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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 16 May, 2012


A9 TV, May 16th, 2012

Indeed when I look at those who take us on , who talk against us, who abuse us and see that they are all illegitimate, immoral, dishonorable people who are devoid of character. Wherever there is a dishonorable person, a cheater, they talk against us. I have not seen a second alternative yet. I will give any money they ask  to those who show me a second alternative. They are absolutely dark people. I have not seen one normal person yet. They are all dishonorable, dishonest, ignoble. I made  careful research into this and saw that they are smugglers, impostors, thugs, scumbags. This is the wisdom of Allah. It is a miracle. It is as if they have been organized, this is something astonishing.

One needs to ask for an indubitable faith from Allah. A person disgraces oneself in doubting Allah. He will feel very much ashamed in the Hereafter. This is something contemptuous for a person. One needs to love Allah with pure, genuine faith. Allah must definitely put a person into trial. Just think about it; another form of life is not possible. In the absence of faith, this broadcast would have no meaning. If, Allah forbid, there is no test in this world, clothes would lose their meaning. Everything would lose their meaning. An easy trial is, under all circumstances, is no trial. It must be a reasonable trial, insha'Allah.

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan, Surah Sad, Verse 17 

 “Be steadfast in the face of what they say  So what will we do? What does our Master Sheikh Nazim say? "He[I] should not care about them because their judgment is impaired," he says that about the hypocrites. What does Allah say to the Prophet David (pbuh)? Do not care, be steadfast. ".. and remember Our servant David who possessed true strength."  Almighty Allah addresses our Prophet (saas) and then mentions the name of the Prophet David (pbuh). What does the command "remember" mean here? It means that this is a religious duty. Allah decrees; "remember". That is because "..He truly turned to his Lord. " Almighty Allah says that we should be thinking about the Prophet David (pbuh) as an example. The Christians know about him as David, as well.  

[Surat as-Sad; 18] " We subjected the mountains.." Allah says that the mountains are under His command, ".. to glorify with him in the evening and at sunrise."

These verses are directly referring to the End Times. Whenever we say something, when we say "Allah", the Name of Allah is instantly echoed all over. All the hills are echoing back the Name of Allah at the moment.  

[Surat As-Sad; 19] " And also the birds, flocking together.. " Birds are very cute animals, they are very sweet. ".. all of them turned to Him." Allah has given this beautiful animal to us as an example and He says that they all turn to Him. From that we understand that they are conscientious, intelligent beings.

[Surat As-Sad; 20] "We made his kingdom strong.." Allah says We made him rich. All prophets are rich. Our Prophet (saas) was also rich. The Prophet David (pbuh) was rich as well. So that means our Prophet (saas) was not poor. He was not binding rocks around his stomach. The lot of bigots always wants to portrait our Prophet (saas) like this. The fact is that all the prophets are rich. ".. and gave him wisdom and decisive speech." Meaning he speaks tersely. Not making long speeches that possess no meaning at all,  like the bigots do. Concise, terse, striking, influential, sincere explanations. ".. decisive speech." His speech has a very striking impact and shakes the listener so that the man would be amazed when he hears him talking. 

[Surat As-Sad; 21] “Has the story of the litigants reached you? How they climbed up to the Upper Room [where David was]" Why does Allah define this story as important. "Has the story of the litigants reached you?" That is an important story that means. So there is a reference here, an explanation. What we understand from the first look,  is that in one aspect referring to the End Times, there will be litigation prosecuted against Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). That is because the verse says "litigants." Allah explains us all these through symbols in the Qur'an. We know that Mahdi (pbuh) will live in a protected place, in a dangerous environment, surrounded by walls and we understand that it would be reasonable for Muslims to stay in places surrounded with walls as well. We understand that it would not be right to live in a place with no protection.  Also in the story of the Cave, Allah stresses the importance of keeping a dog at the door. The dog protects. And here, there is the mention of high walls. The Qur'an implicates the necessity of a place surrounded with walls and protected by dogs. Allah does not tell of all these just as a story in the Qur'an. Allah wants us to get these deep meanings, these symbols. "How they climbed up to the Upper Room [where David was].."  They can climb up those walls as well, so high walls do not guarantee anything. We need to take precautions against that climbing as well. Having a place that is  high and surrounded by walls would not be enough against the danger. One needs to keep alert. The same is valid for the dog as well, if necessary there has to be people watching on guard. That refers to this point. 

[Surat As-Sad; 22] ".. and came in on David  who was alarmed by them." That is because he is not on guard when they came in suddenly. In which conditions does one get alarmed? In an unexpected incident. That means something he didn't expect happened. The Qur'an refers to the necessity of people taking precautions in the face of unexpected events. ".. They said, ‘Do not be afraid. We are two litigants.." Being afraid does not suit Prophets. As Allah says, he was alarmed. That was a flaw as well. "Do not be afraid" Allah frequently tells the Prophets "..not to be afraid and not to be sad." Allah has deemed fear unlawful for the Prophets. Being afraid is also unlawful for Muslims. "...two litigants" this might also be referring to two important litigations in the End Times. This also refers to the End Times in one aspect. ".. one of whom has acted unjustly towards the other, so judge between us with truth and do not be unjust and guide us to the Right Path." These are all the characteristics of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).  

[Surat As-Sad; 23] "This brother of mine has ninety-nine ewes,.. " Why would Allah mention the number 99? He might as well not mention any number at all. That is because it is not 98, not 97, but 99. That means there will be an important incident in the End Times in the year 99. This refers to that incident insha'Allah. ".. and I have only one." Here there is a reference to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) not having any possessions. That is because, as you know, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not have any possessions. "He said, “Let me have charge of it,” and got the better of me with his words. " The Qur'an here draws attention to the danger of demagoguery. Through demagoguery people might get the better of the others through their words, even though they are not right. Allah stresses that we need to be alert regarding demagoguery. 

"He said "Let me have charge of it".." By this, the Qur'an draws attention to how merciless and cruel  the capitalists will be, raving people, savage capitalism in the End times, how it could be in the End Times.  That means the Qur'an draws attention to the small capital being swallowed by the big capital; the Qur'an implicates that some big capital owners will be very merciless and cruel and that there will be such a merciless system in the End Times and that the system of the anti-christ will be supporting this raving system. That is a concise and terse explanation depicting Capitalism. 

[Surat As-Sad; 24] "He said, ‘He has wronged you by asking for your ewe to add to his ewes. " The Prophet David (pbuh) draws attention to the fact that the capitalist system is a system of persecution. "Truly many partners are unjust to one another.." The Prophet David says that the capitalists are very ambitious. For instance some of the holdings, big companies are in a race to swallow each other, he says. He says such people want to cast aside their partners and crush them, confiscate all their possessions by making them ineffective. ".. except those who have faith and do right actions. "

If they are people of faith, if they live by Islam,  capitalism would vanish, he says. The capitalist mindset will vanish, the savage capitalism will collapse he says. ".. except those who have faith and how few they are!" he says. That is also a reference to the students of Mahdi being very few in the End Times. The Qur'an refers to how few  sincere Muslims there will be in the End times and how the capitalists will create such a savage world. 

".. David realized that We had put him to the test. He begged forgiveness from his Lord" A Muslim would constantly beg forgiveness from Allah, and that is because he would constantly make mistakes and there will constantly be abnormal thoughts passing through his mind. Almighty Allah says that one must be alert about that.

".. and fell down prone, prostrating, and repented." Prostrating Jews are mentioned in the Torah as well. By that, we understand that performing prayers [salat] was also commanded in the time of the Prophets reaching back until Judaism. Performing prayers also has a place in the Torah now and some of the Jews are performing their prayers now. First they bow and then prostrate. That is how the prayers were described at the time. The prone is the same, it is the same with the way we perform our prayers. Then he bows and then prostrates. Almighty Allah says ".. he sincerely turned to Us with a wholehearted submission and love and repented."

[Surat As-Sad; 25] "So We forgave him" I forgave him says Almighty Allah about the Prophet. "We forgave him" He says.  That means the Prophets are forgiven. They can be forgiven. That means they may also come to a point that needs to be forgiven. The decree is explicit here. ".. he has nearness to Us and a good Homecoming." Almighty Allah says; "...he is near to Me and he will go to Heaven". We can clearly say that the Prophet David (pbuh) will go to  Heaven because there is a provision about that. It has been stated through revelation. But we cannot say that about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). There is no such revelation about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). There is no such clear and explicit provision in the Qur'an to state that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will go to  Heaven. 

 [Surat As-Sad; 26] "David! We have made you a khalif on the earth." We have deemed him the ruler of the world. We have made him a khalif, Allah says. Who is this khalif? Mahdi (pbuh). There is a reference to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) as well. "..so judge between people with truth.." Mahdi will judge between people with the truth. How is the name of Mahdi mentioned in the Torah? He is referred to as the son of David. Whose line will Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) be coming? He will be coming from the line of the Prophet David (pbuh). The appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be like the children of Israel. ".. and do not follow your own desires." Meaning do not act on your own mind, on your own thoughts, but act according to the commands of Allah. ".. letting them misguide you from the Way of Allah." If you abide by the bigots. "Those who are misguided from the Way of Allah will receive a harsh punishment." Allah says in the verse that He will give a harsh punishment to those who acts like that on purpose. 

The year ninety nine is a turning point. The year 1999 is a very historical, very important turning point, insha'Allah.  

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