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Atlas Of Creation Is Depicted As An Icon In The Cultural Fight

Die Tageszeitung, a daily newspaper published in Berlin, Germany, carried a report headed “The Pictures and Tones of Nature,” in its 11 July, 2007, edition. The report in the 60,000 circulation daily made the following comments about Atlas of Creation:

... There are some books that, because of their special contents, need to be kept close at hand. “Atlas of Creation” is one such book. In his 800-page book, the author Harun Yahya has compared large-scale photographs of fossil rabbits, herrings, ants or ferns with illustrations of ferns, ants and rabbits living today.

The conclusion is always the same: 30-million-year-old rabbit fossils show no difference between them and present-day rabbits. This represents proof that the creature never underwent evolution. The “Atlas of Creation” is like an icon of the cultural struggle for the correct science of the origins of human beings and other organisms. ... The “Atlas” first appeared in Istanbul in 2006, following which it was distributed free of charge to many schools in France, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland.

Right from the very first sentence the book leaves the reader in no doubt regarding who its opponent is. The refutation of the theory of evolution is stressed so strongly because Darwin’s theory represents “the basis of all philosophies against religion.” ...

French Education Minister Gilles de Robien considers the Atlas so dangerous that he eventually decided it should be banned. ... In his report, biologist Herve Le Guyader noted the luxurious appearance of the book and that the illustrations in it might have a particularly powerful impact.

This is a new method from the Evangelical cultural struggle. Protestant Christian publications to date have never contained so many pictures or been so luxurious. ...

Harun Yahya’s “Atlas of Creation” becomes a new model at this point. Yahya – or Adnan Oktar to give him his real name – is a Turk. His works, consisting of a total of more than 45,000 pages and containing some 30,000 illustrations, have been translated in 57 languages by the publishing house to which he is affiliated.

There is no doubt that Atlas of Creation’s being declared to be “dangerous” stems from the way it sets out the facts it describes in a very clear and irrefutable manner. Unable to respond to ideas with ideas of their own, various countries which claim to be the defenders of freedom of thought and democracy have despairingly resorted to measures such as proscription, reminiscent of fascist regimes. This, in fact, proves that the ideas set out in the Atlas are true. This mindset, which seeks to ban the book by suggesting that every reader will be influenced by it, demonstrates that the mask of Darwinism has been lifted and that the collapse of materialism is inevitable.

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