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An important Statement Concerning Harun Yahya

The Ambition, a monthly Islamic paper published in Canada and that regularly carries articles by Harun Yahya published the author’s article “An Important Statement Concerning Harun Yahya” in its January 2009 issue. A report that Adnan Oktar has been exposed to false allegations for many years but had been acquitted by the courts on each and every occasion was carried:

Because of his anti-Darwinist, anti-communist and anti-Masonic intellectual struggle, Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya) has for many years been the subject of conspiracies and slanders by certain dark forces. However, the courts have always acquitted of the charges baseless, and they were all exposed in the form of plots and slander.

You can read about Adnan Oktar"s life and the difficulties he has faced in his intellectual struggle on Allah’s path here.

2009-10-01 15:59:33

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