Evolution Hoax

The meeting held in Ortodox Church Yaroslov Patriarchate Alexiyev Monestry

In the conference “Evolution in Christianity and Russian Education System” held in the Ortodox Church Yaroslov Patriarchate Alexiyev Monestry on May 5th, 2014, the representatives of Harun Yahya delivered speeches. In the conference in which academicians from various cities of Russia participated, ‘the invalidity of the theory of evolution and the descent of Prophet Jesus (as)’ were told. The documentary “The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution and the Fact of Creation” was broadcasted. Russian “Evolution Deceit” book was distributed to the participants. The High Priest of the Alexsiyev Monestry Petro Vasilenkon expressed his admiration for Mr. Adnan Oktar as follows: “The works of Harun Yahya on Darwinism are extremely important and necessary. By shaking the basis of Darwinism, he is shaking the basis of satan. Harun Yahya is a person with extraordinary talents. His works are priceless.”


2014-05-22 08:45:56

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