Evolution Hoax

Common creation

Similar organs or similar molecular structures in living things provide no support for the theory that they are evolved from any common forerunner. (See Homologous organs.) On the contrary, these similarities refute the possibility of conjecturing any hierarchical evolutionary family trees among living things. If one comparison of proteins suggests that human beings are similar to chickens; and another comparison, similar to the nematode worms; in, and a third analysis to crocodiles, then it cannot be proposed that these living things evolved from one another—or from any other common ancestor.

Scientists such as Carolus Linnaeus or Richard Owen, who both first raised the subject of similar organs in living things, regarded such organs as examples of common creation. (See Linnaeus, Carolus) In other words, similar organs did not evolve by chance from any shared forerunner. Quite the contrary; they were created to perform similar functions, which is why they resemble one another.

Today’s scientific findings demonstrate that the claim of common ancestry regarding similar organs is invalid, and that the only possible explanation is common creation.

2009-08-14 15:34:04

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