouths stink and they make an excuse for that. Those disgusting people claim that "Bad breath would be like a musky fragrance." One would feel disgusted by that, one would be disgusted by that even while talking. A Muslim's mouth would be as clean as light and his/her body would be as clean as light as well, he/she would be spotlessly clean.  Allah has given us all sorts of means. It is Allah Who puts that perfume on them. It is Allah Who makes perfume smell good on a person's skin. So you claim that women should be like animals except when they are with their lawfully wedded ones, is that it? How can that be reasonable? Ladies should be well-kept and clean everywhere they are.  Their hair should be well-kept, their hands and faces should be well-kept. They should be spotlessly clean. 

(In response to a viewer's mail asking; "Master, will the sovereign ones be waiting for us so to take their wealth and distribute it to those in need? How can that be possible?")

No. When the morality of Islam rules, you would not be taking their wealth by extortion. They would willingly, happily give as a form of worship. What good would wealth do? Why would you be stocking it? For instance, you have money in the bank, you have stacked it and it is there all along. Are they going to use them as your grave stone when you die? It would do you no good. Wealth would be nice if you distribute it. Money would be nice if you distribute it. It is nice only if you use it for good reasons. You would create such a great sense of love, such a fervent excitement that one would distribute his wealth enthusiastically, with love. Making them do so through extortion is horrible. Let us assume that you take their goods by force, that they give their wealth unwillingly, neither those who give nor those who receive would be happy. If those distributing their wealth do so happily, those who receive would take it happily as well. There is beauty in it. And there is no such beauty in the other. Wealth does not make one happy. It would only be nice if wealth and goods come with love. That is what Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be doing. Our Prophet (saas) says that he will  "...do that". In the Torah, three thousand years ago, Allah says that King Messiah, that is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will being do this. Muslims accept this. They see it as a form of religious service, as a beauty. Christians regard that as a beauty as well. Jews regard that as a beauty too.  Consequently what is nice is to abide by the commands of the Qur'an and the Torah. What is nice is it to abide by this sense of justice, this sense of love. 

Our Prophet (saas) says; "Wealth would be so abundant at the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) that one would come ask for more even though he has plenty, even though he has a lot of food to eat just because of rapacity he asks for more. Because of that astonishment, because of that joy, he goes and asks for more goods from the treasury. And he will be given plentifully. Then the man would regret it, and want to go and give back the goods saying, "Am I the greediest one of the ummah of Muhammad? I am embarrassed." But it would not be accepted from him."  Our Prophet (saas) says that the goods will be distributed in equality and that there will be no one hungry or homeless in the world. "There will be no one left to give alms to," says our Prophet (saas).

Marxist philosophy is not something complicated, it is highly simple. Their explanation about the world is very plain as well. With the primitive scientific conditions of that time they claimed that material came from infinity and will go back to infinity. The explanation they come up with is such a primitive and such a crude explanation; claiming that living beings have come into existence through coincidences. They say that "...history goes on with a cycle as well." As if they know the unseen, they claim that there was once a communal society. How do you know about the communal society? All their claims are conjuncture, they say that they used to eat all that they find altogether. Muslims are sitting together at the moment, they dine together. Is that something acceptable to say? They have no information about that first age. At those times, there were very beautiful people with a high quality of life and also there were people living a savage life. There were those who acted according to the rules of religion and those who did not act according to the rules of religion. Consequently these are all imaginary. They claim that feudal society followed the communal society, and then came the capitalist society followed by a return to the communal society structure. Yet events that they never considered took place. For instance, they thought that there would be a workers class. Yet the workers class that has formed was also after becoming rich. They too started to accumulate capital.  They also wanted a car and a house. And automated production started, robots are   being used in factories. And then the robots took the place of the workers. 

There are two different sorts of bigotry; one is the communist bigotry and the other is the bigotry in the disguise of Islam, in disguise of religion. There is no forbearance to ideas in bigotry. There is no forbearance to thinking. Both harbor violence.  Bigotry prohibits reading, speaking and even thinking. Bigotry says, "No, what I think is the right way of thinking. You can either duly accept it or if you don’t, I will hunt you down."  It is the same in communism as well. It also says, "What I say is right. I do not accept any other idea or any kind of discussion. Either you accept it, or I will hunt you down." Yet in the system of the Mahdi there is openness to every opinion.  There is persuasion and suggestion, there is love and compassion.  It is an understanding of Islam with reason, with science, with common sense, with affection for people to embrace acceptance with heartfelt love and submission so that social justice and love would envelop the whole world. We will see this altogether, insha'Allah. 

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