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Showing compassion and mercy should be the basis of a Muslim's attitude towards Christians

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated October 29th 2013 

Didem Ürer:  A dear brother of ours has sent you the following message: "Our very dear, very precious, beloved, brave Master, we visited the Church of Agape in Samsun last Sunday. We met with Mr. Yahya, church official and spoke about how the coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), whom we love more than life itself, is imminent. We gave him copies of the books "Christians Must Listen to the Prophet Jesus" and "The Glad Tidings of the Messiah". We also asked whether they had any requests or needs. The church official said: "I would like to make one request of your Hodja. We also approach you with your conception of love but we do not see the same conception in other Muslims." He then asked us to issue statements related to this topic and to talk to other Muslims on the subject."

Adnan Oktar: So he is simply saying that they are thus persecuted right? Well that is agreat sin. The command of God is very clear. He says; "You will find the people most affectionate to those who have faith are those who say, 'We are Christians'." And God says; "you can marry Christian ladies." What kind of mentality and way of thinking is that? So there are a few Christians in Samsun. The great majority of our brothers there are good natured. The people of the Black Sea are loving and hospitable. However this means that there are also some persecutors there, some cruel people there so that such an attitude has been observed.

Let us send messages of support and love from all over, to our Christian brothers there so their hearts can be at ease. Those tactless people cannot do anything. They should not be troubled. However, in general, the people of the Black Sea are really sweet natured. They are in a safe place and they can keep their hearts at ease. Insha'Allah.

Didem Ürer: Our brothers there have explained him that you frequently make statements about this matter on A9TV and said that they will pass this message to you as well. And Mr. Yahya has numerous times stated how delightful he was about this meeting.

Adnan Oktar: Well that would be a pity, a sin. There are a handful of Christians there. There are only a handful of followers of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). They have been devoted to him for 2000 years. They have lived under the worst conditions. They have been martyred, beaten and sworn at, but have remained true to their beliefs. It is a fine thing that they are devout and believe in the prophets. They believe in the Hereafter, the existence of God and the Oneness of God. We must show them deep love and affection. Anything else would be persecution.

Some fools constantly incite enmity toward Christians and Jews and constantly spread propaganda of hatred. They depict this as required by the faith. Yet they are acting in complete contravention of Islam. Islam wants us to show Jews and Christians love and affection.

Some people fail to understand the verse. Almighty God says "You can marry them." What does marriage mean? She is your beloved and confidante. "This is how close I want you to be," says God. They pretend not to understand. "You will find the people most affectionate to those who have faith are those who say, 'We are Christians'." says God.

What do you want from these immaculate people? On the contrary, when you see these people in the market you must show them respect and affection. When they come to the coffee house you must ask them in and invite them home. When you have prepared food and the table is looking nice, you should say, "Let us invite the priest over for dinner." Then you can pray and talk about the existence and oneness of God, of the love of God and of heaven and hell.

Our brothers have therefore done very well, but they must have a little patience. They will soon see Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) in bodily form. In physical form, as Bediüzzaman puts it. They are going through painful times, but that will increase their merit many times over. The Gospels describe at length how they will suffer. They will earn much merit from that. There will always be utterly foolish people, but the people of the Black Sea, the people of Samsun, are immaculate. By far the great majority are very good and virtuous. But flawed people can appear anywhere in the world. They must have patience. But we are with them at all times, insha'Allah. The entire nation is with them, always, insha'Allah.


2013-11-08 08:20:01

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