Evolution Hoax

Habib Toumi ( Assistant Editor, Bahrain Tribune )


Reading the books of Harun Yahya has always been a source of immense pleasure thanks to the invaluable insights he artfully and cleverly gave us into authentic Islamic values, rational thinking and genuine teachings.

Thousands of books have been written about Islam, but few could claim to have made the impact of his books on the ideologies and thinking of thousands of people.

One of the greatest merits of Harun Yahya is that he builds up his arguments carefully and logically, with [taking] the average reader always into consideration. He provides background information when needed, and avoids repetition and pompous expressions to keep the reader in focus. He never looses sight of the main idea and always steers away from emotional traps.

It is the ability to generate interest and the keenness to respect the reader"s intelligence that help make him one of the most outstanding writers about genuine Islam and relevant Islamic themes.

Please find in this missive my deep gratitude for all the highly significant books and articles.

Habib Toumi
Assistant Editor
Bahrain Tribune

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