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Best Daw"ah (preaching) Activities: Harun Yahya

Islamonline, one of the most visited Islamic web sites, founded by Egyptian Sheikh Yusuf Kardawi, organized a poll under the name of “IOL Stars of 2009”. In the poll, which was attended by thousands of people in more than 120 countries, the honor award in the field of Daw’ah Preaching Activities was given to Adnan Oktar by a vote of 70%.

The withstanding works of the author were cited on the Islamonline web site as follows:

  • In a public poll organized by Reuters, Harun Yahya was nominated as the most influential Muslim in the world.
  • He has interviewed with tens of world renown TV stations and newspapers.
  • He made his lavish book, Atlas of Creation, reach Europe and America in order to expose the false basis of the theory of evolution. (You can read the impact of the Atlas of Creation from here).
  • He calls for an EU alike system, called the Turkish-Islamic Union, which would unite all the Muslim countries and strengthen their economy and cultural interaction.
  • He disclosed the false claims of the fossils Aida and Ardi, which are said to be discovered recently as the alleged proof of evolution, right from the beginning.
  • He wrote more than 300 books about various subjects.
  • He produced hundreds of documentaries in many languages in order to communicate the message of Islam.
  • The Harun Yahya website was improved to promoting and publicizing the works of Harun Yahya. Visitors can download the works of Harun Yahya (books, videos, audio books) in more than 30 languages for free.
  • His books have attracted great attention all over the world. Since the 90 especially, the works of Harun Yahya have conduced to an intellectual awakening.
  • He is among the most well known Muslim Preachers and Intellectuals around the globe.

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