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The Impact Of Atlas Of Creation in Poland

On 12 September, 2007, the Polish-language daily Metro carried a report about Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation. The paper, which has a circulation of 520,000, referred to Atlas of Creation which arrived at the Okregowe Museum and the Warsaw headquarters of the MTV television station.
“… Books arrived by courier yesterday at the Okregowego Museum in the Toruniu region. Eleven packages destined for 11 recipients were received at 11 o’clock. When the packages were opened the impressive albums inside were seen to belong to the Turkish writer Adnan Oktar… Similar packages have also caused great excitement at the Warsaw headquarters of MTV in Poland. Two out of six packages had been sent from Düsseldorf in Germany. The name Harun Yahya was in the center of the book cover. The albums received at the Toruniu Museum belonged to the same author, who used the names of two prophets who had fought against irreligion…
2007-09-22 23:23:28

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