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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 9 January 2012

A9 TV; 9 January 2012

Twitter was created before the creation of the world. Facebook was created before the world was created. There is but one single moment. A moment much shorter than one quadrillionth of a second. A moment is an infinitely short space of time. Allah created all eternity in an infinitely brief moment. That is why destiny has to exist. It is scientifically destined. Everything is over and done with in destiny. Facebook and this and that and all the systems that will emerge on the future are all in destiny. They are all over with in the Sight of Allah, insha’Allah. Twitter and the others, and everything you can think of, schools, universities, books, food and drink, everything. Even a leaf falling from a tree. Allah gives details in the Qur’an, saying all things are determined in the Sight of Allah, even their times and hours and seconds. Their time is predestined, right down to atoms and molecules.

An explanation of Surat an-Naml verses 23-44:

The djinn called Hudhud.

23- "I found a woman ruling over them who has been given everything. She possesses a mighty throne.”

This means the woman is the head of a state. We can see that from the Qur’an. The Qur’an says she may be a head of state.

“…who has been given everything. She possesses a mighty throne.”

This is a word used in connection with the djinn. The throne of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). This is very significant.

24- "I found both her and her people prostrating to the sun instead of Allah.” In other words, they believe in other things than Allah. Today they espouse Darwinism and materialism. “…Satan has made their actions seem good to them.” What does he do to Darwinists? He dresses them up with intellectual airs. “…and debarred them from the Way so they are not guided” satan also keeps them from the true path. “…so they are not guided." Because they have idols. The idol has to be eliminated first. Why do I want to do away with Darwinism? To get rid of the idol. They cannot find guidance otherwise. What does Almighty Allah say in the Qur’an? “…so they are not guided." The idol has to go first.

25- "and do not prostrate to Allah, Who brings out what is hidden in the heavens and the earth,” It is the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) who is hidden in the heavens. And Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who is hidden or covered up in the earth. That is one meaning of the verse. Almighty Allah is referring to that, as He refers to all things. “…and do not prostrate to Allah, Who... knows what you conceal and what you divulge.

Allah always commands prayer. Do you see? Almighty Allah speaks of prostration and prayer here, too. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) prayed five times a day. All the prophets prayed. Prayer exists at all times.

26- "Allah – there is no god but Him – the Lord of the Mighty Throne.” The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) tells the djinn.

27- “He said, ‘We will soon see if you have told the truth or are a liar.”

When a report arrives from somewhere, it is corroboration that matters, not believing it right away. Investigation and inspection are important. The Qur’an is referring to such a structure in the state, to an inspection system.

28- "Take this letter of mine” Almighty Allah is also suggesting the importance of the press and broadcasting media. Books, the press, broadcasting. “…and deliver it to them…” Almighty Allah is referring to the importance of giving a book, a document, a Qur’anic book which talks about Allah and in which His name is written, a work, of giving anything at all. “… and then withdraw from them a little…” Leave them to themselves after handing over the book. She will read it. We will wait, rather than following it up straight away. “…and see how they respond." How will they behave? Analyze and watch them, in other words.

29- (After Hudhud had taken the letter and left it, Balqis the Queen of Sheba) “...said, ‘Council! a noble letter has been delivered to me.”

Look, although she is a woman, she is a leader. What does a leader do? She points the way. What will a head of state do? Point the way. Look, “…a noble letter has been delivered to me."

30- "It is from Solomon and says [starts]: “In the name of Allah, All-Merciful, Most Merciful.”

Look, Bismilahirrahmanirrahim existed in the time of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). And of the Prophet Noah (pbuh). Muslims are always the same. They always begin with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. The same. Look. The Qur’an speaks the literal truth. “…[it starts] ‘In the name of Allah, All-Merciful, Most Merciful’.” The woman says that herself. She has read it; “…[it starts] ‘In the name of Allah, All-Merciful, Most Merciful’” she says. Nothing else. She says the exact, original words. 

31- (It says) "Do not rise against me.” What does that mean? Arrogance. What is the essence of the matter in communists and the PKK [terror organization] and the rest? Pride. “…but come to me in submission [as a Muslim]” “Have faith,” it says.

32- She said, ‘Council! give me your opinion about this matter.’

She seeks the views of her council of advisers. There are still advisers in the state system now, aren’t there. She seeks their views. “…It is not my habit to make a final decision until I have heard what you have to say.” It is not my habit. She never does it. She says she always canvasses her council’s opinion. But she always asks them at least once, no matter what. And of course the council said that anyone can make a mistake. You can forget or be confused. “What is hard about that? It is easy, I can decide.” But the whole nation is at your command and hanging on your words, and the slightest beneficial action your part will be reflected in them.

Look, “…It is not my habit to make a final decision” she says. She always seeks advice.

33- “They said, ‘We possess strength and we possess great force.” So their state must have a powerful army. You cannot have a weak, helpless state. The state needs a powerful military force and to receive good military training. What does great force mean? It is unbeatable. So powerful military training is essential. “…But the matter is in your hands so consider what you command [and we will obey].” Right, she asked their opinion. And what do they say? “We will do what you command.” They feel no need to give advice, but their opinion has been sought. “…The matter is in your hands.” Who announces the decision once advice has been given? The head of state. Not three people at once. Who announces it? One person. The Qur’an is describing how the state should be structured. “…consider what you command [and we will obey].” What does command mean? You are the commander. Power of command lies with you.

34- “She said, ‘When kings enter a city, they lay waste to it,” that it how it was in those times. What does laying waste mean? Killing everyone. That was the prevailing despotism in those days. “…and make its mightiest inhabitants the most abased. That is what they too will do.” They made them ride facing backward on a donkey or smeared pitch and tar over them. They did terrible things when we look back at history. What does laying waste mean? Devastating whatever is there. People, property, whatever. They destroy everything.

35- "I will send them a gift and then wait and see what the messengers bring back.”

The woman tries to behave diplomatically. A gift really does help to soothe the heart. If there is anger, it calms it down. It increases love. A gift is instrumental in eliminating anger and increasing love. “..an the messengers bring back." In other words, what kind of ideas will they return with? She first imagines she can resolves matters by diplomatic means, insha’Allah.

36- “When it [the messenger bearing the gift] reached Solomon he said, ‘Would you give me wealth when what Allah has given me is better than what He has given you? No, rather it is you who delight in your gift.”

It is indeed unbecoming for someone who has no need of a gift to accept one. Because the Prophet Solomon has no such need. It is meaningless. And it is not pleasant for someone in charge of the state to accept gifts. It is equivalent to a bribe. That is why in Europe and elsewhere giving gifts to senior members of the state has been banned. Or if a gift is given it is made part of state patrimony, it is not received as a personal possession. This is a great problem, as you know. The Qur’an is referring to it. The leader of a state should not accept gifts. “…what Allah has given me is better than what He has given you; “I am already wealthy,” he says. “I do not need this.” That gift might make a huge impact if the other party does not believe and does not live by Islam. They may develop feelings of pride and arrogance, saying “I gave such and such a gift.”

37- "Return to them. We will come to them with troops they cannot face,” in other words, you cannot withstand our military force. He first uses his army’s deterrent capacity. So the Qur’an commands the possession of a powerful and deterrent military force. “…and we will expel them from it abased and humiliated.” “I will not lay it waste, but I will expel you,” he says. He says he will break the pride of those who are arrogant and put on airs. He says he will bring down their pride and trample upon it. Because if they prevent the people there believing, if they persecute them and force them to worship the Sun and inflict suffering on them, then he says he has the military force to exile them if they insist on spreading corruption. But he does not say he will lay waste to the land. He has military power, but he says he will exile them, send them somewhere else. But he will break the pride of their rulers. This actually applies to them all. “…we will expel them from it abased and humiliated.” In other words, he says he will exile them all.

38- “He said, ‘Council! who among you will bring me her throne before they come to me in submission’?”

He knows, through revelation, that they will believe even before they come to him. He says this in advance. “Council! who among you will bring me her throne before they come to me in submission?”.  He knows through revelation that they will have faith.

“…who among you will bring me her throne?” This will be used in the End Times.  This is giving a code for contact with the world of the djinn. This is a code. One, the gate of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). Two, the throne of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). “Open up, O Gates of Solomon.” A code used by those who summon the djinn. That image on the thumb. Sometimes it becomes a very large image 3 or 4 meters in diameter. This is a great secret. We do not know it at this minute. I shall investigate it in the future. Someone who looks at an event in the past written on his thumb, like looking at a television screen, after reciting certain prayers. After a while, the image appears in the form of a small screen, then it grows and becomes a large screen up to 5 x 5 meters in size. Sometimes a person can even enter into the screen, so clear and sharp is the image. One can see events from the past with sounds and images. Look, Almighty Allah says:

 “He said, ‘Council! who among you will bring me her throne before they come to me in submission’?” He knows beforehand that the throne will be coming.

39- “An ifreet of the jinn...” A djinn. An individual djinn. The djinn is in contact with the Prophet Solomon (pbuh), in normal contact. "I will bring it to you before you get up from your seat.” He says he can bring it at once. “…I am strong and trustworthy enough to do it.” He says, “I can do it as a djinn. I can bring the throne.”

40- “He who possessed knowledge of the Book said,” Someone with knowledge of the Torah. Someone who knew the True Book in the time of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). He who possessed knowledge of the Book said,” that means these codes also exist in the Torah. This information is there. "… I will bring it to you before your glance returns to you.” I will bring it to you as fast as lightning, in the blink of an eye. The throne to the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) if you desire it. And the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) agrees. “…And when he saw it standing firmly in his presence, he said, ‘This is part of my Lord's favour to test me to see if I will give thanks or show ingratitude. Whoever gives thanks only does so to his own gain. Whoever is ungrateful, my Lord is Rich Beyond Need, Generous’.” And at once a clear, 3D image of the throne forms. With the sounds of the people around.

41- “He said, ‘Disguise her throne.” He says this to the djinn. “…We shall see whether she is guided or someone who is not guided.” He now wants to put a show on for the woman, the Queen of Sheba who has arrived.

42- “Then when she [Balqis, the Queen of Sheba] came,” Look, a perfectly normal woman, a foreign woman, arrives. From the outside, all dressed up and lovely. And the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) speaks to her. What would the fanatics have done in the Prophet Solomon’s (pbuh) place? They might have accused her of depravity and set about her with sticks, may Allah forbid. Allah would have broken their hands, but that is how they might have thought.  Then when she came, she was asked, ‘Is your throne like this’?” The woman is shown the 3D image. “…She said, ‘It is exactly like it’.” She says it looks just like her throne. “…‘We were given knowledge before her and were already Muslims’,” she says. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) says before the event that she will come as a Muslim. He knows. Before she arrives, she will be a Muslim.

43- “but what she worshipped besides Allah impeded her.”

The people of that time who had Darwinist and materialist mindsets.  “…She was from an unbelieving people.” But he does not humiliate her by calling her “unbeliever”. What does he do? He welcomes the woman. He makes her his guest. He shows her marvels. He does things she will like. He invites the Queen of Sheba into the palace. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) is beside her. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) is highly attractive. The Queen of Sheba was hypnotized when she saw the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). She fell in love with him. Look, the extremists will not appreciate this but she fell in love when she looked in the Prophet Solomon’s (pbuh) eyes and saw his majesty. He took her breath away. And the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) was looking at her.

44- “She was told: ‘Enter the courtyard,’ but when she saw it she supposed it to be a pool...” He had it made beforehand. A glass bottom, crystal, and the movement of light. Just as if it were full of deep water. Identical. One could not tell the difference. It was made so very well. How tasteful the prophet was! Then look at the extremists’ total lack of taste, and then at the fine taste of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). And see what it is to be a Muslim. And he met with the lady. He invited her and talked and joked with her. He told her to enter the palace and to enter the pool. So she would be pleased and open up and be a Muslim. That was his aim. He won the woman over. she supposed it to be a pool,” says Almighty Allah. “…and bared her legs.” Then when she bared her legs and was about to enter the pool, the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) said “It is a courtyard paved with glass.” In other words, it had been deliberately fashioned like that. That will seem really peculiar to a zealot, who will say, “How could he possibly talk to a woman like that?” He first told her to enter the pool. Then he revealed the wisdom behind the joke. She said, ‘My Lord, I have wronged myself...” That means he was instrumental in her having faith through his love, his respect and closeness, his fervent respect for women. If you approach women with a bigoted mindset, they will just hate you. And they will hate Muslims, may Allah forbid, and avoid Islam. But if you approach them with such sincere love, with love of Allah, with a trustworthy soul, then Allah bestows such agreeable outcomes. “…but I have submitted with Solomon...” Meaning as described by the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). As per the commandment that reached him, as described by Allah. “…to the Lord of the worlds,” she says. And that is why she feels this love for the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). She loves him most fervently for Allah. “I have submitted with the Prophet Solomon (pbuh), not separately from him,” she says. In the same way that he believes, like him, insha’Allah.

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