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Various Articles By Harun Yahya Have Been Published In Salam At Various Times

Salam is published every two months and is Australia"s largest magazine devoted to the presentation of Islam.

Almost every issue of this internationally circulated magazine contains articles by Harun Yahya:

The November-December, 1999, issue contains an article entitled "Philosophies that Made the Mistake of Denying Allah," which discusses those scientists who deny the existence of God even though they have closely observed the clear evidence for it; The May-June, 2000,

issue contained an article entitled "A New World," in which some prejudices with regard to religion are dealt with. It says that religion is not only the concern of the elderly, but of the whole of society and that when man comes to know God, Who created him, he will be saved from the false idea that religion is to be avoided; The July-August, 2000, issue carries an article called "Pondering on the Qur"an;" The September-October, 2000, issue published an article entitled "Darwinists are distorting the results of the Human Genome Project: THE APE-MAN SIMILARITY IS A TALE!". This article shows clearly that human beings did not evolve from apes but were created by God. The article " A Living Planet," in the January-February, 2001, issue, demonstrated that God created the world in a perfect balance so that human beings could live in it most comfortably; The March-April issue ran an article entitled "Why Does Darwin"s Theory of Evolution Contradict With Religion?" and the September-October 2001 issue carried the article "The Real Ideological Root of Terrorism: DARWINISM AND MATERIALISM". Samples of articles by Harun Yahya that have appeared in this magazine can be seen below.

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