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Atlas Of Creation: A Book That Demolishes Darwinism And Materialism

The New Nation, an independent Bangladeshi news service, carried a report on 8 October, 2009, that noted the need to change the Darwinism-based education system in Europe.  Headed "Education Policy Should Respond to our Cultural Values," the report announced that Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation had challenged this system of compulsion and described the impact the work had had in Europe:

For instance, EU education policy is based on atheism or in other words, Darwinism. Recently an amazingly and meticulously organized book, named Atlas of Creation published by Harun Yahya of Turkey. This book clearly argues against Evolution theory. After reading this book, students, teachers, scientists become confused what they were being taught in school. This book stimulated strong discussion among intellectuals in all over Europe. At the end, Atlas of Creation is banned from France (the birth place of atheism), since it may devaluate their guiding ideology in the long run. EU education policy makers are worried and have devised a plan how to tackle this issue and made a guideline.

Atlas of Creation’s exposure of the true face of Darwinism came as a lethal blow to the ideologies of European countries that are dominated by materialist thinking. So taken aback were they by the Atlas of Creation that decisions were taken in France and Belgium to ban it, in a move reminiscent of the Middle Ages and fascism. Such fear of an idea and the resulting panic definitely confirmed the convincing nature of the Atlas of Creation and the transparency of the way its ideas are set out. Because the Atlas of Creation is not the first or only book in Europe to criticize the theory of evolution. Yet the Atlas of Creation’s clear exposition of scientific evidence accessible to even a primary school student and its demonstration of the existence of Allah with the use of highly rational language was regarded as a serious threat. However, this tendency to ban the Atlas of Creation actually led to its becoming better known in Europe and to its attracting a wider readership, especially among European youth, wishing to learn the true facts from the Internet. Indeed, the report in question described how students are now making a stand against the lies of evolution imposed on them in the classroom:

These days teachers have to face students questioning against evolution theory where teachers can"t answer properly. That"s why it is becoming a big problem …

2009-10-13 19:25:57

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