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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (27 May 2013)


It is not that difficult to understand a Prophet anyway. God reveals that in one’s heart. I mean one might ask; “How am I to understand that he is a prophet?” Do you know how you can understand? That would be revealed to your heart. From that you will understand. THE FACT THAT OUR PROPHET (SAAS) IS A MESSENGER OF GOD IS REVEALED TO EVERYONE’S HEART.

One might resist and say that he doesn’t understand just because he is resisting. How can you not understand? A clear, straight information comes to your heart as a revelation. THE FACT THAT OUR PROPHET IS THE MESSENGER OF GOD WOULD BE REVEALED TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON’S HEART BY GOD. People resist. There is nothing to misunderstand about that. If you like you can talk to people around and you would see that they would frequently blurt out. I mean you would sense from their talks that they believe in him. So they do believe in our Prophet. And there is no reason for not to believe anyway, there is no logic. I mean there has to be a point that makes them feel uneasy about my dear Prophet, the Prophet Mohammad(saas).For instance, they should be able to say “I do not love him because of this or that reason.” But they cannot find any such reasons, because there is none, there would not be any. Or else we tell them to “give us a proof to state that he is not a Prophet”, for instance we ask them to say “he cannot be a Prophet because of this or that.” They cannot say anything to that either. For that reason abiding one’s good conscience is enough at that point.

2013-06-13 17:42:59

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