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It would be wrong for certain media organs to demand the government to go after all religious communities in panic

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 14th, 2014 

ADNAN OKTAR: They are spreading panic by acting this way. That is a very risky move. What these newspapers are doing by adopting such an attitude is not right. They are attempting to present our PM Tayyip Erdoğan as if he is a powerless person; one that could fall into pieces at any moment. And they are thus trying to make people devoted to him freak out.  Supposedly they are trying to do good. But how can saying such things be acceptable? What kind of a language this is. Who are you taking from whose house? How can something like that happen? If there is a crime, it would be out in the open and be made public. But, no one can go and collect someone from the PM's house by creating such a fuss, and we would not let that happen. No such thing would happen, insha'Allah. The government should continue their way; no one can ever do anything of that sort. They are doing just fine.

Our PM Tayyip Erdoğan should also talk in favor of Fethullah Hodja. He should not mind anyone. Press is specifically making such provocative remarks so that he could make such sharp statements and take all religious communities on. That is because if you pay attention you will see that they want him to take on not only the Fethullah Gulen community but all religious communities. They want to volatilize the AK Party. I mean a gruesome plan is working. That is very important; [they want to make a target out of] not only the Gulen community, but all religious communities. They want to show them all as targets. See that all papers write it as "religious communities" [in plural form]. They are saying communities and not one community. All police officers are religious, all judges, all public prosecutors are devout people anyway. They are all somehow connected to a community or a congregation. How could one stand alone? Even wolves do not walk about on their own, right? Even wolves walk around in groups. How could a person be on his own? Of course they will be in groups. Where do you see a man acting solitary? One would at least want to form a family; one would at least want to have a wife and children. No man would want to live all alone. And it is religiously unlawful for Muslims to be alone anyway, they have to be together. They are trying to agitate our PM Tayyip and make him panic, they are trying to irritate him. Our PM should not fall prey to such plots. Even in a roundabout manner, if a manner of speech that would liken the community of Fethullah Hodja to the "Assassins" is employed, there will not be an end of it. That would be very, very wrong. There is no need for such things. He should continue on his regular ways, he should continue with his activities.  It is apparent that this nation will bring him to power once again. The AK Party will win the elections for all municipalities anyway; he will do so in his normal course. But if they create such a scenario of panic, these people would not even want to go to the ballot box, they would feel afraid. Such an attitude is not acceptable. That would make people keep clear of them. One would then say; "let them do whatever they like" and panic. The papers should quit employing such a style. They should focus on making peace and inspire brotherhood, being together, acting together and they should say "This country is ours. We all are brothers and sisters. Let us all be together." The religious communities do not have such an excellent power in Turkey. Turkey doesn't have such an excellent power anyway. Turkey is a quiet and inoffensive Middle Eastern country. We only have a small piece of land inherited from the Ottoman Empire. We can barely sustain ourselves. I mean we do not have such an extraordinary military power, an extraordinary economic power; we are barely making ends meet.

2014-01-26 20:41:33

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