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Various Articles Of Harun Yahya

The Miracle, a very respected weekly newspaper that is distributed throughout North America, has long published articles by Harun Yahya. The paper’s owner told HarunYahya that his articles were the subject of considerable interest and that he is very well known and thought of by the people who stock and sell his works. The owner also expressed his respect saying that Harun Yahya is widely known among Canadian Muslims, greatly appreciated and that he is very respected and widely read.

One reader stated that Harun Yahya’s writings have made a significant contribution to the paper’s prestige.

In another message, Mahmoud Malik, a reader, wishing to find articles by Harun Yahya on the Internet stated that he followed Harun Yahya"s works closely and benefited from his articles.

In a five-part article titled “Blockbuster about Jesus Raises Passions,” Harun Yahya examined the Qur’anic and Biblical accounts of Prophet Jesus’ (pbuh) life. These articles described how Jesus (pbuh) was a prophet of Allah and how, instead of being crucified, he was raised to Allah’s presence and will return to Earth.

Besides, “Only Love Can Defeat Terrorism” was serialized in The Miracle over nine weeks.

April 2004, "Blockbuster About Jesus Raises Passions"
April 2004, "Only Love Can Defeat Terrorism"
September 2003, "The Dark Clan"
March 2004, "The Prophet Mohammed"s (pbuh) Noble Morality"
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