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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 29 November 2011

A9 TV; 29 November 2011

Real beauty is beauty with faith and purity. A person will respect and value it. But since people attach no worth to a man with no character they are repelled by him even if he is attractive. I take no pleasure in such people. I do not like. Their existence disturbs me. But a person with faith whom I value and respect produces a great excitement within me. A very serious excitement. Because I think we have a chance of being together in paradise. How excellent! But the other types are ignorant of Allah and His book. What kind of mind can someone who is unaware of Allah has? I cannot imagine. How can I respect him. I just pity him. But there is a majesty to purity. A radiance. A beauty. No matter how beautiful a person is, since one can attach no value to them they have a bad effect on one. They are most discomforting, insha’Allah.

One must constantly reinforce faith. Faith needs to be tended. It is like a flower. Faith becomes permanent with conditioning. It becomes strong. It grows through constant teaching and discussion. Allah says in one verse that man was created with weak faith. My apologies to the guides and prophets. But people in general are weak. Their wills are weak. And their bodies. That is what Allah indicates in that verse. Man is created weak, He says. But it becomes permanent through conditioning. It become strong through determined conditioning and talking of the signs leading to faith. Through constantly reading the verses. Through reflection. Of course, the world is also rather of such a nature as to deceive one. One looks at discussion programs on the television and sees people arguing and falling out. They forget death at that very moment. They concentrate on conflict instead. They become excited and think the world is permanent. But the life of this world in fact goes by so fast! Our young people showed me their former lady friends. Some were my students. But they suddenly grew old and became aged grannies. It is amazing. Only yesterday they were just kids. Fresh and blooming. They grew so old! This world goes by so past! One has to be sensible. We must not fool ourselves. The inside of my brain is dark, pitch black. But the image is perfect. If anyone does not believe that let them say so. You really do appear to be just about a meter away from me. But you are actually in my brain. What artistry! What perfection! Not the slightest blurring. And in 3-D. Sound is also 3-D. And images. And what images they are! They are so convincing, but you are watching a TV screen Allah has put inside your heads. There is a very low voltage electric current in the brain. And the soul is there in front of that current, seeing it as images, apartment blocks, houses and airplanes. It sees the person getting on a plane or sitting a university exam or chatting with his friends! O Allah, what artistry! Such bright colors. And depth. Allah creates amazingly, sound is also 3-D. You speak, and the sound comes from far off. They speak, and it comes from far off. It is amazing. But who sees that electric current without eyes? We say, “We see with our eyes.” The eye is just a camera, and all eyes are blind. People do not know that. Every eye is blind. They serve no purpose. They are just machines that transmit images to the brain. Simple as that. That is all it does. The eye is blind. Both one’s eyes are blind. The eye transmits electricity to the brain, as a current. Then the eye has done its job. But there is an eye without eyes that sees that image. That is the person himself. The person who does the seeing. That is the entity I am describing, the soul. The spirit of Allah. People say, “I saw it with my own two eyes.” They swear they saw something. They swear by their own eyes. But you don’t see with your eyes. They have nothing to do with it. Your eye is a camera made of flesh. A camera could do that if you put one in your eye socket. The quality would not be as good, though. The eye is no more alive than a camera. The eye sees no more than a camera does. The camera does not see, it is blind. The eye is inanimate, and also does not see. It sends an electric current to the brain. A low voltage and low wattage current, but you see a 3-D universe. Someone may see, “I am seeing the vastness of space.” But you are seeing it in your brain. He looks at the Moon and says, “It is thousands of kilometers away.” No, it is not. He is seeing the Moon in his brain, not the Moon in space. They look through telescopes and say, “The images in space are however many light years away.” What light years? You are seeing an image in your brain, insha’Allah. OK, the object on the outside is far off, but it is transparent, or pitch black and lightless. That is how the universe outside is. But the one in our brains is lit up. But it is the person himself who sees the electric current, who sees without eyes and hears without ears and touches without hands.

He has no hand, yet his real hand is there. Our hands are not alive. In that sense, the hand serves no purpose. Just the nerves in its finger tips touch things. It is a machine. A device. It takes electricity and transmits it to the brain. That is all. But the finger tip itself feels nothing. It has no such property. If science advances enough it may be able to build such a device to take electricity and transmit it to the brain in the same way. The hand takes the image or sense perception and hands it to the soul, and the soul says, “I have touched it.” It touches that electric current.

It is the same with sound. All ears are deaf. No ear can hear. They are just two sound transmitting machines. Technically speaking, one could replicate that function of the ears. It would not be up to the same standard, but it could be acceptable. If engineers worked well and all the world’s best known tape and TV companies worked together… it would not be as small as the ear, of course, it would be bigger. They could make something of almost the same quality, even if not quite as good. Both ears are deaf. They cannot hear. The ear produces electricity. The ear obtains sound electricity, and the ear visual electricity. Both are electricians and both are inanimate entities. They transmit the electricity to the brain, to the sight center and place it before the soul. And the soul then sees that electric current as a bright, clear 3-D image, and sees it without eyes. It hears perfectly clearly without ears. So much for one needing ears to hear! The soul just takes the electrical current. In fact, the soul does not even need that. Allah uses it as a natural cause. I am describing it like this so you can understand. But the soul has no absolute need for electricity. What can the soul do with electric current? But the electric current comes and stops at the soul. Allah makes the electric current His instrument. The soul begins to see directly through Allah’s Creation. It begins hearing through Allah’s Creation. Let anyone who maintains the opposite write in to me. I am describing a scientific fact. It is a fact we are obliged to believe since we are Muslims. But do irreligious people also have to believe it? Of course, because it is a scientific fact. It is not a matter of choice. Believers and non-believers both have to believe it.

Now, it would be irrational to devote oneself to this world under these circumstances. I look at Fashion TV. Lovely girls are always walking around on it. My television is a good, 3-D one. If they were to improve the technology a bit more those ladies would be walking around on the streets. We are nearly there. They will walk on the streets. We will be able to touch them if they improve the technology a bit more. We will smell their perfume. They can obtain the scent of perfume at the moment. That is the system of paradise. Allah is showing us. “I am making a light model of the way I really do this so you can understand,” Allah is saying. All keeps on creating. These young girls come and go. Allah dresses them all. I look, and He has dressed them all. A verse tells us that Allah has created clothing for them all. Allah does that. Though people imagine it is the tailor who does it. No tailor can make any clothes. Because clothing on the outside is transparent. People would lose their minds if I revealed the true secret. So I do not go into that too much. I do not discuss how things are on the outside. People could not cope. I say just enough to allow them to maintain their psychological health. It is created by Allah as an image in my brain. It is created as an image in our brains. Allah creates brightly colored clothing. He dresses all the young girls and they walk up and down. There is no end to it. Allah can create as much as He likes. He creates hundreds, thousands of girls. He creates them all separately; separately in my house and separately in another. And separately somewhere else again. Allah creates thousands of lovely girls for every individual. He dresses them all. It is such an easy thing for Allah. This is a model intended so we can understand the system in paradise. You will soon see those young girls on the outside. The will make them 3-D. They will walk around on the outside, in your room, talking as they go. We will smell their perfume. They will literally become human. If Allah so wishes and also bestows the sense of touch, then they will literally be human. One must really concentrate on what is important. Allah has created this world to be very short. Alhamdulillah. That is a good thing, a blessing. 

The obligatory nature of the prayer is a clear command in the Qur’an. Allah makes it compulsory and says what will happen when people do not pray. Allah explicitly states in the Qur’an that we must pray five times a day. That is also clear from the hadiths. Allah says in one verse that if people in hell are asked why there are there, they will say it is because they did not pray. That is the first thing. So everyone can see that prayer must not be abandoned. That much is clear. Allah commands prayer and also says what will happen if people do not pray. Covering one’s head is different. Allah makes it compulsory, but He does not say what will happen of people do not do it. We can see from that how important prayer is. It has to be done.

From Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with former U.S. Ambassador to Greece Charles Ries on A9 TV

(“We are curious as to Turkey’s view of yesterday’s developments in Egypt. What do you think about the elections in Cairo yesterday? What kind of relations do you think the Egyptians will have with this military regime?”)

Developments in Egypt, and in other Islamic countries, will generally revolve around the way of the Mahdi. We can already see that they are developing along the line of the way of the Mahdi. We see that demand is following that line. What the public want in Libya is Islamic Union. The view of the Egyptian people is also for Islamic Union. The view in Turkey is the same. But this will manifest itself as the way of the Mahdi. The King Messiah, or Moshiach, who appears in the Torah is the same person Muslims refer to as the Mahdi. An age of peace, brotherhood and democracy will begin across the world. The age of savagery, conflict and terror will end. We will all see this, in stages, over the next 10 years. But events in Egypt and other Islamic countries may go on a bit longer. But they will not assume serious dimensions. There is no question of war breaking out in the Middle East. I believe that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is on Earth. I believe he has returned. And that the Mahdi has come. Since everything I have said so far has come about and things are still continuing to come about in that way, people can see that I am telling the truth. This is not demagoguery or a belief or an obsession. It is a fact.

(“Will this change taking place in Egypt make people happier, better-off and wealthier?”)

In my view, that will not be possible for a time. Disorder will continue for a while. But peace will come once the system beds in, with Islamic Union and when the wave of the way of the Mahdi reaches there. There is this idea on Egypt of taking Turkey as a model. That means adopting the Turkish idea of the way of the Mahdi as a model. Democracy, peace, brotherhood, toleration of others, warmth and the defense of art and science have all been agreed within this framework. They adopted Turkey as a model. But the model in Turkey is the way of the Mahdi. So I am therefore saying they have turned to the way of the Mahdi, and that is a good thing for Egypt.

The Egyptian people are not so interested in the economic framework. Religion is now regarded as the important thing. They are concentrating on resolving problems in religion. The people are content with very simple lives. That is so in all Islamic countries, but especially in Egypt. The people are not looking for well-being. Their aim is to live by the Qur’an and the way of the Mahdi and enjoy spiritual satisfaction. Otherwise, Egyptians are not worried about eating good food or driving round in luxury cars. Anyone who looks can see that. Their sole aim is Islamic Union and for people to live by the moral values of the Qur’an. Anyone who looks rationally can see that.

The Muslim Brotherhood predominates in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood are the party coming to power. The Muslim Brotherhood organization. Their main idea is again the way of the Mahdi. They have said that quite explicitly. At their meetings they have said, in Arabic, “No madrassa, no education, but the Mahdi will come.” They therefore believe that the Mahdi has come. They believe we are in the age of the way of the Mahdi and are beginning to live like Muslims. They may be content to sit on the floor at home or to live on a little bread and cheese, but they do insist on living by Islam. That is what they really demand. Otherwise, only 1% or 2% of Egyptians are preoccupied by the idea of “Let us establish industry and have economic prosperity so our children can be well-off.” But the other 98% think along the lines of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is easy to confirm that with a bit of research. It is a visible fact.

We will see such an organization in the entire world. The reason for the economic crisis in Europe is their turning away from religion. The crisis began because they abandoned religion. The reason for America’s prosperity is also that they believe in Allah. That is even on the U.S. dollar, words expressing their belief in Allah, as you know. States and nations that believe in Allah are more successful. But when people do not believe in Allah, when there is no faith, then crises and collapse follow. The whole world has seen. Even in Greece the clergy came together and prayed. They asked for policies to help faith flourish. They all agree that they have ended up like this because faith has been weakened by the lack of religious education. Irreligion kills people’s strength and activity, it kills off their excitement and creativity and joy of living. And the result is economic crisis and collapse. 

(“How do you account for China; they are successful but not particularly religious?”)

People in China have stopped being human. They have turned into robots. Go to China – people there are all machines. They are components of a machine. Machines; there are machines of steel, and also human machines. Machines made of human flesh. They have not abandoned their humanity there, but they have become slaves. They have collapsed spiritually and their souls have been taken from them. It is impossible for us to adopt the Chinese model. And can certainly regard it as the way of the dajjal, that devastates people. And the Chines people are wretched. The state is wealthy and well-off. But the people are wretched. They live in tiny cells a few meters in size, literally like animals. They live in misery. They work for food and board. Theirs is a slave system. That is why China is an inhuman model. There is nothing acceptable about it. China is a terrifying society because it has no democracy, no art, no peace and no joy.

The supporters of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) in Pharaoh’s time were poor. But they gave thanks to Allah, and that made them happy. Pharaoh was very rich. But wealth does not mean happiness. Happiness comes from spiritual things. People’s lives were ruined in China because they were not spiritually content. They stopped being human. So what if they have enough to eat? They literally eat like horses or donkeys. They eat food, but they are no longer human. They have become machines, objects. So what if you put them in a big house? You could put an animal in a big house. In fact, they look after their animals better in China. Better than people. Animals are happy if you look after them. But it is very important to make people feel they are human. It is most significant for them to be shown love and valued, for them to have a spiritual side and believe in the hereafter. Eating and drinking does not make a person happy. In that case he is no different to an animal. But we all know that people are wretched in China. China is rich because it has a cheap labor force and they do not treat people as human. The state is rich but the people are poor. They are unable to see the root of the disaster because they are used to looking at things as materialists. That is why it is so important to turn this into book form, written form. The economic crisis and they are wretched in Europe. There has been no solution and the collapse is continuing. They will suffer still further.

Greece tried to solve the crisis politically. But it cannot. The solution is faith, belief in and love of Allah, Islam. They produce a lot of materialists.

A person may be pleasant, but we like him/her because his/her character is pleasant. If people have a good character, and are modest and innocent and full of love and have an understanding of love. And that is why we like them. But if they were brutal and abnormal, we would not like them at all. We like them because they are nice. But if someone is asinine and hollow and mindless, then he has no significance. It is very important to exhibit detailed and regular behavior, to have satiety of soul, that depth of character, that power of passion, the nimbleness of mind, to be innocent, to speak well and wisely, to act swiftly, to have deep powers of analysis and to understand people in depth. For example, if someone behaves in an unbalanced way, that will put people off him immediately. But a quality person always behaves perfectly. He is always agreeable and you always like him. Love is entrusted, it does not stay forever. Someone may do something idiotic, and love will depart and go elsewhere. He throws it away in a moment. In order for love to travel smoothly, like a train on rails, it must be carried forward in a regular manner. It can turn to hate in a moment. People can go off one at a moment’s notice. But a high quality and rational believer will manage love just right and carry it forward just right. So it never snaps. Otherwise it can grow cold very quickly. The slightest facile action, stupidity or imbalance can totally rock someone. Love goes. The person concerned cannot stop it happening. You cannot hold onto love even if you want to. When the brain sees something irrational it transmits a command, saying, “Do not love him anymore.” You can try and disobey, but it will be no good, you are not strong enough. Allah takes it away in a moment. Strength lies in the hand of Allah. But it is very important to teach and describe what is good and true. People are not without imperfection. Description and teaching are very important.

"One of the distinguishing features of my beloved followers is that they have nobility. They are very noble. They are very pure, high quality, urbane, innocent, considerate and respectful. And very honest. Amazingly honest. They never lie. They have a huge fear of Allah, masha’Allah. They are enormously devout, masha’Allah. They are punctilious over prayer and worship. In the five prayers, for example. None has ever missed one. It happened once in the past. It is very exceptional. One of our brothers was late to pray. He was very tired and missed the morning prayer in sleep. But that was exceptional. They are scrupulous over praying five times a day, masha’Allah. And over what is lawful and unlawful, masha’Allah."

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