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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 21 December 2011


A9 TV; 21 December 2011

The hypocrite is a separate problem. The hypocrite is the most dangerous of all. The hypocrite has no conscience. He is without conscience. He is crazy, in other words. He delights in harming Muslims. He spends his whole life, day and night, wondering how he can harm Muslims, true Muslims. The hypocrite does not bother with insincere ones. That is very important. He does not bother with just any Muslim. He only bothers with the most useful and influential ones. Otherwise there are currently a billion and a half Muslims in the world. A hypocrite will not go and bother with 1.5 billion Muslims. He will look and see who is most effective. Who is most influential against unbelief, Darwinism and materialism? Allah will let him find them with that natural instinct. He will find them with a satanic power and begin troubling them.  The hypocrites looked to see whom to trouble in the time of our Prophet (pbuh). There were Sabbeans, pagans, polytheists, Christians and Jews. They might have bothered with the Christians or Jews. But they chose the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) as their main target. Then who? Hazrat Abu Bakr (pbuh). He was their main target. Then Hazrat Umar (pbuh), then Hazrat Uthman (pbuh), Hazrat Ali (pbuh), Hazrat Hassan (pbuh) and Hazrat Hussain (pbuh). And what did they do? They martyred them one by one. That is why the hypocrite is such a dangerous creature. He claims to act in the name of Allah. But he is cruel and vicious. One has to be on one’s guard. They attack the people they regard as having the most fearful of Allah, being the most useful and giving the best service, and use the most satanic, devilish and detailed methods in doing so. They employ unbelievable methods. One really has to be on one’s guard, insha’Allah.

The television is a blessing, the internet is a blessing. But the thing to concentrate on most, be it on television or the internet, is the signs leading to faith. Bediüzzaman says, “this is the main subject, the signs leading to faith.” Now what do people do? They embark directly on rules regarding Islam. There are these modern teachers, the kind who say, “prayer is to be performed three times a day, and there is no need to cover the head.” These fail to see the importance of signs leading to faith. Someone who is going to pray will in any case do so three or five times. So why sit and talk about it? They imagine that if you bring it down to three times a day, people will start praying at once. They imagine people will immediately become Muslims if you say, “There is no need to cover the head.” That is no good. That has got not the slightest thing to do with it. Allah must be loved and trusted directly. One must harbor good thoughts about Allah and fear Him, genuinely and sincerely. Once you have that, the matter is finished. That is the essential thing. There is nothing else. That is the essential subject in all the world; to love Allah with great joy, and to be devoted to him with fervor and sincerity.

Surah Al ‘Imran, 134:

those who give in times of both ease and hardship, those who control their rage and pardon other people – Allah loves the good-doers –“

It is amazing how, despite being so helpless, and I was reading the Qur’an this morning, they still incite conflict and strife. Almighty Allah tells us not to be arrogant in the Qur’an. Satan is proud. But what have you got to be proud about? It is amazing how satan and people can be proud. You are an image, an image in the brain, a super-pitiful being, utterly and totally powerless. You could die at any moment. Allah can take your soul at any moment. What have you to be arrogant about? Arrogance is a great miracle. I was stunned this morning when I considered people’s pride and arrogance. What have such helpless beings to be arrogant about? They are even arrogant under the most difficult circumstances. It is amazing. But I do what is best, insha’Allah. And that is to concentrate on the signs leading to faith. That is so important. To love Allah. To believe in Allah, to believe deeply. To trust Allah and think well of Him. Many people are suspicious. They distrust Allah. That is a problem with many people. Many people do not think the best of Allah. To believe in, love and think the best of Allah. Believing is not enough. Some may believe but still distrust Allah. We must always think the best of Him. We are being tested most excellently. And, how wonderful, we are in the End Times. I constantly rejoice over that. That is a glorious thing, masha’Allah. What I am most interested in is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). I am also curious about the Prophet Jesus (pbuh).

Faith produces an electricity. It cannot be described. For example, a negative electricity develops in one’s heart against unbelief. That is how Allah has created human nature. And a positive electricity forms depending on the believer’s fear of Allah. It attracts a person, so he feels love for it. That is a miracle from Allah. It is a metaphysical phenomenon.

Alcohol is harmful. People call it the “fountain of joy.” But it isn’t. It is harmful. When you drink your blood pressure flies up, it ruins your stomach and the lives, it ruins the brain … There is also cologne that people rub on with cotton wool. Do you know what happens to that tissue? It dies right away. It becomes white. That first layer of tissue dies right away. If it kills the cell right away, imagine what happens when you drink it and it reaches the liver. It kills everywhere it goes. How can you drink poison? It poisons people. Do not do it.

(In answer to the questions “How will it be when Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) appear? What makes the Haghia Sofia Mosque more important than other mosques?”)

There are holy relics in the Haghia Sofia Mosque. That makes it important. It is a special place. It has a special meaning. It is the mosque where the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will pray. It is significant in that regard. The time of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will acquire greater impetus in the years to come. In 2012, 2013 and 2014. It will be more on the agenda.

(To a viewer who said, “You are very attractive, and the ladies with you are as lovely as angels”)

Masha’Allah. Masha’Allah, thanks be to Allah. Faith makes them beautiful. How does a flower become beautiful? The Sun reaches it from the right angle, the water and soil have to be beautiful so that the flower can be. People imagine that flowers are beautiful by chance. No way. Pick one and see what happens, it will fade right away. Faith and chastity make women beautiful. Take away her faith and she will wither and die, may Allah forbid. All her beauty will fade, all her light will fade, and she will be ruined, may Allah forbid. People think they are like steel and nothing can damage them. Not so. Women are highly delicate. You see them go off and marry some idiot. I have seen that many times, lovely young girls. But in five or six months of marriage to some idiot they fade away entirely. They become unrecognizable within a year. My beloved friends are, they are this radiant and sweet because they grow up in a delightful climate. Of course. Their faith, chastity, intelligence, culture and love make them beautiful. They are in a climate of love and affection. They are loved. And knowing they are loved nourishes them. They love Allah, and Allah bestows the greatest nourishment on their hearts. They love Allah with a passion, and their hearts are eased and opened. Otherwise, the heart and soul would smother people. Being deprived of love of Allah and chastity would drive one insane, may Allah forbid.

(About hell)

Hell; look, let me say this; no true believer will go to hell. And look, Allah teaches us compassion and love. We learn that from Allah. We do not know it by ourselves. Allah teaches us. Could we have known them by ourselves? No. Allah describes the characteristics of those He will send to hell. He says you will imagine them to be alive, but they are not. Look, Allah is giving vital information. Some people never really notice. He says that they are dead, not alive. People imagine them to be alive, but they are dead, He says. He also says that their eyes cannot see. People imagine they can hear, but they cannot, He says. Allah is describing most fascinating beings. Anyone who thinks a little can tell what the inhabitants of hell are. He can understand their situation in hell. And this is of course a huge deterrent for us, a most great and astonishing lesson, but that is another issue. The secret here is quite clear. There is nothing hard to understand about it. Allah is infinitely merciful, insha’Allah.

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