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New statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (20 November 2013)


That is a blessing from God on Muslims. It is an amazing thing; faith causes physical changes in the face. There is something in this, something extraordinary. It is literally perceptible. That means that faith is recognized by the cells. The body recognizes faith. The body and cells love faith. So the cells are made happy by faith. So the cells really begin to live. They live healthily. They do not fall ill. They do not become ill in any way. They make that felt. You can tell when you look from the outside. The wisdom of God.

Explanation of the hadiths by Mr. Adnan Oktar

"When our Qaim [the Mahdi] appears, you must make haste to join him, even if you have to crawl. By the leave of God, it is as if I see oaths of allegiance being sworn to him in a new agreement between the Rock and the Pillar."

Masha’Allah, masha’Allah. Our Prophet (saas) sees it in a state between waking and sleep. "I see it," he says. He sees an image. It appears like a vision. Almighty God shows it, partly through revelation and partly as an image.

From Muhammed bin Ali bin Shah, from Ahmed bin Hasan, from Ahmed bin Halid Halidi, from Muhammed bin Ahmed bin Salih Tamimi Muhammed bin Hatim Kattan from, Hammad bin Amr from, Imam Jafr Sadik; it is related that Rasulullah (saas) told Ali the Commander of the Faithful:

"O Ali, you should know that at the end of time (in the End Times), their (the followers of the Mahdi) faith will be magnificent and their certainty will be very great. There will be no prophet among them, but instead they will believe through black on white (in written things/books)." (The Awaited Mahdi, Allame Muhammed Baqir el-Majlisi, Biharul Anwar, Vol. 13 (Old edition)/ Vol. 51-52-53 (new edition))

"They will be very sure of themselves," he says, through the power of faith. "There will be no prophet among them (the followers of the Mahdi), but instead they will obey black on white (written things/books)."  They will read and obey books. It is written in black on white, in black ink on paper. In other words, "They will obey the works, the books of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)."

In Ghaybat Tusi: Fadıl bin Şazan relates from Ömer bin Aslam Bajali, from Muhammad bin Sinan, from Ebul Jarud, from Muhammed bin Başar Hamadani, from Muhammad bin Hanefiye. To Muhammad bin Hanefiye, one of the children of Hazrat Ali. You know my lineage; I also am from the line of Muhammed bin Hanefiye, insha’Allah.

"The rule of the Beni this or the Beni that will continue for a certain time. " Our Prophet (saas) is saying that the rule of the Beni Hashim will continue in various forms." He does not give names, however. When they attain peace and security they will think that their kingdoms will never end. They will think their rule and government will never be brought down. At the time, a divine command will come and no king will remain in power. God is saying "I will tear down all regimes." "I will tear down all regimes, be they in Egypt, or Syria or wherever," He is saying. Almighty God reveals: 

"…Then, when the earth is at its loveliest and takes on its fairest guise and its people think they have it under their control," just when they are happy, "Our command comes upon it by night or day and We reduce it to dried-out stubble, as though it had not been flourishing just the day before!" God says he will destroy such regimes and states and governments. "In this way We make Our Signs clear for people who reflect." (Surah Yunus, 24)

'Our command comes upon it by night or day," that refers to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). That is God's command, insha’Allah. "Therefore, when hunger and poverty rise and people start to reject one another, you must expect the divine commander [the Mahdi] to come at any moment, day or night." (The Awaited Mahdi, Allame Muhammed Baqir el-Majlisi, Biharul Anwar, Vol. 13 (Old edition)/ Vol. 51-52-53 (New edition))

The verse also says that – "by night or day." "He will either appear at night or else by day." "Our command comes upon it," he says, insha’Allah. "as though it had not been flourishing just the day before!" People who grow wealthy. "We reduce it to dried-out stubble." God is saying He will destroy all systems. '"In this way We make Our Signs clear for people who reflect."

Provenance: it is related from from Abu Hamza Thumali, from Abu Halid Kabuli, from Ali bin Hussein (pbuh):

"O Abu Halid, there will be a lengthy period before the appearance of the 12th heir to the Messenger of God (saas). O Abu Halid, those who live with the imam [the Mahdi] before his coming shall await his coming. People will await the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). They will be superior to those who lived at all other times. In other words, he is saying, "They will be superior to everyone who has lived from the time of Hazrat Adam (pbuh) until the day of Reckoning." Almighty God will give them (the followers of the Mahdi) such understanding and foresight that…, in other words, the non-appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), his remaining in secret and his presence will have the same effective status. "They will serve as if he were present," he says. We are serving now as if he were present. Aren’t we? We have no problem of issue with his not being visible. His being out of sight will be the same as his presence for them. They will serve as if he were present. They will be sincere people. So speaks our Prophet (saas). They will spread the religion of God in an explicit and sensible manner. Openly, explicitly. Not in secret. 'And in a sensible manner'. They will spread it honestly. "Then he said "Waiting for victory … he [the Mahdi] is himself a great victory."  (The Awaited Mahdi, Allame Muhammed Baqir al-Majlisi, Biharul Anwar, Vol. 13 (Old edition)/ Vol. 51-52-53 (New edition))

"He is himself a great victory," says our Prophet (saas).

"Before the coming of this Owner of Time (the Mahdi), it will be as if those who remain loyal to their faith are rubbing their hands on thorny branches." In other words, "they will serve in constant pain and suffering," he is saying. (The Awaited Mahdi, Allame Muhammed Baqir al-Majlisi, Biharul Anwar, Vol. 13 (old edition)/ Vol. 51-52-53 (New edition))

There is a hadith that reads "Woe to the Arab at the start of the 60s." Toward the beginning of the 60s. In the 1950s in other words. When the communists came to power. Those are fiercest times of the Ba’athists. The most shameful time, when Muslims were slaughtered. "At the start of the 60s." Around then. In the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s. "Woe to the Arab." The dajjal is nicknamed "The shaver." In the sense of shaving bits off the faith, The destroyer of the faith.


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