Evolution Hoax

Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 9 April 2012

A9 TV, 9 April 2012

(Despite all the support given by the EU, Greece is still in dire straits economically. Most recently, the official Greek police organization has decided that police officers should be hired as private guards for a specific fee in the framework of the government’s search for new sources of revenue)

What Greece should do is unify with Turkey. Greece lived in great plenty and abundance in Ottoman times. Opening the borders would put an end to it. Abundance would flow in, like water. They must do way with visas and passports. They should tell the officials on the Greek border, “Go and sit at home or do whatever else you like.” Prosperity would flow in. Let them come and do business here. We can all meet up. Let them come and dine here, and we will go to them. There would be a huge boom and regeneration. But we have the frontiers now, and that is what the problem stems from. If people could just walk across when they got there, if there is a flow, that is all you need. Our Greek brothers must put pressure on the government and say, “We want unification with Turkey.” They must say they want things to be as they were in the past. Then the Greek markets would be bursting with prosperity.

(The internet site Lepka, with close connections to Israeli Intelligence, has claimed that U.S. President Obama has sent a message to Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan and Iran’s spiritual leader, Khamenei, saying that “Obama is pleased by Khamenei’s statement that they do not want nuclear weapons. Obama and America have no plans to annihilate Iran. But Tehran must change its hostile attitude toward America. It must stop referring to America as an enemy and the Great satan. Instead, the Obama administration asks for messages emphasizing that relations are improving.”)

Iran is on the communist wing, in the Shanghai group. That being the case, it will automatically be hostile to America. It will be politically opposed. And even if it is not hostile, its partners will encourage it to be so. So the communist system has been brought in under an Islamic mask. Of course there are things about America that need to be opposed. They emphasize those, but Iran never wants Islamic Union. Because you have to be a Shiite or else. After that, you have to believe in the phantom Mahdi. They have actually no belief in the Mahdi. Everyone knows that no such Mahdi will ever come; a Mahdi who flies in the sky and walks through walls. How could that ever be possible? They themselves know it is impossible. The communists are very clever. They have drawn it into their system. They say they believe, even though they do not. A Marxist, communist state; when asked, they speak of the Islamic Republic of Iran. So this good thing can happen as Muslims become aware and begin learning how to question. They need to say, “Why do you permit the possibility of a Mahdi you do not believe in? Why do you tell such tales?”

2012-04-26 14:28:57

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