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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (10 July 2014)



Surat al-Munafiqun; Verse 1 

When the hypocrites come to you they say; "We bear witness that you are indeed the Messenger of God." God knows that you are indeed His Messenger and God bears witness that the hypocrites are certainly liars.

The hypocrites nurse an atrocious grudge against our Prophet (saas). They are very much irritated by his joy, his love for ladies and his constant, amazing love for God. However, those hypocrites of the Dirar masjid develop an evil course. They said, "We are troubled with some of the Muslims. That is because they are not good people, they are after their own pleasure, they are after women. We do love the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) a lot, he is a very beautiful, good person but these others very much dote on women."

Actually they all hate our Prophet (saas). God says in the Qur'an, I seek refuge with God from the satan, "Your companion (your Prophet (saas)) is not misguided or deluded." This is what the hypocrites say among themselves; they say "he is misguided and deluded," may God forbid. They keep saying, "How could this happen?" They say, "We abide by the Book of God, Alhamdulillah, we are Muslims." Our Prophet (saas) brought the Qur'an. God trusts him and these people do not trust the Messenger of God.  They say, "I abide by the Qur'an." But look they say, "I am a very pious person. See that I keep away from women." They did not bring any women into the Dirar masjid. But women used to come to the masjid of our Prophet (saas), they used to perform their prayers altogether. The hypocrites said, "The pious ones should be coming here to our masjid." God said, "Destroy that masjid of the hypocrites!" And the companions turned that mosque into a flat land. They were playing games, they were treacherous. The fact of the matter was that they were very much troubled by our Prophet (saas). They were jealous of his strength, his joy, his faith, his love for women. That is because God made them burn inside out, these are loveless people full of hatred. They really go and prostrate for an hour, maybe, but there is no woman in their lives, no love. They are cold and rampant. They are calling everyone to that masjid they built saying that they are pious. They keep saying, "What is the harm in having more than one masjid?"  They say, "There is a masjid there and we have a masjid here. There is only one Qur'an and we have the Qur'an here as well. We are abiding by the Prophet (saas) as well and we have nothing to say against him, but the pious people among us are not there in that masjid of theirs. We have the pious ones here." This is how hypocrites operate. They are full of rage against the Prophet (saas) but they conceal their rage.  They are hateful but they conceal their hatred. Hypocrites do not like the Qur'an at all, but act as if they do. The Qur'an scorches the soul of the hypocrite; they hate the Qur'an, may God forbid. They cannot even stand to see the Qur'an. When the Qur'an is recited it burns them inside out as stated in the verses. They look for a place to hide when the Qur'an is recited. God says, "When you mention your Lord alone in the Qur´an, they turn their backs and run away." But when they hear idle talk, they approach you; this is the characteristic of hypocrites. That is why hypocrites play mind-games in their own minds.  They approach everything with plain logic and try to present themselves as pious and superior. They try to present themselves as superior in every aspect. They try and present Muslims as inferior, worse than themselves in every aspect. Hypocrites have an inferiority complex. They are determined to present themselves as superior against the Muslims. That is why they say, "We do not let women in our masjid." In their minds, this is a way of acting superior. Actually this is because of their hypocritical soul. For instance they say, "We are not joking." The way our Prophet (saas), the way Hazrat Ali (ra) makes jokes disturbed the hypocrites a lot. They used to say, "We are serious people. When we smile, we only smile in a way that our teeth could barely be seen." Actually Muslims laugh in joy, they have a merry, joyous laughter.  They have a saying: "Laughing kills the heart." That is a remnant from those times. It is not a saying of our Prophet (saas). The misogyny they've been instilling is also a remnant of those days. For instance the hypocrites say that one should do the exact opposite of what a woman says. They say, "Consult them and then do the exact opposite of what they say." This was a characteristic of the idolaters of Mecca, a characteristic of the hypocrites. For instance the belief that women will be filling  hell was actually a belief among the hypocrites of that time. They hated women. At that time they presented their own ideas as if they belonged our Prophet (saas).  They have spread those words as if they were said by our Prophet (saas). And they even martyred genuine Muslims. For instance they martyred the grandchildren of our Prophet (saas); Hazrat Hasan (ra) and Hazrat Husain (ra). They have martyred that blessed Ahl Al-bayt in Karbala because they were the ones implementing the Qur'an as is due. They were laughing, they were joyous, they loved women. They lived together with women. But that was very harsh to the idolaters of Mecca. Those idolaters hated women. They thought of themselves as superiors because they have had such a superiority feeling they said, "We are superior from this tribe, we are superior from that tribe." Almighty God says- I seek refuge in God from the satan- "...their fanatical rage of Time of Ignorance dragged them till their visit to the graves." The killers of those times were saying, "We are superior to every other nation." As you know they have martyred Hazrat Uthman (ra), they have martyred Hazrat Hasan (ra), Hazrat Husain (ra), they have martyred the Ahl al-bayt. Those blessed ones have never forgotten those pains, they have never forgotten the persecution those hypocrites inflicted upon them. 

Those hypocrites used to invite our Prophet (saas) to the masjid they'd built. They said "Please do come by from time to time Master. You can visit us here. The most pious ones are among us." They were hiding in that isolated places, talking in secret. They were making evil plans. That is why God says, "There is no good in much of their secret talk…" 

Hypocrites make plans in secluded places. They get in touch with the satan and go into a trance. That is why hypocrites always prefer to be alone. They always want to be alone, they always want to be on their own. They do not want that trance with  satan to be disrupted. They go into a trance with  satan and receive information from him. Satan says, "Do this, do that, do this evil act, do that immoral act and create dissension" to them and advise them when they are alone. Because the Name of God is recited when they are around Muslims, their concentration is disrupted. 

That is why the hypocrites cannot stand to hear the Qur'an recited. They feel suffocated, they feel overwhelmed. They feel suffocated by Muslims as well. That is because the radiance in the face of Muslims overwhelms them. Their existence makes them remember God and they feel disturbed. 

Eventually satan drags them into the Hell. There,  satan says, "I only invited you. I am afraid of God." See that he still has the same mentality there. He says, "I have accepted  being in Hell but I am afraid of God. I only called you and you followed me because you are without character."  

Surah Al-Imran; Verse 120

If something good happens to you, it galls them. If something bad strikes you, they rejoice at it. But if you are steadfast and have taqwa, their scheming will not harm you in any way. God encompasses what they do.

Referring to the hypocrites Almighty God says "If something good happens to you, it galls them."  When you have fun, when you laugh, when you are joyous, when you are healthy and sound, it galls them, it pains them, says God. "If something bad strikes you, they rejoice at it." For instance they attempt to publish  reports against you , they attempt to say things against you. Or they rejoice when they hear such things, thinking that it is something bad striking you.  "But if you are steadfast and have piety." God tells us to be steadfast. He says, "I am creating them to serve a purpose." I mean God says, "All the acts of hypocrites are under My control." Hypocrites cannot do anything self-directed. For instance God makes them build the Dirar masjid. God is the One Who creates the hypocrites. They are created for Muslims to attain merits. "If you are steadfast and have piety…" First of all a Muslim is to be steadfast: How can one be steadfast? You submit to God's Will. And you say, "These are created by God. He creates all these for a purpose." Then you will be careful about what is lawful and what is unlawful by religion. 

"...their scheming…" that is because they make intricate, evil schemes. Because satan helps them do that, that evil electricity can instantly be noticed on their faces, that evil style they have can easily be seen.

About the hypocrites God says; "… you could know them by their marks, and recognize them from the way they twist their words." Hypocrites talk nonsense. They do not want to talk about God; this is the characteristic of hypocrites. They burn inside when they talk about God. They always try and talk by giving examples. I mean they give examples from other people, they give examples from their environment. They always talk with examples. This is the main characteristic of hypocrites.  There is an anomaly in the gaze of hypocrites; I mean they try to veil their hatred. That is why the gaze of a hypocrite  becomes dull. But even if they try to conceal, it can easily be understood.   Almighty God says; "If We wished, We would show them to you " Our Prophet (saas) used to recognize them by the leave of God. "…and you can recognize them from the way they twist their words," says Almighty God. They speak nonsense. They talk nonsense without saying anything about God. 

"God encompasses what they do."  What does this mean? God says, “I know all they do. I am the One Who makes them do those things. Therefore do not be anxious, do not be worried. They cannot do anything out of My Will," God says. That is because Muslims are very much revolted by hypocrites, and might feel anxious from time to time thinking that they could act on their own. That is why God says, "Hypocrites cannot do anything out of My control. They can only act within the limits I have defined for them in destiny."

God gives a certain amount of time for hypocrites. For instance they might appear to be healthy, but God says, "I am dragging them into troubles step by step." Each year, each month drags them even closer to the scourges. 

Surat at-Taubah: Verse 74

They swear by God that they said nothing, but they definitely spoke the word of unbelief and returned to unbelief after their Islam. They planned something which they did not achieve and they were vindictive for no other reason than that God and His Messenger had enriched them from His bounty. If they were to repent, it would be better for them. But if they turn away, God will punish them with a painful punishment in this world and the Next World, and they will not find any protector or helper on the earth.

"They swear by God that they said nothing."  Hypocrites constantly speak the word of unbelief, they employ the style of unbelief in their speeches. They imagine that it is not detected and that is why they swear a lot. "… but they definitely spoke the world of unbelief." Meaning they either contradict the prophet, or deny his being their imam. I mean hypocrites are disobedient, impudent and insolent.  "… and returned to unbelief after their Islam." They return to unbelief in secret but they still present themselves as Muslims. "They planned something which they did not achieve." Because they have an inferiority complex, hypocrites constantly desire to present themselves as superior. They always want to show themselves as superiors but they can never achieve that, they are constantly humiliated. God always disgraces them. "…and they were vindictive for no other reason than that God and His Messenger had enriched them from His bounty." Hypocrites are always vindictive. They either try to take revenge with their words or with their eyes. Or they try to disturb Muslims with their immoral acts or they try and make them uneasy or try and get them in trouble. But they do all these under the guise of a Muslim.

"… they were vindictive for no other reason than that God and His Messenger had enriched them from His bounty." So they are eating,drinking and then wildly running around. The Prophet(saas) gives them means, do them favors. But they become even more rampant as they eat and drink. "If they were to repent, it would be better for them." Almighty God says that the door to repentance is open for them. " But if they turn away,.." if they are stubborn…"God will punish them with a painful punishment in this world and the Next World." God says that He will give them pain, illness and scourges in this world as well. "… and they will not find any protector or helper on the earth." God says that they will always be left alone and they will always get their just desserts. 

Surat Al-Imran; Verse 119 

There you are, loving them when they do not love you, even though you have faith in all the Books. When they meet you, they say, ´We have faith.´ But when they leave they bite their fingers out of rage against you. Say, ´Die in your rage.´ God knows what your hearts contain.


"… they bite their fingers out of rage against you."

That shows the pain they feel because of their rage. It eats their hearts out. Their hatred  pours out of their eyes. They have such a filthy electricity about them. They want to conceal their hatred but they fail to do so. 

Surat al-Mumtahinah; Verse 2

"If they come upon you, they will be your enemies and stretch out their hands and tongues against you with evil intent, and they would dearly love you to become unbelievers."

"If they come upon you, they will be your enemies." Therefore they have leave. The greatest ideal of a hypocrite is to pull away from a Muslim, to revolt as soon as possible. That is because they need to take up a position. That is to say, to strike from a distance; but of course while doing so, they would not strike their first blow in a way that Muslims would understand. They try to do that in a way they wouldn't understand. And they have a tendency to depart by presenting themselves as Muslims. As God states in the verses of the Qur'an, they say, "Alhamdulillah, we are Muslims. "We bear witness that you are indeed the Messenger of God."  And God says that they are lying. He says that they do not believe in that. He says, "They do not believe that you are the Imam". God says that they are treacherous and without conscience. "… They will be your enemies and stretch out their hands and tongues against you with evil intent." They try and do evil with their hands if they can do that. Meaning they want to do harm like killing, injuring or do any kind of evil with their hands but if they cannot do anything with their hands, then they stretch out their tongues. What do they do then? They try and stretch out their tongues over here and there, over the radio, television, over the internet, wherever they can reach you. Or they try and hurt you with gossip, with their tongues, says God.

"… and they would dearly love you to become unbelievers."

 They say, "If only they could become unbelievers like me." They want to turn Muslims to their way. That is why they want to drag them into their faulty logic, gradually, with their filthy philosophy. And because Muslims see that and feel annoyed by that filth, they keep their distance. And when they keep their distance, hypocrites become even lonelier. They become even more rampant. God says male and female idolaters, male and female hypocrites are from one another.  They constantly seek out each other. A hypocrite would be determined to go to other hypocrites; they attract him like a magnet. Hypocrites burn inside when they are with Muslims. They feel a strong instinctive urge to go to other hypocrites. When they go by their side, they take up a position there and that place becomes their hell. They start following Muslims from that position. They plan their schemes, they plan the immoral acts they will do.

And when they leave, they say that they are doing so in the Name of God. For instance the hypocrites of the Dirar masjid say, "We did not leave you. That is a misunderstanding. It is not true. We are Muslims, Alhamdulillah. Our masjid is only a few hundred meters away.  This is the masjid of our Prophet (saas) and ours is a few hundred meters away. It is not true that we have left, we are altogether anyway.  We will always see each other, we will always be together. But we just feel disturbed by the acts of some Muslims here". They say, "They are laughing a lot, they like women. We are not like that. I am a superior person. I like being superior." Actually they have a severe inferiority complex. 

Our Prophet (saas) is very handsome and they take offense at that. The hypocrites of the Dirar masjid are very ugly. They all are very filthy. They are all ugly people, scoundrels. Our Prophet (saas) became exuberant when revelation came ordering him to destroy the mosque.  The companions went there with their digging tools. They razed the building to the ground. Those hypocrites ornamented that masjid and made it very comfortable to make Muslims go there, to make them jealous. Our Prophet(saas) turned it into a flat land  and that was a great response to the hypocrites of that time. 

Hypocrites always say that. They always say, "We do not want to leave, do not misunderstand us." When something happens, they even say, "Are we not with you anyway? We are together. There is no such thing as being away. We've just kept our distance for a while, that is all. And that was to help you. I mean we've just formed another masjid to facilitate your efforts, in order not to cause any more difficulty for you. Actually we are together, it is not true that we left." 

You insolent person you, you are presenting our Prophet (saas) with a fait accompli! Did the Prophet (saas) tell you to go establish that masjid? You are being a scoundrel. You are attempting to give your piece of mind to the Prophet (saas). Who are you to do that?

When they are asked why they are not striving in the Path of God. They say, "It is too hot out there." They say, "As you see, we would become ill if we go out in this heat. Our homes are out in the open, do you expect us to ruin our families and our children? What are we supposed to do in this heat?" Actually they would have done it if they have had personal gain in that.  For instance Almighty God says, –I seek refuge in God from the satan-  "If it had been a case of easy gains and a short journey, they would have followed you, but the distance was too great for them." They find the distance too great for them because they do not believe that they will attain any results. They do not believe that they will be given a victory. They say, "We've been deceived by the Prophet(saas)" may God forbid. They say, "We've  played around in vain, we've spent our youth here and our lives are ruined." And God gives that as a scourge upon them. Almighty God makes all their efforts and all that they've done come to nothing.

God says, "They are all alike." Male and female hypocrites, male and female idolaters. They have a weird connection between them. For instance hypocrites would not go and side with the idolaters. They instinctively go and side with hypocrites. I mean that is an animalistic instinct. As a Wisdom of God. Actually they should go and directly be with unbelievers. But they don't, they go and side with other hypocrites. They would not go by anyone. For instance when you leave an idolater alone, he wouldn't go side with hypocrites. They go and side with male and female idolaters. Of course, they are another type of menace anyway.

“God casts down filth on them." That is an evil filth. They actually stink and they are very vulgar. Their mouths stink, their backs stink, their faces stink. Everything about them is filthy. Their houses are filthy, they are tasteless. Their females are very rampant. Their males are very envious and very jealous.  Their entire system is built on hatred.

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