Evolution Hoax

Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 1 April 2012

A9 TV,  1 April 2012

The Qur’an always draws our attention to signs leading to faith and to reflection. People think it is enough to pray and fast and that is that. Not so. Allah insists on reflection in the Qur’an. He makes reflection obligatory in the Qur’an. And deep reflection at that. The more they think the more Allah bestows knowledge in their hearts. They see the truth and draw even closer to Allah and their love for Him grows. Allah bestows faith as they work hard and use their heads. That person experiences such a perception. It happens in destiny, but he has the impression that it results from his own hard work. And the faith that results from that is highly valuable.

Allah does not want to be alone. Allah wishes to be loved and appreciated. Allah regards this as good. When we say. “Almighty Allah is infinitely beautiful,” we do not mean solely a color or a shape. He has them all, insha’Allah. There are things we know and things we do not. There are whole worlds we do not know. But we can clearly see that Allah loves beauty and being loved. He loves loving and being loved.

Creation always takes place in such a way as to be loved. That is so with the angels, for instance. There is no alternative. But what Allah loves most of all in human beings is for them to find Him by thinking within a complex system and never abandoning Him, with a determined love. Not to abandon Him when troubles and difficulties come, or when old age or sickness come. In that case, the quality of love is especially high. Otherwise, Allah will give you youth and beauty and goodness. You eat and drink and say, “O Lord, I love You. Thank You.” Everyone does that. But that does not lead to deep love. That comes from the other way. A profound passion emerges, a true love.

In films and novels, you know, when they talk about love, the person finds love in proportion to his exertions for Allah’s approval. Like Majnun and Layla. The important thing is the suffering there. Had they loved one another in a palace, that would have been of no interest to anyone. There would have been no such legend. People would not feel that degree of love there. But a spirit of passion emerges when one seeks to be united with the beloved through those pains and sufferings in the deserts. The spirit of love emerges, and is then convincing and satisfying. And that is what Almighty Allah wants.

Weak love of Almighty Allah is unworthy of His glory. But loving Him with passion is most fitting. That is why Allah creates the prophets, mahdis and guides. They are few in number, but that is enough for Him. That pleases Allah. In this world of ours, of course. But who knows how many other worlds there are? Allah may have created an infinite number of worlds, we cannot know. Allah does not want a poor-quality love. The whole system is built on that at the moment.

(Regarding an attempt to account for human progress in terms of evolution in a report titled “Response to 10 mysteries of human history.”)

They really should not make themselves so wretched. They are ruining themselves in a way that has never been seen before. Subsequent generations would lose the power of speech if they felt they really believed these things. Not even a child of five would credit them. It is like a miracle, truly amazing “It all happened by chance,” they say. “There are no transitional fossil,” I reply. “That makes no difference,” they say. “Proteins cannot form by chance,” I say. “That makes no difference,” they say. It is the same with the ear, the ear, and the senses of touch and taste. There needs to be a soul there first. And where is that soul? “It already existed and was there waiting,” they say. Who created that soul? That is what really constitutes a person. You are talking about a machine, but that machine needs a soul. Where is the soul? They are like children, making a lot of noise, then stopping, and then doing it all over again.

Now, when will Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) show his luminous face? The world of the test... There would be only one dimension in the absence of difficulty. They say, “Islam must come to reign across the world very easily. Allah could do that. What would happen? Everything would be flat. Where would be the depth and variation? Allah loves rich beauty. Where would altruism be? And loyalty? They would all disappear. Almighty Allah is postponing the reign of Islam as long as possible. There is even a verse about it. The prophets say, “When will the victory come?” The messenger of Allah (pbuh), too. It was been prolonged for a long time, and Muslims were suffering terribly. Then Allah caused Mecca to fall in a moment. They entered victoriously. What happened to the merit? It fell from a billion to 10, but Almighty Allah wanted them to draw that merit and enjoy that wealth, albeit for just that moment.

The messenger of Allah conquered Mecca. Islam reigned everywhere. Those where now our Prophet’s (saas) years of ease. Almighty Allah then said He would give him ease at His side. The Prophet (saas) said he had completed the faith and told everyone about it. He said it all in his farewell sermon. Allah did not keep him waiting in this world when there was a place he could truly be at ease ready.

“The Qur’an puts the Torah and the Zabur right on the subject of the Mahdi”

Allah says that the Torah and the Zabur contain provisions about global prevalence [of Islam]. When we look we see they refer to the Mahdi (pbuh). Allah says look at the Torah and the Zabur and you will see. He talks about global majesty. He speaks of the global reign of Muslims, and says you can learn about it there.  When we look, we see it refers to the King Messiah, to Moshiach, the Mahdi (pbuh). We therefore also see that the Mahdi (pbuh) is in the Qur’an. It says, “It has come down from Judaism,” and it has indeed come down from the Zabur. Allah reveals this, and the Qur’an is sending a message. And we can therefore find that commandment.

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