Evolution Hoax

The True Source Of Terrorism Is Darwinism

The January 2010 edition of Scotland’s Chronicle, a monthly published Islamic journal in Scotland, has devoted a place for Adnan Oktar’s article titled “The Mindset that Seeks to Ascribe Terrorism to Islam is the Darwinist Mindset that Represents the True Source of Terrorism”. In this article, Adnan Oktar describes the mistake of those who seek to ascribe the massacres carried out by people who received Darwinist and Marxist education in Europe and America, to Islam. (You can read the full articles from here.)

These people have received a Darwinist and Marxist education in Europe or America and are rooted in Leninism and Stalinism. Since conflict represents the basis of the philosophy in which someone with a Marxist, Leninist and Darwinist mindset believes, since they regard the people killed as mere animals and also believe that these need to be eliminated according to natural selection, it is perfectly normal for those with such a mindset to carry out such massacres.

Those who seek to ascribe such massacres to Islam are the heretical Masonic groupings that wish to cause divisions between Muslims and Christians in particular and seek to weaken the truly devout and give rise to oppression, conflict and war across the globe.

2010-03-24 02:24:58

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