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The Hashtag we started to attract attention to the persecution of Muslims in Myanmar is on Trending Topics list

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 20th, 2014

Didem ÜRER: Yesterday, you started a hashtag on Twitter related to the difficult situation our brothers and sisters in Myanmar are in. Many activists who take an interest in the events going on there sent messages saying; "While the whole world is going about their own business, while no one takes an interest in what is going on there because they are all consumed with their own interests, our brothers and sisters in Turkey have displayed a beautiful example of humanity for the Rohingya people. May God protect Turkey."

Adnan OKTAR: Masha'Allah. Alhamdulillah. Of course, this is our responsibility. I mean this is the least of our responsibility. We would have done much more if we have had the means but the things that could be done are very limited; we are not able to step out of those limits.

The list of names of the people who have been martyred, lost and attacked in Myanmar has been announced. In that list, there is a 103 year old woman, some people aged 60-70 and 10 year old children. 30 women and young girls, six young men, and five children have been killed. Furthermore, 200 women and girls, 120 young men and 65 children have been lost. This is a very detailed list of names. The names of those people, their family names, and the names of their fathers have all been given. Insha'Allah.  

Our Muslim brothers and sisters should continue to warn the world constantly about the persecution going on in Myanmar. There is a serious massacre of Muslims all around the world and that is very widespread and gets worse day by day. Muslims should love one another and should protect and watch over each other. They should not tie each other down. And when something happens they should be forgiving and compassionate. I mean a Muslim would not be vindictive.

Let us make another hashtag related to Rohingya people. That massacre there is still going on, isn't it?

Didem ÜRER: Yes, Master. Two year old children are generally sold by human traffickers in Thailand. 

Adnan OKTAR: It is astonishing how fierce the events of the End Times are. Let us say 'Save Rohingya' both in Turkish and in English (#ArakanıKurtaralım #SaveRohingya)

Didem ÜRER: In the meantime our hashtag became the Number One trending topic worldwide. Let me show that insha'Allah. (#ArakanıKurtaralım #SaveRohingya

Adnan OKTAR: #ArakanıKurtaralım

Didem ÜRER: Yes, it has become the number one trending topic both in Turkey and worldwide.

Adnan OKTAR: The hashtags #ArakanıKurtaralım #SaveRohingya became the Number One topic both in Turkey and in the world; that is very nice. By that, we've attracted the attention of the whole world to this matter. Especially its becoming a Number One topic in the world lists is very important; it is impossible to say "I haven't heard about it, I didn't see it" from now on. They should all hear about this persecution so that the relevant authorities can take the necessary precautions.

2014-01-25 12:35:10

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