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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live Interview on 21 February 2012

A9 TV,  February 21st, 2012

(About Zekeriya Beyaz, who suggested that a commission must be established to examine the works of Bediuzzaman in order to eliminate its deviant parts)

All right, but who will eliminate the deviant parts of your speeches? Let’s set up a commission that will eliminate your deviant parts. We have established that committee. Millions of his followers set up his committee- we have checked and seen that the Treatise of Light is very beneficial, very good. There is already a committee composed of millions of people, not only ten or twenty people. We examined it as a committee and concluded that it is a tremendous work and very good. We confirmed it, sealed it and it is over. But now when we read your book, a totally different picture appears. For this reason, you will send your own books Master Zekeriya and let us see how many weird and wrong aspects they will find out. The Treatise of Light is already a confirmed collection- its examination is over. It has been examined for seventy years. It is already been confirmed. The ulema all over the world have confirmed it.

“Interfaith dialogue”- before this phrase appeared, was there not such a concept? Our Prophet (saas) used to meet the People of the Book. Our Mother Maria was a Christian, he married her. He had Jewish and Christian concubines. So did his Companions. Did all of this happen by way of dialogue? It happened by way of the Qur’an.

Cooperation with Christians is essential. Cooperation against the system of dajjal is essential. Of course, we will cooperate in line with La Ilaha IllaAllah against Darwinist, materialist and atheistic systems. Irreligion has covered  over the world,  ninety nine percent of it.

Of course we will ally with those who say Allah is One- there is One  Allah. What can be more normal than this? Just like how the communists ally themselves. For instance, the Cuban communists support the terror organisation of PKK. How does this happen? Similar to it, those who believe in Allah and say Allah is One support one another in every part of the world. This is normal. It is necessary and essential.

(In response to an e mail, “In his book Salih Ozcan says that Bediuzzaman spoke of a ‘train’ to be one of the portents of  Doomsday.” Sebahattin Onkibar says, “Now there is a rapid train, so where is  Doomsday?”)

Bediuzzzaman gives the date of 2120. He says that in 1506 there will be  corruption. In Hijr 1400 Mahdi will come and he will give a victorious struggle until 1506. After 1506, he says that it will continue in a defeated manner until 1543. After 1543, there remains no Muslims. There is no one who has faith. The world remains without religion for two years. And in 1545 he says that  Doomsday will come about upon disbelievers.

(In response to Celal Sengor’s comment that the rate of those beliving in Darwinism is not important)

He should tell me why it was important in the 1970s then. Some 70 percent of people used to believe in Darwinism in Turkey. When I eradicated Darwinism, now he says the view of the people is not important. Now we say, “Your opinion is not important.” We will accept the truth of science, insha’Allah.

How nice it is that Bediuzzaman is said to be insane. Many thanks to Allah. That means that he was a genuine saint. Did not they call our Prophet (saas) insane? They also called Prophet Moses (as) and Prophet Abraham (as) insane. This brother of yours has also a report of insanity- I am proud of it. Then the doctor who examined Bediuzzaman said, “How on Earth is he insane? He is simply a genius.” A genius. He says that he is not an insane but a genius. They also sent me to the Fourth Specialization Board, claiming that I am insane. A committee was set up and there was a specialist, his name was Kriton Dinçmen. He said, “He is not insane. He is a passionate idealist. He accomplishes everything to achieve his goal. He withdraws from every aspect of life for his goal. If he is insane, then he is so in this respect. He focuses on his goal. He pulls out from every social aspect of life, he focuses on his goal. That is his problem. If you seek a problem, that is the problem.” We simply feel proud of this. Also in the military hospital they said that I am sound in mind, masha’Allah.

A movement becomes blessed as it has more hypocrites. A hypocrite is like the oil of a car. Muslims become more zealous.

(In response to the statement, “According to the Illuminati cards a world war is expected towards 2023.”)

There is nothing of that sort. There is no war. Indeed there is no time  that doomsday is close. The Jewish rabbis, chief rabbis also asked me. We talked about it. Also the prominent Christians also spoke. We spoke to political consultants and told them that there is no war coming of a great extent insha’Allah.

Armeggedon happened. The Iraqi war was Armeggedon and its location was there.

(The benefits of bigots in preserving the hadith sources)

Allah created everything on a balance. Some people we call bigots are very beneficial in preserving Ahl al Sunnah. In the other mindset, they could remove the aspects that are preserved by them. Allah made them instrumental in preserving them, because once the resources of Ahl Al Sunnah are gone, there would be great duplicity. Once the sources of hadith sources are gone, there would be great duplicity. That is why they have so many benefits.

(About Fethullah Hodja’s statement that Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the descent of Prophet Jesus (as) is a collective personality)

There are three verses of the Qur’an. In the entire Kutub al Sittah there are hadith in the tawatur sense. Then did Bediuzzaman deceive us? Did he tell lies to us? This speech implies it. It also exists in written  form. This is very grave.

We can also not explain this as a tactic. Bediuzzaman describes the descent of Prophet Jesus (as) in two hundred, three hundred pages in line with the hadith. He describes Hazrat Mahdi (as). That means that  the entire collective personality concept is a lie. In such an explanation it denies both Hazrat Mahdi (as) and Prophet Jesus (as). It is impossible for Fathullah Hodja to intentionally utter these words. I know him- it is impossible. He was forced to say these words.

(About the criticism brought by Yusuf Kaplan, the Yeni Şafak columnist, to the publications   by Samanyolu TV against the alleged Ergenekon Terror Organisation)

What were they supposed to do? What was he supposed to say? The alleged terror organization of Ergenekon is the greatest organization of mischief in the history of the Turkish Republic . It has been the greatest threat for 150 years. It is the army of satan that is resolute to demolish the Republic of Turkey that was established by Ataturk. What was he supposed to say? What happened to the hodja? As much as I know Yusuf Kaplan, he is a person devoted to Islam and the Qur’an. Would they praise the alleged Ergenekon terror organization, what are they supposed to do? But as long as the verdict becomes certain for them, they are considered to be innocent.

(About the news report, “There are 154 million orphans around the world that are in need”)

In the verse, Allah states that the system of dajjal mistreats orphans. That is how Allah shows us the persecution carried out upon 154 million by the system for dajjal. They are innocent orphans. In many parts of the Qur’an it is stated that dajjaal maltreats orphans. Insha’Allah, the system of Mahdi will put an end to it.

(About Bigots)

They never want to have a great leader for themselves, it hurts their pride. Notice that they have come into a position of cracking open out of arrogance. Would such an arrogant person want that? Bigots are in the form of tiny pharaohs. As tiny pharaohs, they are ultimately arrogant and proud. Therefore they either want themselves in charge or no one. Being under the command of another person, following another person is something like  death for them. They never accept that.  

(In response to an audience member who requested the children of martyrs  be immune to military service)

 “The children of martyrs and veterans must not perform their military service.” What does this mean? This is a weird things to say. What would this mean? It has a very adverse meaning. Would this  ever be becoming? If a person’s father is martyred, he says that he also wants to perform his military service. That is the beauty of it. We had martyrs in Canakkale- they went to war with zeal, love and enthusiasm altogether with their children. This expression is very grave. Let’s say that he has five, six children- none of them performs their military services. That is to say, as if, Allah forbid, it is some kind of disaster to be a soldier- it is degrading and something bad. He will of course go and perform his military service, why would he not ? That kid would still go although you tell him not to go. If a law is issued, those brave ones would say, “Please take us to the military.” So I would rather not hear of this.

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