Evolution Hoax

“Common Ancestor” Fallacy, the

This interpretation was put forward by Darwin and repeated by all the evolutionists who followed him. According to this claim, living things have similar organs because they evolved from one common ancestor. For example, the fact that all vertebrate land dwellers have five digits at the end of their four limbs is the result—according to evolutionists—that they all evolved from a common forerunner, namely the first fish assumed to have survived on land.

The theory of evolution has dominated the world of science since the late 19th century, and its interpretation of similarities has also been widely accepted. Every similarity in living things is interpreted as evidence of some “ancestral” evolutionary relationship between them.

Yet findings obtained over the last 20 to 30 years show that this is not at all the case. To summarize:

1) Homologous (similar) organs are found in living things belonging to totally different classes, among which evolutionists can construct no evolutionary link.

2) The genetic codes of these animals’ similar organs are entirely different.
3) The stages of embryological development of these organs are very different.
These facts alone show that homology constitutes no evidence for evolution.

Indeed, it has been realized that living things with similar organs are so far apart from one another genetically that no evolutionary links can be found between them.

In order for Darwin’s “common ancestor” explanation to be true, these similarities in living things would have to be genetically very close to one another. Conversely, if such similarities are genetically far apart, then the possibility of any common ancestor is not tenable. On the contrary, it can be seen that the fact of creation is the true explanation. (See Common creation, below.) No evolutionary relationship can be claimed between living things that are genetically so very different from one another. (See Homology.)

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