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Interview With Harun Yahya

Attajdid, one of Morocco’s dailies published in Arabic, published Bilal Talidi’s interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar on August 31, 2010.

One of the answers given by the author in his interview published with the title "Muslim Turkish author Adnan Oktar: "The reason for the disasters that we experience today in this century is Darwinism.""

Darwin is not a scientist and his theory is not a scientific theory. He has gathered all the pagan beliefs in the time of Sumerians, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, and brought them out without supporting them with any scientific evidence. Egyptians also believed that living beings formed on their own from the muddy waters of the River Nile. Darwin also holds that the first cell formed in a muddy backwater through blind coincidences all by itself. There was great ignorance in the time of Darwin. People thought that the cell was merely a bubble full of water. They were unaware of the incredible order, the disparate world and the complexity inside the cell.

Therefore, the reason that Darwinism is trying to be sustained, that it is taught at all universities by force and that it is protected by law in many countries is not scientific but ideological. Darwinism is protected by the Darwinist dictatorship because it prepares ground for irreligious ideologies like materialism and atheism. It is a known fact that, in the case of Darwinism being applied to society, it has caused great disasters, laid the ground for the World Wars I and II, caused the death of 350 million people and led people to unhappiness, pessimism and joylessness. Adolf Hitler describes himself as a Darwinist with his own words. Marx declared himself as the biggest supporter of Darwin’s ideology. Mao, Lenin, Stalin explained that telling Darwinism to young people is vital for the communist ideology. It is not possible for a Muslim to be in silence and unresponsive in the face of such a disaster that threatens the whole world. I have done works on this subject with the mercy of Allah as a conscientious responsibility. Allah made me an instrument and it has been very effective insha’Allah.

(You can read the works of the author about the invalidity of the theory of evolution from here.)

2010-10-02 15:03:15

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