Evolution Hoax

An influential Book: Atlas Of Creation

De Volkskrant, a Dutch daily with a circulation of 350,000, regularly reports new developments concerning the Atlas of Creation. One such report on the daily’s web site on 5 September, 2007, said this about the Atlas:

According to Yahya, the way of thinking at the heart of Social Darwinism considers that social life is a struggle with no affection, love or tolerance in which the strong are victorious. That is what Harun Yahya, the author of the Atlas of Creation, says. The expensively bound Atlas, which is entirely propaganda aimed against the theory of evolution, has been sent to scientists, journalists and schools…

Since the [materialist, chance based] account is not a particularly attractive one, it is very probably for that reason that Yahya produced his effective book the Atlas to refute the depressing theory of evolution. As described in Trouw, another Dutch daily, “This 6-kg book is packed with the most stupendous fossil photographs that have ever been seen. Its nearly 800 pages are highly attractive. Since the beginning of this year the book has been sent to all newspapers, schools and teachers in Europe…”

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