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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 9 March 2012

A9 TV, 9 March 2012

(In response to the question of an audience member who asked, “Is it a sin toattempt suicide?)

Suicide is murder. You either kill someone or go and kill yourself. Allah forbid, one ends in hell. However if he goes mad, then it is another issue. Allah forgives, insha’Allah.

(About the words of Israeli Prim Minister Netanyahu: “We would not wait for years to shoot Iran”)

The truth of the matter is that Iran can do nothing. Iran hesitates. If it willed to do, it would do it by now. Iran’s being against Zionism, Israel, freemasonry- these are the classical statements of the right. Once a person says this, if a person is in power, his power becomes consolidated. If he is an author or if he is the leader of a religious group, he strengthens his position and status. Consequently, an anti-mason, an anti-Zionist, an anti-Jew consolidates his status with rightist statements.

Because I advocate the right and the truth, I advocate for freemasons and Jews. They are innocent people. If they commit a crime, that is all right, then in that case we will get hold of them. But accusing a person who has never committed a crime, a person from the People of the Book, insinuating against them does not comply with my conscience. It is not in compliance with my religious beliefs and my fear of Allah. I am a person who acts in compliance with my conscience.

I cannot develop a special style to make some people admire me. If I advocate the mindset of the bigots, this would make me be appreciated but this would be just a disgrace for me, because I am a person with fear of Allah. I tell what the truth is. Whether some people are against this does not interest me at all. I always told the truth. That is why great incidents occurred. That is why I wast sent to prisons and mental hospitals. But in the end my innocence was revealed. Our criminal record is pure.

2012-04-10 14:05:13

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