Evolution Hoax

Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 6 February 2012

A9 TV; 6 February 2012

(About the miracle of the electricity in the body)

The electricity in the body. Yes, that is most amazing because when electricity is applied to the body one normally feels it everywhere, and there is no system anywhere in the body insulating it against electricity. There is nothing like that anywhere in its structure. But billions or trillions of cables transmit that electricity perfectly, with no loss or leakage. That normally should not happen, because it is not insulated. The other nerves are all interconnected and touch one another. They touch one another everywhere. But nothing happens. Everywhere is interconnected with everywhere else. This is a subject they just gloss over.

Urban believers will establish a global reign. The global reign of Islam will come about through urban believers. The hodja spoke about this because it is a crucial matter. We will all see this together. The whole world will consist of urban believers. Islam is a civilized, urban religion. People really live by it in the cities. It is a religion that urban types, intellectuals, quality and rational people will live by. But ignorant people will also live by it, of course, and they are our brothers, too. But ignorant people cannot establish a global reign. Only intellectual, cultured people can do that.

There is also the rural spirit. That has its own attractiveness, its own lovableness. But in terms of effectiveness it is very, very weak. We can sometimes see a Bedouin character reflected in this. It has no power. But the urban, cultured and intellectual spirit has a most striking power. But rural areas and villages have their own virtues and knowledge, but they lack that desired power. By Allah’s leave we are establishing the desired power from urban living. … Spiritual guides and teachers can emerge from villages, but the kind of cultured people who will establish the global reign can only come from cities.

There will be great disorder in the Middle East, let me say. A lot of things will happen. The form and nature of countries will change. Any country resisting the way of the Mahdi will sink, any country. Any country resisting the Mahdi (pbuh) or Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) will sink.

We have Saudi Arabia now, the Saudi government. Not entirely, there are those who give their hearts to the way of the Mahdi, but that place will also collapse. The regime there will collapse. And Iran will be divided because they have that belief in the false Mahdi.

Everyone who resists the way of the Mahdi will fall apart. But if they favor the way of the Mahdi, there will be plenty and abundance. For example, the reason for the wealth in Turkey, the productivity of the government, is that they favor the way of the Mahdi, and because they act fully in line with the way of the Mahdi because they espouse peace, love and democracy. They favor Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union. The way they want everyone to be religious is a policy of the way of the Mahdi. It is a clear and explicit policy of the way of the Mahdi. That is why Allah bestows such magnificent wealth. It is around 53% or 54% complete at the moment. That will rise as the government grows stronger. It is solely wealth of the way of the Mahdi. Had they opposed the way of the Mahdi, the government would have collapsed, let me say. In a moment.

In my opinion the question of smoking is not properly emphasized. As if it were something trivial or normal. But cigarette smoking is actually a tragedy, a national disaster. It has been banned and young people are smoking even more. They think they are even more impressive since it is banned. I see young boys and girls at high school all with cigarettes in their hands, or most of them. It is very common. It is a huge tragedy. The anti-smoking campaign must be stepped up many times over. In the government, charities, societies and individuals. Everywhere.

There are many teachers and such out there; “Everywhere is full of mahdis, there are so many false mahdis,” and that kind of thing. There is no harm in that. On the contrary, it is very useful because they are keeping the way of the Mahdi in the public eye. In other words, false mahdis need not alarm anyone. They ensure that people keep thinking about the way of the Mahdi. They mean we keep hearing about it.

Even the dajjal served Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Willy-nilly. Because he says, “The Qur’an is not true.” So that makes people curious. “I wonder what that means?” they say. So they open it up. And they receive an answer from the way of the Mahdi. But if all is silence, people will just stay asleep. But if someone irritates them and makes some outrageous claim, they will start looking for an answer. They will seek the truth with great fervor. So in that way it is all for the best.

Look, Turkey’s hands are tied with regard to Syria. They are slaughtering people night and day. The Syrian youth has risen up, too. So why not ask young Syrians what they want? They are not saying they want Turkish-Islamic Union. They just say “We want an end to the Assad regime.” Fine, but what do you want in its place? They do not say. They just say they want an end to the regime. Yes, but you have to say what you want in its place. Say what you want. Like those people in Tahrir Square in Egypt. OK, you have got rid of the government, but what do you want now? Nothing. They do not want anything. “We want to be left alone,” they say. But Allah will not leave you alone. You cannot lie about doing nothing. We just want plenty of money, plenty of food, and to lay about and enjoy ourselves. No way. But if you demand Islamic Union, all the roads will be open to you. If you serve Allah, all the roads will be open to you. The other way, you will just suffer, and suffer terribly. There is no escape. And that is how it is with Syria. They must state what it is they want. Then see what happens.

For example, they must say; “O Lord, send us Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Give us Islamic Union.” Then the regime in Syria will collapse overnight. I am giving you the key word. They must say, “O Lord, give us Islamic Union.” Let them go out on the streets and say that. I look at their placards. I have looked at them in Turkey, being carried by our brothers protesting in front of the Syrian Embassy: “End the oppression in Syria.” “We all have blood on our hands.” That kind of thing. But not a word about “We want Islamic Union.” Not a word about “We want Turkish-Islamic Union.” Not a word about “May Allah unite all Muslims.” Nothing about, “O Lord, send us Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).” Only “End the oppression in Syria.” Let us assume the oppression is over. Then what? They want to take it easy. But Allah will not let them. Allah has not sent us to this world to lay about. We are here to be tested.

This world is not a toy. It is a place of testing. Isn’t it? Allah says: We did not create heaven and earth and everything in between them as a game. We had desired to have some amusement, We would have derived it from Our Presence, but We did not do that. .” He says He does not say He has sent us to enjoy ourselves. All these countless details were not created so people could enjoy themselves. But they find that hard to understand. Hence all this fighting.

(Mr. Adnan Oktar describes Sheikh Nazım Hodja and the etiquette to be employed in approaching him)

He is how a Muslim must be. Sheikh Nazım Hodja is a model in all things. He wants Islamic Union, and the Mahdi (pbuh). He wants Jesus the Messiah (pbuh). He is very sincere. He is the model of a sincere Muslim. He is humble, modest, respectful, warm and joyful. He has no pride or arrogance. He is the sweetest man in the world, masha’Allah. Even on his sick bed, he is very sweet and still preaches even from there, masha’Allah. Out of fervor.

But people with colds or flu should not enter into the sheikh’s presence. Or someone with pneumonia, may Allah forbid. It would be crazy for someone with pneumonia to enter into his presence, or with any pulmonary infection. Stay away. But they go and touch the sheikh and wipe their hands all over the place. Go and wash your hands and face and make yourself spotless. If you have no disease, then fine, go. If the sheikh agrees to see you then go in politely, without making him uncomfortable and without staying too long. Because he is very respectful. He will never tell you to go. And do not just turn up with a “Selamun aleykum.” There are all kinds of people there, and they all eat and drink. Our hodja does not have endless supplies. He is a very modest man. So when you go, take something to give to his guests. People who are hungry go and sit and wait there. Who will take care of all them? So be of service when you go. Clean up, do some washing, take care of things. You cannot expect him to look after you. You must go there in such a way as to meet the needs of the people there. In other words, it is a huge breach of manners and conscience to expect anything from our beloved sheikh. That is the height of rudeness. You must assume the task of welcoming people there when you go. Why should our sheikh have to do it? What kind of manners and etiquette are those? “Selamun aleykum, it’s me. I want to get married and I am unemployed.” Our sheikh is almost 90. You must not expect him to trouble with you. What kind of thinking and conscience is that?

(In response to the question “How can we identify bigots?”)

The main distinguishing feature of the bigot is lovelessness. He is loveless. He is a man of hate. He hates everyone. Those curs even hate themselves. They hate everyone. They are proud and arrogant. They are desperately loveless. The bigot is a stranger to love. He will speak only of hate. Let us kill the Jews, let us slaughter the Christians, let us wipe out the Shiites… and Bektashis… and Wahhabis… and Alawites.” All he thinks about is killing.


(Gaddafi) Those who want bloodshed die in bloodshed. But for those who want peace, this world is like the life of paradise, as is the hereafter. Allah has made paradise our true abode. Is there any bloodshed in paradise? No. Any hatred? No. But there is love. That is what Allah wants in this world. Allah wants love.


Tea is full of oxalates. It harms the kidneys. It is risky. People who drink tea must also drink a lot of water. It also keeps iron in the body. It prevents iron absorption. It is risky like that. Drinking lots of tea is not like they imagine ... I do not recommend it. That is a scientific fact.

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