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""in 10 Years, Darwinism Will Be History""

The Indian daily The Economic Times, with a daily circulation of 750,000, is the world’s second-largest financial newspaper after The Wall Street Journal. On 10 December 2008 the paper carried an interview with Adnan Oktar conducted in Istanbul by the Indo-Asian News Service (IANS). (Click here to watch the interview.) Extracts from the interview appeared under the heading "In 10 years, Darwinism will be history: Turkish Muslim scholar." Parts of the report was as follows:
A Turkish Islamic scholar has created ripples in the scientific world by challenging Darwin"s theory of evolution and claiming there are nearly 100 million fossils to prove that the world came into being as a result of God"s creation.

"In 10 years" time, Darwinism will be history and people will only read about Darwinism as a piece of history," Adnan Oktar, who writes under the name pen name of Harun Yahya, told IANS in an interview.

In "Atlas of Creation", the latest book authored by him, Oktar claims to scientifically challenge Darwin"s theory, which says all forms of life are related and have descended from a common ancestor. ...

The book is now being translated into several Indian languages, including Hindi and Urdu...

"Darwinism experiences a solid collapse all over the world," says Oktar, who has been widely interviewed after the publication of his latest book in the past few months, including BBC and Al Jazeera. He has been published extensively in the Islamic world and major European dailies.

The Italian newspaper, La Stampa, in a recent article used the heading "Fair-well Darwin", while French daily Le Point said "Save Darwin". ...

"Darwin wrote in his books that people have to find transitional forms to prove the theory of evolution, but nobody has been able to find a single transitional form. Darwinists claim that the first cell came into being as a coincidence. But it is impossible for even a single protein to be formed by chance.

"We have proved that the skulls that were displayed as evidence of evolution are fake. Darwinism cannot explain how we can see or hear or sense with the support of our brain," Oktar claims.

In September, Oktar challenged the scientific community, offering 10 million Turkish lira to anyone who produces a single intermediate fossil demonstrating evolution.

... Oktar and his Scientific Research Foundation (SRF) claim his theory is gaining ground. "When you look at the impact of "Atlas Of Creation", for example, as far as Turkey is concerned, 90 percent of the Turkish population no longer believes in Darwinism and that rate is 80 percent in Europe," he said.
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