Evolution Hoax

After The Collapse Of The Theory Of Evolution Conference In Lausanne

Le Temps, one of the leading daily newspapers of Switzerland, devoted a place to an article dated May 26, 2010, about the conference held in Lausanne by the representatives of Harun Yahya. The item was cited as follows:

The Biggest Absence was Harun Yahya

Last evening, 300-400 people came to Lausanne, Beaulieu, in order to watch the Turkish Creationist at the conference, but the connection could not be established. It was noted that he [Harun Yahya] will attend the conference organized in Geneva on Wednesday evening. In the conference that lasted for 3 hours, scientists close to him explained their views. While refuting the evolution of species, they pointed out that animals now are not different from fossils of millions of years ago, by Allah’s leave. (You can learn how fossils refute the theory of evolution from here and here.)

2010-06-13 14:37:54

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