Evolution Hoax

The Impact Of Atlas Of Creation

On 24 April, 2007, the Danish web site Veritas Universalis carried a report headed “Islamic Propaganda Aimed at Danish Institutions” which said:
“Last month, a great many people in Denmark, from academics to sportsmen, received free copies of a book called the Atlas of Creation. This book has also been sent to French schools and universities. It depicts Darwinism as the source of terrorism and all the tragedies experienced during the 20th century.”
The article contained extracts from reports in the Jyllands-Posten, one of Denmark’s largest national dailies, and said:
“High school teacher Jette Halbye said this about the book, ‘The fact that the book is documented and convincing in appearance represents a major danger.’ It was written by the Turkish author Harun Yahya.”
The Veritas Universalis web site had also carried on 5 February, 2007 the report, “The truth revealed: Darwin to be blamed for 9/11.” The report was about Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation.
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