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Catholic Philippine Woman Became Muslim

Rose Glenda Gonzales Sakrak (35) who became a Muslim, explained that her unbelief of the trinity dogma in Christianity (Surely Allah is beyond that!) was effective in her decision. Catholic Rose Glenda married a Turkish civil engineer Irfan Sakrak (38) in Philippines. In ceremony of ihtida (religious conversion) held in the Office of Mufti in Karabaglar, Rose Glenda converted to Islam and changed her name as Zeynep. Zeynep Gonzales Sakrak stated that she was opposed to the trinity dogma since her childhood and now revealed her feelings by saying; “I always believe in the Oneness of Allah. I have had an opportunity to make some research and get to know Islam better after I married my husband Irfan. I comprehended that Islam certainly suits my faith. Therefore, I decided to convert to Islam with free will.”

2010-04-15 00:00:00

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