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Islamic awakening in Bosnia

The Sun of Islam rises over Bosnia following the times when people could not live by their religion. The people of Bosnia Herzegovina are now living by Islam freely.

Bosnian people, who were denied their religious rights and racially exterminated during the communist regime era started to rediscover their religion Islam. The Muslims in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia Herzegovina, and  other cities have started to live by their religion freely after  the oppressed regime  of communism.

Serbians, who introduce Bosnian’s turning to their religion as “the rise of radicalism in Bosnia " carry out a campaign in the Western countries. Meanwhile a report published by USA in 2008 suggested that Bosnia Herzegovina might turn into a " radical terror  headquarters".  In Time, the article “ The Islamic Awakening of Bosnia " covered the religious awakening of the Bosnian Muslim people who started to live by Islam more freely. In the article, it is stated that after recovering from the wounds of the civil war in 1990s, a spiritual revival was experienced in the city. In the article the words of Mustafa Efendi Ceric, who is in charge of Islamic affairs in Bosnia Herzegovina, also appeared. He said: “The new generation has grown up over a night. Previously there was a generation of unbelievers. However, now we have a more religious generation." The article also pointed out to the majority of women being with head scarf on the streets. The article also quoted the words of Ayda Begic, the movie director and the winner of many awards, who started using head scarf later on in her life, about her views on the Bosnian war: " Every single minute you think about what will happen after death. You can not delay to ask this question until you grow old."

The article indicated that Sarajevo possessed a Muslim face and quoted the words of Nezim Halilovic, the Imam of the King Fahd Mosque: "Sarajevo embraces a religious feeling that was impossible  under the communist regime." 

The Mosque, which was built in the city of Gorajda by the Turkish beneficent of district of Kayseri will be opened at the Night of the Miraj with a ceremony. Saban Islek, who is in charge of the Islamic affairs in the district of Kayseri stated: "The Mosque of Gorajda, which was built  with the support of citizens of Kayseri, will be the biggest mosque of the region." Mr. Islek also said that the construction of the mosque started last year  and is almost  finished. Mr. Islek also said that the construction is roughly done with the construction of the two minarets but the paintings and decorations are still in process.” He also added: “In a month and a half the mosque will be ready for service.”

All-Mighty Allah indicated in the Quran that He is the One Who gives inspirations to people"s hearts to lead them to the right path:

Then those who believe in Allah, and hold fast to Him,- soon will He admit them to mercy and grace from Himself, and guide them to Himself by a straight way. (Surat an-Nisa", 175)

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