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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (19 January, 2014)


Mr. Adnan Oktar's explanations regarding Dabbat Al-Ardh

Dabbat Al-Ardh is a computer. That is because the hadith states; "It makes its voice heard all around the world," for Dabbat al-ardh. "Its voice is heard all around the earth and the skies; with a single step, it travels seven thousand parasangs." This is thousands of kilometers. What is this? It makes its voice heard by everyone in the skies and in the air and it talks about God. "It has the appearance of a bearded person," the accounts state. So the Mahdi (pbuh) will talk on the television, on the radio and on the computers and everyone will see him. They will see his beard and his body as well, they will see his face. He will address the people. "Tukallimuhum ennen nâse," [he will talk to people] says God in the Qur'an. He is addressing people on the television, on the radio right now, he addresses Muslims and there is a reference to the address of the Mahdi (pbuh) in that hadith. That is because there is a reference to a person with a beard and a reference to his face. That means he will appear as a bust and he will talk to them. There is no reference to a full appearance but to a face. The hadith states; "Dabbat al-ardh will have connections under the ground as well."  "It covers the whole world like a branch of a tree, like the roots of a tree."  As a matter of fact, the internet cables are under the ground, it is under the sea. The hadith also states that it will go under the sea. The hadith states; "It makes a net under the sea as well." What can that be? The hadith reads, "Min el ardh…" (from the earth). We look and see what the computers are made of; aluminum, copper, cobalt, zinc is used, silicon is used, they all are made of soil,  and the only characteristic given is that it speaks to people and that it moves. "Dabbat" means floundering, it means moving, and it means small movements that are not visible to the eye.  When we look at the television we see that the image consists of the movements of very small dots [pixels]. The image is made up of movements of small dots. It is in complete compliance in that respect as well and the hadith states: "All sorts of colors are available in Dabbat al-Ardh." When we look at the television we see that there are all kinds of colors. Our Prophet (saas) says that this will appear in the time of the Mahdi (pbuh) and it really has appeared in his time. We understand that it will be something that will help the Mahdi (pbuh). 


2014-01-25 19:20:12

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