Evolution Hoax

Atheist Richard Morgan finds God and turns to religion by following "Richard Dawkins" forum

Richard Morgan: “I was certain that God existed and that he loved me without waiting for me to love him, that he loved me unconditionally without waiting for me to deserve it.”

“Science and philosophy are wonderful manifestations of the enormous capacities of the human mind, but the Word of God is truth, and truth is what it took to set me free,” Morgan stated. ”Only a personal relationship with God can bring us to any kind of meaningful, personal, transcendental truth.”

In his renewed experience with God, he went back on the Dawkins site and posted about his newfound faith to which many replied with vile insults and commented, ”You need counseling” and ”This is a temporary brain infraction.”

But now, three years later, Morgan is still amazed and feels the love of God even more now every day, being plugged into a church, which Robertson referred him to.

“I didn"t cease to know everything I knew before and I didn"t forget everything I learned about evolution or all of a sudden lose interest. I was [just] aware of how limited it was, how it could not answer man"s deepest needs.

“There"s a famous French quotation that says, ‘In every person"s heart there is a God-shaped hole." I am aware of the presence of this God-shaped hole and that only the love of God can fill it.”


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