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Farhat Khan ( Secretary General Of Polish Muslim Circle )


Poland is one the biggest catholic country in the heart of Central and Eastern Europe. It has also one of the oldest Muslim minority within its border. But the 600 - years old tradition of coexistence of Muslims and Non-Muslims still does not bring the mutual understanding of each others. People do not know much about Islamic values and standards and they are afraid, due to stereotypes, of Muslim values. Therefore we, Polish Muslims, have established in 1990 an association which main goal is to bring better understanding of each ones" values and ideas and also to bring peace between the followers of different religions and culture. In our opinion knowledge is the best protection of the peace. Harun Yahya"s effort on this protection is one of the most recognized in our time.

I am writing you on behalf of Polish Muslim Circle. For last 5 years we had been organizing open lectures on different Islamic topics. What we found is that the most interesting issue for the people here is the question of death, resurrection and hell.

We started to look for the best Muslim analyses on these topics. And this is how we found on internet Harun Yahya"s book on Death Resurrection and Hell. After analyzing different authors and titles we decided to translated the book of Harun Yahya as the best choice.

In our opinion this book is one of the best description of Muslim understanding of death, resurrection and hell. The inner strength of the book and clearness of the text was recognized by several Polish intellectuals who decided to translate other Harun Yahya"s books on Islamic topics.

We hope that one day the Author could visit Poland and meet the people who are living and working here. We wish him the best in this life and hereafter, and we ask Allah to protect him from all kinds of fitna.

Farhat Khan
Secretary General of Polish Muslim Circle

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