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Behind The Scenes Of The iraq War

The Milli Gazette, one of India’s largest English-language Islamic newspapers, carries reviews of Harun Yahya’s books as well as his articles. In his “Behind the Scenes of the Iraq War,” published in the 16-30 April 2003 edition, he examined the main underlying reasons for the war and noted the need for the immediate establishment of an “Islamic Union” if world peace is to be established:

“Alongside all this, a deeper rooted solution lies in a project which can resolve all the problems between the Islamic world and the West and deal with the fragmentation, suffering and poverty in the Islamic world and totally alter it: An Islamic Union…  Recent developments have shown that the whole world, not just Islamic regions, stands in need of an Islamic Union.”

 (On the left side: April 2003, "Behind the Scenes of the Iraq War.")
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